Strawberry Farming In Kenya / Nigeria , How To Start

How To Start Strawberry Farming In Kenya / Nigeria

Strawberry farming in Kenya / Nigeria at the moment is still an untapped goldmine. As a matter of fact Kenyan farmers are reluctant to venture into strawberry farming because the strawberry industry in Kenya is not very developed. Strawberries can grow in almost every part of the country, provided there is constant water supply. However there are still a few constraints to mass production of strawberries in Kenya / Nigeria.

The growing interest in strawberries should encourage research and developmental strategies aimed at improving mass production of strawberries in Kenya / Nigeria. It is also a known economic fact that where there is demand for a particular product which is in short supply, the price for that product increases. As a result of this the few who have ventured into strawberry farming are smiling to the bank after every harvest.

How To Start Strawberry Farming In Kenya / Nigeria

To start a strawberry farm in Kenya / Nigeria is not all rosy especially at the beginning. It depends on PASSION, EXPERIENCE AND CAPITAL. Startup capital depends largely on the size of land and the variety of strawberry seedlings u’d be using. I recommend about 5,700 plants per acre which would cost between KSH 170,000 to 173,000. With that in mind let’s go over to starting our strawberry farm.

SITE SELECTION: In selection of your land for planting, factors such as air and adequate water supply should be considered. I would advise you get a site that is level or slightly higher. A proper irrigation system would assure you of improved productivity as Kenya has adequate supply of water all year round. I also suggest you conduct a soil test, this should be done by a professional and may cost you a few bucks
but its really important as it helps reduce exposure to pathogens and infections.

REMEMBER strawberries are perishable, so your land should be close to a potential or an established strawberry market in Kenya or Nigeria .

After choosing a suitable site, all you have to do is purchase your seedlings. I suggest you buy ” Chandelier Strawberry seedlings “. They are my favourite and they do very well in Kenya. Now how much seedlings you require simply depends on how large your land is. You would also require additional funds for fertilizer, transport and pesticides.

SEED PLANTING: Now you are ready to start planting your strawberry seedlings. All you have to do is weed the land and soften the soil. I usually wait for the rain to soften the soil naturally, add some manure. Plant your berry seedlings leaving a space of 25-30cm( I recommend 30cm) between the rows. Strawberries have runners which grow away from the parent plant and form its own roots. You can split the runners from the parent plant and use them as seeds for another plant. You can also boost productivity of your strawberry farm by applying manure (animal droppings), fertilizer, spraying pesticides as strawberries are easily affected by weeds. Your berries should be ready for harvest in less than 3 months, depending on the variety you choose to plant.

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Berries go out of season during the rainy season so you may have to diversify a bit to ensure multiple income streams and they requires a lot of attention, Berries also require constant water supply NOT rain water. Use drip irrigation for your strawberry farm. Direct rainfall affects the strawberry plants, but I suggest you spread a net over your berries to keep pathogens away and reduce impact of raindrops.

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