Onion Farming in Kenya / Nigeria , How To Start

How To Start Onion Farming in Kenya and Nigeria

Onion farming in Kenya / Nigeria { Small business idea you can start with little capital } : we would be taking a look at agricultural business that requires little amount of money to start.

Firstly we arenstarting with Onion, onions are among the most consumed vegetables in Kenya , Nigeria and other Africa Countries, with high profit margin and longer shelf life. If you ask me, you have no excuse not to begin onion farming ASAP! Its a bit easy to start, easy to sustain and a ready made market. the more you harvest, the more your profit you make.

How To Start Onion Farming in Kenya & Nigeria

All you require to start Onion farming in Kenya are :

  • Get a land
  • Buy fertilizer
  • Buy your seedlings preferably 1kg per Acre


{ Still on How To Start Onion Farming in Kenya / Nigeria}

SITE SELECTION: You still have to select a suitable site for your onion farm. The land should be flat and have access to water. You also have to test the soil and I always recommend you employ the services of a professional. The most suitable soil pH should range from 6-7. I also advise the site should be pretty close to the market to make it easier to transport.

SEED PLANTING: This part is a bit technical, all you have to do is watch closely. If you have been into any type of farming before it shouldn’t be too difficult.
Loosen the soil and apply manure. You can start with small seedbeds which should be about 4 feet wide with 8rows about 10cm apart. If you plant the onions too closely the onion bulb size would reduce. Water daily, as the onion plants need daily supply of water. Apply fertilizer to the soil and as soon as the seedlings emerge keep applying manure.
After 4 – 6 weeks when the stem has gained a diameter about the same size of a pencil, you can transplant the onions.
After transplantation all you have to do is top dress the soil with fertilizer preferably about 45-50kgs per acre. Consistent watering is required to prevent drought on the other hand over irrigation may lead to waterlogging of the onion plants.
Weeding is also very important. I carry out weeding 2-3 times in one growing season.

HARVEST: When the onions is ready for harvest, their leaves will loose colour, weaken at the top of the bulb and hang low. Allow most of your onion tops fall naturally. Let
I recommend you let them stay in the ground for about 10 – 12 days to enable them fully mature. If you leave them beyond that time, they may be exposed to diseases. I also recommend you harvest on a Sunny day, harvesting in moist conditions would make the onions not to dry out too well and they may rotten quickly.
After your harvest, all you have to do is move your onions to the point of sale and make your profit, which by the way should be way more than you expect.

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