Top 100 Safest Cities In The World 2020

Here are some of the top 100 safest cities in the world you and your family members can live in comfortably. A city’s safety is a thing not to be taken for granted because the safer your home environment the better and healthier and happier you and your family are.

The percentage of natural disasters and terrorism has metamorphosed the nature of urban safety: communications, power, and transport systems must be robust and able to outstand new external shocks. Nevertheless, new risks emerge often due to one event or the other. The advent of cyber risk has accompanied this digital age.

The rate of safety in a city this is a critical issue that is set to be a thing of importance over time. Ensuring public safety is the means of addressing a wide and evolving range of risks. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) noted that safety is measured across four categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety, and personal safety.

Top 100 Safest Cities In The World 2020

Details of the top 10 cities are below:

Top 10 Safest Cities In The World 2020

Selecting this city was not an easy task because of some measures such as personal safety, infrastructure safety, health security, and digital security to rate the cities. The rating is from 1 to the top (Ascending order).

  • Tokyo, Japan

    • Overall score: 89.8
    • Personal security ranking: 4
    • Digital security ranking: 1
    • Health security ranking: 2
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 12

Tokyo is the world’s most populous city as well as a place with peace of mind. The Japanese capital’s greatest strength is in the digital security category, it has three points ahead of Singapore which is placed in second place. The city is the safest city in the world for tourists and travelers.

  • Singapore

    • Overall score: 89.64
    • Personal security ranking: 1
    • Digital security ranking: 2
    • Health security ranking: 13
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 1

Singapore is in the frontline global city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. Singapore is referred to as the “Garden City”, “Lion City”, and the “Red Dot”, It is ranked first worldwide city in infrastructure and personal safety—the latter can be because of their police camera network, which has helped to abate more than 1,000 crimes since it was established in 2012 with digital security ranking second.

  • Osaka, Japan

    • Overall score: 88.87
    • Personal security ranking: 3
    • Digital security ranking: 14
    • Health security ranking: 1
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 11

Osaka is one of the largest metropolitan settlements in the world, it is ranked nineteenth among the world’s best cities which have a meaningful contribution to the world’s economy. Osaka has a low rate of terror attacks and crime, bagging the gold in health security. Also, there is a low rate of terror attacks and crime and placed third in personal security.

  • Toronto, Canada

    • Overall score: 87.36
    • Personal security ranking: 5
    • Digital security ranking: 6
    • Health security ranking: 11
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 14

Toronto is not only one of the safest cities to live in, but Toronto is one of the best cities to reside in the entire world. Putting into consideration the famously polite reputation of Canadians, it’s no surprise that Toronto excelled in personal security, rated number five. Amsterdam also has a high level of cyber safety, and it is the sixth-most digitally secured city in the world.

  • Melbourne, Australia

    • Overall score: 87.3
    • Personal security ranking: 8
    • Digital security ranking: 11
    • Health security ranking: 9
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 7

Australia’s cities have been solidly consistent in performance in terms of safety, also, Melbourne is on the list, placed fifth in the top ten having qualified for all four security criteria. Melbourne performed exceptionally well in terms of infrastructure safety.

This is why it made it into our list of safest cities in the world to live in.

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    • Overall score: 87.26
    • Personal security ranking: 10
    • Digital security ranking: 4
    • Health security ranking: 12
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 6

European cities are largely known for their universal healthcare systems. The Dutch capital is estimated to house almost 780,000 people, thus, it is one of the smallest cities to be on this list.  Amsterdam is passed three of the four criteria giving it a placed in the top ten, excelling in particular digital security (number four), and ranked tenth in personal security and sixth place in infrastructure security.

  • Sydney, Australia

    • Overall score: 86.74
    • Personal security ranking: 12
    • Digital security ranking: 12
    • Health security ranking: 6
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 9

Are you planning to go on tour or a place to spend your holiday? Sydney should be your choice of go-to destination: The city is ranked number sixth for health security and ranked ninth for infrastructure security. In Sydney, you can make the most out of your time, especially be a part of yoga on Bondi Beach and a sweet treat at Gelato Messina.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

    • Overall score: 86.72
    • Personal security ranking: 9
    • Digital security ranking: 13
    • Health security ranking: 10
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 4

Stockholm is Sweden’s capital city and has an estimated population of 917,297 residents. It is regarded as the cultural, economic, media, and political center of the country. The only city outside the continent of Asia to rank in the top 5 categories for personal safety. Stockholm is number four when it comes to infrastructure security, ninth in personal security, and tenth in health security.

  • Hong Kong

    • Overall score: 86.22
    • Personal security ranking: 7
    • Digital security ranking: 5
    • Health security ranking: 24
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 7

Hong Kong owns this position to its Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, which was established in 2015. Presently, Hong Kong is one of the most digitally secured cities in the world, occupying the fifth position on the list. Hong Kong infrastructure and personal security were applauded, this implies that you should feel perfectly comfortable in Asia’s “World City.”

  • Zurich, Switzerland

    • Overall score: 85.2
    • Personal security ranking: 20
    • Digital security ranking: 19
    • Health security ranking: 4
    • Infrastructure security ranking: 10

Zurich is Switzerland’s financial capital and also happens to be outstanding in health security, ranked in at fourth place among the top ten in the world. Additionally, the city of Zurich was awarded is the number tenth in infrastructure safety, a kudos to its highly acclaimed transport systems.

Some Key Terms Used To Measure The Safety Of A City

  •    Digital Security: this type of safety is the measurement of the quality of cybersecurity of a city, the identity theft frequency, and other determinants affecting digital security.
  •    Health Security: a vivid and metrics look at the average life expectancy of an individual residing in a city. Also, it measures the ratio of beds availability in a hospital as well as the facilities to the number of the population.
  •    Infrastructure Safety: the measurement of safety in this category includes the quality of roads and also the size of people who die from natural catastrophes.
  •    Personal Safety: safety is measured under this category more on the traditional safety standards such as crimes, the level of police engagement, and the rates of violent crime.


Conclusion on Top 100 Safest Cities In The World 2020

There you have the list of the top ten safe cities to live in the world. You can visit these cities and you’ll have a wow time and be rest assured that you are covered and protected from every form of harm. Also, besides safety, these cities are beautiful and are toured by millions on a yearly basis.

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