Nurse Salary Ireland Vs UK (2023)

It is now quite obvious that nursing is a far more lucrative profession in Ireland than the UK. Nurse Salaries in Ireland Vs the UK show that nurses in Ireland earn far more than their counterparts in the other country. Nurses at the start of their careers can earn around £24,907 (approx. €28,400) in the UK, meanwhile in Ireland they would earn about €31,109.

As they progress in their careers, it seems that the wage differences become more glaring; causing more nurses to prefer living and working in Ireland than in the UK.

Aside from these differences in salaries, many nurses report that they find the conditions of work more pleasant in Ireland than in the UK.

Nurse Salary Ireland Vs UK 2023

1. Nurse’s Assistants

Average Salary In Ireland: 29,100 EUR per year

Average Salary In the UK:  £23,603 Per Year

Nurse’s Assistants in are nurses that perform some of the simplest tasks in the nursing profession; such as checking patients vital signs at intervals, giving patients their medicines or injections at the stipulated times, feeding the patients, cleaning the patients, and changing their clothes, and so on.

Nurse assistants also keep records of patient’s progress to help patients recover, as well as perform simple administrative tasks.

2. Home Care Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: €39,625 Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: $31,860 Per Year

Home Care Nurses take the care to the patients, rather than wait for the patients to come to the hospital. Of course, in most cases the patients have already been diagnosed by doctors, and the course of treatment has already been established. The nurses just take the treatment to the patients’ homes, rather than give them the necessary care in the hospital.

Most times this sort of VIP treatment is only available to wealthy individuals; nevertheless, it is an important type of care, and it is part of the healthcare delivery system.

3. Travel Nurse

Average Salary In 50,000 Euro Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £32,719 Per Year

Travel Nurses are RNs (Registered nurses), who travel and visit most parts of the country that other nurses only read about in magazines and journals. Rather than be attached to particular hospitals, they are attached to the healthcare authorities which means they get to travel around the country; filling in at hospitals, and other health facilities where the need is greater.

Aside from their basic salaries, Travel Nurses also receive compensation for the travels, and monies to cover the cost of travel. They are very important workers when it comes to safeguarding the people against outbreaks of diseases.

4. Hospice Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: €40,000 Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £33,277 per year

Hospice Nurses are those who provide care for terminally ill patients. Above all else they are empathetic; they truly care for their patients, and want to make them feel as comfortable as possible during their final hours. Of course, it is not the duty of the nurses to declare the patients terminally ill; that is the duty of the doctors who the nurses work with.

The nurses only provide palliative care, so as to make the patients feel comfortable. The nurses also ensure that the patients are treated for any other common ailment that may happen to their patients.

5. School Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: €37065 Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £32,344 Per Year

School Nurses work in schools; their major responsibility is to care for our school children. While they do this by checking the children, and treating them for minor injuries on the playground, they also watch for symptoms, and then provide care based on the symptoms. School Nurses also alert the authorities whenever disease breakouts have been spotted.

6. Triage Nurse

Average Salary In €49,943 Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £43,412 Per Year

Triage Nurses are experts at diagnosing patients. They are nurses who work in emergency rooms and other emergency clinical facilities to find out what kind of care patients need. They try to do this as quickly as possible, so as to ensure that the patients get sent to the right wards as fast as possible.

7. Emergency Room Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: €47,251 Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £30,394 Per Year

Emergency Room (ER) nurses are similar to Triage Nurses because they too work under pressure. However, ER nurses work under even more pressure because they work to save the lives of patients, rather than just discover what type of care is necessary.

These types of nurses need to have the experience and temperament to work in utter chaos, with screaming patients, covered with blood, and having their bones broken. Even with the salaries, not all nurses are able to cope with this environment.

8. Community Nurse

Average Salary €37,065 Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £31022 Per Year

Community Nurses are usually associated with poverty. This is the type of nursing work that is typically done outside the hospital. Sometimes it could be in prisons, or in refugee camps, or in rural communities, or in police custody. Sometimes it could be in remote areas; under the direction of non government organizations.

9. Public Health Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: €71446 per year

Average Salary In The UK: £36,271 per year

Public Health Nurses are very similar to community nurses; they too work with populations, and most of their care is preventive rather than otherwise. They may work in big hospitals or in other health facilities, and may be involved in vaccinations, or other programs to devise ways of ensuring the public safety.

10. Occupational Health Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: €53046 per year

Average Salary In The UK: £34862 per year

Occupational Health Nurses are those who work on site with certain organizations. For example, they can work with mining companies; they would then be familiar with the cuts, scrapes, and other injuries that can happen with miners. They can work alone or with teams of medical professionals, able to provide care for injured workers to a reasonable extent.

11. Psychiatric Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: €37,913 Gross Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £20.52 per hour

Psychiatric Nurses are those who work with patients undergoing treatment for mental health issues, they may be stationed in Psychiatric Hospitals or in Psychiatric Wards of hospitals. They work with doctors to monitor how effective the medication is, they give the patients the medication at the proper time.

They also observe patient’s behavior, so as to see whether treatment is effective, and patients are making recovery.

12. Clinical Nurse

Average Salary In Ireland: € 51 799 Per Year

Average Salary In The UK: £37942 Per Year

Clinical Nurses are registered nurses. However, they are clinical nurses who have attained more experience, and have therefore earned leadership positions in the hospitals where they work. They are usually found in the administrative side; supervising and encouraging junior nurses.

13. Nurse Consultants

Average Salary In Ireland: €65,191 Per Hour

Average Salary In The UK: £49,574 per year

Nurse Consultants are those who visit hospitals to consult with them, and to ensure that the nurses are giving their best.



When researching Ireland nurse salary versus UK, it is important to note that nurses are more or less humanitarian workers, and that money should not be their biggest motivation. Furthermore, the quality of life, and the cost of living are other things that must be considered before hastily leaving ones country in search of bigger pay packages elsewhere.