We have so many marine companies which are available in Port Harcourt today. First for those of us that carry out importation business or even want to send goods out, do we know that these companies are useful to us. Many marine companies have sprung up, but only the best were able to stay ( List of marine companies in Port Harcourt ).

Marine companies are involved in the forwarding, shipping of goods and services in a country. We all know that Nigeria, loves the importation business, in fact, if a product is not brought or shipped into this country, we don’t even want to purchase it, that is why these companies were established to make our work easier and faster. Many of these companies have been in existence for over a long period of time now and some of them have grown to become a global brand, client services are handled well in their hands. Below are a list of marine companies in Port-Harcourt.

list of Marine Companies in Port Harcourt

If you do not know any marine companies before and you stay in Port-Harcourt, then this article is here to help you. With lots of research and findings we have been able to come up with at least 10 of the marine companies which we also know are the best in Port-Harcourt. These companies which are listed here are ready to offer full customer service to its client and they are also ready to offer assistance in any area which you find it difficult to know. operating a company and running all sorts of services are not just for fun, especially when it’s a marine companies, what your client say about you is really essential. As this will determine if you provide good services or not.


  1. NES SHIPPING: NES shipping is a company which offers international freight, forwarding and shipping services in Nigeria. There have been in existence for a long time now and they have grown to become a global brand. This company is also licensed custom agent and are enlisted to all relevant authorities within the shipping and maritime institutions. It is located at 20, Chinwona street, Port-Harcourt.
  2. BUA PORTS AND TERMINALS: This company operates a 24hr/7 days a week in maritime operations. The company deals with different services, it is located at Terminal B, Port-Harcourt.
  3. TOLAK INTEGRATED SERVICES: They provide essential supply chain services to the marine oil and gas industries. Tolak is one of the best company in their services, it is located at |Salvation Avenue, Port-Harcourt.
  4. AQUAHSIELD OIL AND MARINE: Aquashield is known for providing excellent services, professionally for ultimate satisfaction of their client. This company has been known for good works and client services.
  5. PHONIC MARINE SERVICES: This company which deals on marine consultancy, oil and gas broker and so much more. Phonic has been giving good services to its client and so much more. Their office is located at Wharf Road, Port-Harcourt.
  6. E.T SEATECH GLOBAL SERVICES: This company provides a wide range of services to its client. E.T seatech global service is a leading company and it is located at 2nd Avenue block Port-Harcourt.
  7. D.WHYTE SERVICES: This company offers marine logistics like ship chatering, supplies, dry docking, repair and maintenance. The company is noted for providing quality services and also doing good business together,
  8. DELTA MARINE OIL SERVICE: This company is a limited liability company which was incorporated in 1995 and they began operations in 1998. This company offers wide range of services like the offshore and onshore delivery services and so many more. The Delta marine services have been noted for so many excellent works which have been developed over time, they have so many clients in which they offer services to. They are located at Abuloma road, Port-Harcourt.
  9. AUBURN OIL AND GAS: This company is a large distributor of TOTAL lubricants for marine heavy duty equipment, agricultural machines/tools and others. Auburn is a company that has satisfied its clients needs, as they distribute their products which are often noted as one of the best lubricants when applied to machines. Auburn has actually made a name for itself as one of the leading marine companies.
  10. OARSMANNS MARITIME SERVICES: Oarsmanns goal is to become the number one manning and crewing agency in the sub Saharan Africa. Oarsmanns is already slowing achieving that goal, as their services are worth to mention. Oarsmanns offers lots of services to its clients, apart from that they make sure clients are also treated well.

We have listed the top 10 best Marine companies in Port Harcourt and I believe when carrying out our next business dealings you can patronize them.


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