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Navy is the branch of the armed service of a state which conducts military operations on the sea. This is further elaborated as maritime force is the division of a nation’s armed forces primarily saddled with the responsibility for naval and amphibious warfare; such as lake-borne war, riverine war, littoral war, or ocean-borne war and its related functions. It includes anything conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, submarines, and seaborne aviation, as well as ancillary support, communications, training, and other fields. Ever wondered which countries have the largest navies in the world?

The navy defends by frustrating the seaborne foreseen attack from or by the enemies. The navies task also may include prevention by use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Also, the navy attacks are the deployment of force into areas that surpass the countries shores or borders (i.e. to ferry troops, protect sea-lanes, or attack other navies, ports, or shore installations).

The operation of Navy can be divided largely between riverine and littoral applications (brown-water navy), open-ocean applications (blue-water navy), and something in between (green-water navy), although these differences are more about strategic scope than tactical or operational division.


Below is the list of the ten largest navies in the world. In regards to this write-up, the list of each navy is rated only on the crude size of their vessel and numbers, and in no way is address is by the operational capacity of any nation. Here we will be listing 10 countries that are regarded to have the largest naval force in the world. They are so large that they also send some of their troops to intervene in the discrepancies among other nations.



This is the country with the largest naval force in the world. they have an innumerable number of fleet fighter boats both within and the ones on deployment to assist other countries. The US Navy currently operates 11 large aircraft carriers that are used to project power; these include a single Ford class carrier and a total of 10 Nimitz and Improved Nimitz class aircraft carriers.

Largest Navies In The World

USA NAVY – Largest Navy In The World

Furthermore, America operates 8-9 amphibious fleet which is also known as the “gator navy” and Wasp-class amphibious assault ships. These careful warships craft is all saddled to be able to carry about 1,700-2,000 marines, also, carry their armored vehicles, and deliver them all safely ashore by helicopters, tiltrotors, and hovercraft (amazing isn’t it). These warships are larger than most aircraft carriers. In addition to the aforementioned arsenals possessed by the US Navy, there are 11 San Antonio class large amphibious transports that also provide the long-range amphibious capability. there over 180,000 personnel in US marine and in charge of their own naval aviation.

In addition to their ballistic artifacts, there are 22 Ticonderoga class missile cruisers. There is an ongoing construction of 3 extremely advanced and stealthy Zumwalt class destroyers. The earlier destroyers are the world most deadly and giant craft ever built, to add more there are about 64 Arleigh Burke class general-purpose destroyers that embedded a highly sophisticated system and weaponry, and in total 3 highly sophisticated Sea-wolf class nuclear-powered attack submarines which are operated by the US Navy, there are also a total of 14 active Ohio class boats that house nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles, the US Navy is in charge of over 3,700 aircraft. predominantly of these are F/A-18 series multi-role fighters, in addition to other associated aircraft, that are deployed on aircraft carriers.

  • 2. RUSSIA

The Russian navy is second on my list with around 140 000 personnel, numerous warships, and submarines which include: a single Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, a single Petr Veliky battlecruiser, three small Slava class missile cruisers that are crafted with great anti-ship, anti-submarine capabilities, and anti-aircraft. They also own about 15 destroyers, including Udaloy class anti-submarine warfare destroyers and Sovremenny class general-purpose destroyers. In addition, there are about 9 frigates and 24 corvettes, the Russian Navy infantry has only around 12, 000 personnel. There are another 15 Ropucha I and Ropuch II class landing ships and 4 Alligator class landing ships.

10 largest navy in the world


The Russian navy operates a number of nuclear-powered attack submarines. To mention, there series of Akula class boats that are powered by nuclear energy which make up about half of Russia’s reducing nuclear-powered attack submarines fleet. Presently, the Russian navy is heavily investing in its new Borei class ballistic missile submarines. A total of 3 of these boats are in service while another 5 are being constructed at a rather fast pace.

  • 3. CHINA

The Republic of China, a country that has the fastest rise in the ranking of technological, mechanics, and engineering advanced countries. The naval force of China is called “The People’s Liberation Army Navy”. Now, is currently ranked third among countries with the largest naval force in the world this is for the reason that they possess: as at this year the Chinese naval force operated a single Liaoning aircraft carrier. It is mainly used as a training vessel, there are about 30 destroyers, 50 frigates, and 40 corvettes. The Chinese amphibious assault forces operate 4 amphibious transport docks, 32 tank landing ships and 31 medium landing ships. The Chinese navy has 10,000 marines that can be landed on hostile shores.

best navy in the world

China Naval Force – Among The Best Navy In The World

The Chinese navy also operates more than 700 aircraft. There are over 140 multi-role fighters. Naval aviation in China also operates a series of JH-7 maritime attack aircraft and over 30 of H-6 medium-range bombers.

  • 4. JAPAN

Japan’s navy, officially called the “Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)”, consists of 50,800 personnel, over 150 ships and nearly 346 aircraft. It operates technologically advanced warships and submarines. The JMSDF has got no aircraft carriers, however there 2 large Izumo class and 2 Hyuga class helicopter carriers, they operate 26 destroyers, including 2 Atago class large anti-air warfare destroyers and 4 Kongou class large general-purpose destroyers (these warships are nearly as large as cruisers). Also, there are 4 Aikizuki class general purpose destroyers.

Largest Navies In The World

Japan – Among The Largest Navies In The World

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) have in their arsenal 3 large landing ships. Japan’s marines are not numerous and number just over 3,000 personnel. Japan’s navy has around 20 submarines and finally, Japan’s naval aviation includes nearly 70 Lockheed P-3C Orions and a dozen of Kawasaki P-1smaritime patrol aircraft.


Royal Navy is the official name of the British Navy. The Royal Navy comes fifth among the largest Navies in the world, they are focused on expeditionary operations and remains one of the world’s foremost blue-water navies. Recently following the reduction of fund there is relatively reduction in the number of warships and the seize likewise. Currently, the Royal Navy has around 33,000 personnel.

The British Navy operates a just one Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier, they operate 6 Daring class anti-air warfare destroyers. The patrol of large areas and also secure air attack is made possible by these vessels. In addition to the arsenal of the country, frigates Duke class that also function also as a Daring destroyer class.

10 ten best navy in the world


This brigade has around 7,700 personnel. The Royal Marines is the strongest naval infantry force in European Union. There are 3 active Astute class nuclear-powered attack submarines. In construction is 5 type of this boat class. Also, there are three (3) energetic Trafalgar class nuclear-powered attack boats, The Royal Navy also operates four (4) Vanguard class ballistic missile submarines (each of these boats can carry a maximum of 192 nuclear warheads).  These sophisticated loads carrying capacity of this craft made it possible to be able to wipe out a whole country also they have a single Vanguard-class boat which is on deterrence patrol at every time.

  • 6. FRANCE

The French Marine Nationale is one of the world’s oldest naval forces. Currently, it has around 36,000 personnel. It has a total naval asset of 180. The French Navy operates a single Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. It is the flagship of the French navy. It is the only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, built outside the United States. It has 10 Submarines, 11 Frigates, 4 Destroyers, no Corvettes 17 Patrol vessels, 3 Amphibious assault ships, and 18 Mine warfare vessels.

  • 7. INDIA

The Indian Navy has around 67,000 personnel. It is a formidable force in South Asia. It has Total naval assets of 295 and Total personnel of 67,109. Currently, the Indian Navy operates a single INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier, the INS Vikrant, is being built in India and should become operational in the near future. They have in their naval arsenal 1 Aircraft carrier, 15 Submarines, 14 Frigates, 11 Destroyers, 23 Corvettes, 139 Patrol vessels 1 Amphibious assault ships, and 6 Mine warfare vessels.


The South Korean naval force has 1 Aircraft carrier, 15 Submarines, 13 Frigates, 12 Destroyers, 16 Corvettes, 70 Patrol vessels, 1 Amphibious assault ships and 11 Mine warfare vessels. The Total naval assets are 170 and Total personnel strength of 70,000

  • 9. ITALY

officially pronounce Marina Militare Italiana, is the navy force of Italian who has an ocean-going fleet and around 31,000 personnel. The Italian navy operates warships of every type. They have in their possession 2 Aircraft carriers, 7 Submarines, 14 Frigates, 4 Destroyers, 4 Corvettes, 10 Patrol vessels, 3 amphibious assault ships and 10 Mine warfare vessels.

  • 10. TAIWAN

Total naval assets of 87 and Total personnel is 38,000. The following are in their arsenal no Aircraft carriers, 4 Submarines, 20 Frigates, 4 Destroyers, 1 Corvettes, 51 Patrol vessels, Amphibious assault ships, Mine and 8 warfare vessels.

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Here you have it, the top ten largest naval forces in the world. They are strong, battle ready, guarded and fortified on all side. Some of these countries are still building more weapon that others are yet to imagine.

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