Top 10 Largest Navies In The World 2020 – Navy is the branch of the armed service of a state which conducts military operations on the sea. This is further elaborated as maritime force is the division of a nation’s armed forces primarily saddled with the responsibility for naval and amphibious warfare; such as lake-borne war, riverine war, littoral war, or ocean-borne war and its related functions. It includes anything conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, submarines, and seaborne aviation, as well as ancillary support, communications, training, and other fields. Ever wondered which countries have the largest navies in the world?

The navy defends by frustrating the seaborne foreseen attack from or by the enemies. The navies’ task also may include prevention by the use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Also, the navy attacks are the deployment of force into areas that surpass the countries’ shores or borders (i.e. to ferry troops, protect sea-lanes, or attack other navies, ports, or shore installations).

The operation of Navy can be divided largely between riverine and littoral applications (brown-water navy), open-ocean applications (blue-water navy), and something in between (green-water navy), although these differences are more about strategic scope than tactical or operational division.


North Korea Navy
  • 1. North Korea Navy

With 967 ships, North Korea comes in at the number one spot. Included in the grand figure of 967 vessels are 10 Frigates, two corvettes, 86 submarines, 438 patrol vessels, and 25 mine-warfare ships.
North Korea’s gunboats (included in the 438 patrol vessels) are the most active arm of the North Korean Navy, having been involved in several naval engagements with South Korean, and even Chinese forces.

86 submarines owned by North Korea means that they have one of the largest numbers of Submarines in the world, although the U.S Pentagon, in 2015 estimated that figure to be 70. Still, 70 submarines are a fearsome number by any standard!

In late 2017, U.S Navy authorities said that they have noticed ” highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of activity within the Submarine division of the North Korean Navy. Apparently, they have evidence which points to North Korea arming their Submarines with missile-launch capabilities.

North Korea showed its strength in 2010, when they fired a torpedo from a submarine, sinking a South Korean Navy ship, and killing 46 sailors in the process.

China Naval Force
  • 2. Chinese Navy

The Republic of China, a country that has the fastest rise in the ranking of technological, mechanics, and engineering advanced countries. The naval force of China is called “The People’s Liberation Army Navy”. Now, it is currently ranked second among countries with the largest naval force in the world with a total of 762 vessels (although that figure includes 250 auxiliaries). The People’s Liberation Army Navy has 255,000 sailors on its payroll, making it one of the most robust Navies in the World.

The Chinese Navy is made up of 5 branches: the Submarine Force, the Surface force, the Coastal Defense Force, the marine corps forces, and the naval air force.

A breakdown of the Chinese Naval fleet is as follows: 1 aircraft carrier (currently stationed of the coast of the Korean Peninsula) 6 amphibious transport docks, 32 landing ship tanks, 31 landing ship medium, 33 destroyers, 50 frigates, 41 corvettes, 109 missile boats, 94 submarine chasers, 17 gunboats, 29 mine countermeasure boats, 75 submarines, 12 replenishment ships, and 232 auxiliaries.
The Chinese Navy also has an air division, in which there is 26 thousand naval air-force personnel (already counted in the grand figure of 255,000) actively employed.

China has grown to become the premier power in it’s regional waters- a reality that has not been accepted by Washington. China has shown its strength by having close encounters with U.S vessels on several occasions within the last couple of years. They project their new power throughout Asia, humbling countries like North Korea and South Korea.

  • 3. United States Navy

This is the country with the third-largest naval force in the world. they have an innumerable number of fleet fighter boats both within and the ones on deployment to assist other countries. The US Navy currently operates 11 large aircraft carriers that are used to project power; these include a single Ford-class carrier and a total of 10 Nimitz and Improved Nimitz class aircraft carriers

Furthermore, America operates 8-9 amphibious fleet which is also known as the “gator navy” and Wasp-class amphibious assault ships. These careful warships craft is all saddled to be able to carry about 1,700-2,000 marines, also, carry their armored vehicles, and deliver them all safely ashore by helicopters, tiltrotors, and hovercraft (amazing isn’t it). These warships are larger than most aircraft carriers. In addition to the aforementioned arsenals possessed by the US Navy, there are 11 San Antonio class large amphibious transports that also provide the long-range amphibious capability. there over 180,000 personnel in US marine and in charge of their own naval aviation.

In addition to their ballistic artifacts, there are 22 Ticonderoga class missile cruisers. There is an ongoing construction of 3 extremely advanced and stealthy Zumwalt class destroyers. The earlier destroyers are the world most deadly and giant craft ever built, to add more there are about 64 Arleigh Burke-class general-purpose destroyers that embedded a highly sophisticated system and weaponry, and in total 3 highly sophisticated Sea-wolf class nuclear-powered attack submarines which are operated by the US Navy, there are also a total of 14 active Ohio class boats that house nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles, the US Navy is in charge of over 3,700 aircraft. predominantly of these are F/A-18 series multi-role fighters, in addition to other associated aircraft, that are deployed on aircraft carriers.

Iranian Navy
  • 4. Iranian Navy

The Iranian Navy comes in next with 398 ships. Due to years of sanctions and embargoes Iran has not been able to increase its Naval strength as it would have preferred, but not-withstanding Iran remains the premier power in the Persian Gulf.
Out of the grand figure of 398 naval assets, 230 are Patrol vessels. This has been partly due to the fact that Iran has mostly felt threatened, and partly due to the fact that Iran has deliberately concentrated on that part of its Navy in order to impose its presence on the Persian Gulf. Iran also has five Frigates, three corvettes, and 33 submarines, not forgetting 10 mine countermeasure vessels.

Iran has recently added a destroyer and is said to be developing nuclear-powered ships and submarines, and it is unclear how far along Iran is as per the development of Nuclear Arms which can be applied to Naval vessels.

The Iranian Navy is not timid: they have squared up against the U.S Navy on several occasions. The U.S Navy reported that it had dangerous and “unsafe” interactions with the Iranian Navy, 23 times in 2015, and then another 35 times in 2016, and then another 14 times in 2017, which included the detention of 10 U.S sailors who “strayed” into Iranian territorial waters.

  • 5. Russian Navy

Next on our list of the largest navies in the world comes the Naval force of the Russian Federation with 352 ships in their fleet. It is worthy of mention that the Russian Navy has recently been boosted during the presidency of Vladimir Putin.
A rough break down of the Russian Navy’s 352 vessels is as follows: One aircraft carrier, nine Frigates, 13 destroyers, 78 Corvettes, 62 Submarines, 41 Petrol vessels (Gunboats), as well as 47 mine counter-measure vessels.

The Russian Navy has also adopted a defense policy which involves the use of long-range precision-guided warheads to provide nonnuclear strategic deterrence – probably as a precursor to using nuclear weapons.

Russia has also invested heavily in building and equipping its submarine forces, and NATO navies have expressed concern about some of the Russian Submarine activities, although it is unclear whether or not those concerns are valid.

  • 6. Egyptian Navy

The Egyptian Navy comes next with 319 ships. They have the distinction of being the largest Navy in the Middle East, as well as the largest Navy in Africa. That is an absolute necessity: Egypt would be exposed on it’s Mediterranean Sea coastline, Red Sea coastline, as well as the Suez Canal.

A rough breakdown of the Egyptian Navy’s 319 assets is as follows: two Air-craft carriers, nine Frigates, four Corvettes, six Submarines, 53 Patrol vessels (gunboats) and 23 mine warfare vessels.

Egypt’s Naval Force has in recent years developed into a two sea dominating force. They have played a greater role in the Mediterranean Sea while proving themselves dominant in the Red Sea. They have paid particular attention to the development of their Submarine arm, which is to play an even greater role in anti-piracy and counter-terrorism operations.

  • 7. Indian Navy

Coming next with 295 ships, India, a formidable force in South Asia. As with many countries around the world, India has expressed concern about China’s growing Naval presence, especially as both countries have to share waters due to their close proximity. The two most populous countries in the world have long had quarrelsome relations on the land borders but now, India has watched uneasily as China has increased its presence on the Indian Ocean. As expected, India is responding by growing its Naval Fleet.

India currently has 295 Naval assets, and a rough breakdown is as follows: One aircraft carrier, 14 Frigates, 11 Destroyers (Heavy gunboats, 22 Corvettes, 16 Submarines, 139 Patrol air-crafts, and 4 mine -warfare vessels.

India lost one submarine in 2017 due to human error on the part of the vessel commanders, and that has left serious question marks as to the Indian Navy’s technical abilities.

  • 8. Finland

Finland Finds itself on the number 8 spot with 270 ships. Finland finds itself in contact with Russia on account of sharing the Baltic Sea. It is not a good idea to be defenseless when close to an imperialistic superpower like Russia, and so with 270 Naval Assets, Finland has done quite well for themselves defensively.

A rough breakdown of the Finnish Naval fleet is as follows: * Patrol vessels, 18 mine warfare vessels, landing craft, transport ships, and other vessels which include tug boats and cable-layers.

Despite being a close neighbor of Russia, Finland has chosen to take sides with the opposite group which is the North American Treaty Organization (NATO), and although Finland is not a NATO member, it has taken part in some NATO exercises, such as the Crises Management exercise of 2017.

Finland is making efforts to increase its Naval power, they recently bought a supply of high precision weapons from worth 730 million dollars from America, including missiles that can be launched from ships, as well as the ground surface.

  • 9. Colombia

The Colombian Navy comes in next at the number 9 position. They have 35,089 active duty personnel, and 235 Naval; assets. Columbia is very much exposed because it has coastlines facing both the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean.

In other to have some level of safety, it is necessary to build an extensive Navy. A breakdown of Colombia’s 235 Naval assets is as follows: four Frigates, one Corvette, 11 Submarines, and 55 Patrol crafts.

Colombia also has an extensive network of rivers. They have made progress in policing these rivers by building small boats armed with machine guns.

  • 10. Indonesia

Indonesia is a country made up of a number of islands. That poses quite a problem because protecting and securing 13,500 islands comes with challenges.

The Indonesia Military Naval Force has 74,000 active-duty personnel, and 221 Naval assets and some of those assets include 8 Frigates, 24 Corvettes, three Submarines, 74 patrol vessels, and 12 mine warfare vessels. They also have 55 aircraft, 24 missile boats, and 6 amphibious transport docks.

As expected, patrol vessels make up the bulk of Indonesia’s Naval vessels but questions have been raised about their sufficiency, China does not sneak around uninhabited Islands, they move in force over expansive areas of the oceans.

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Above is the list of the ten largest navies in the world. In regards to this write-up, the list of each navy is rated only on the crude size of their vessel and numbers, and in no way is address is by the operational capacity of any nation. Here we will be listing 10 countries that are regarded to have the Biggest naval force in the world. They are so large that they also send some of their troops to intervene in the discrepancies among other nations. They are strong, battle-ready, guarded and fortified on all sides. Some of these countries are still building more weapons that others are yet to imagine.

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