How To Pay For DSTV, Startimes GoTv With GTBank

In Nigeria, one of the country’s leading banks is GTBank. Due to their simple mobile banking platform, the GT, which stands for Guarantee Trust Bank, has won many hearts. You can have access to their bank using your mobile phone. . Hence, there are various bills including DSTv, Startime, GoTv, etc that you can pay using the GTBank

In this article, you will learn how to pay your GoTv, DSTv, and Startimes bills using GT Bank. 

How To Pay For DStv, GoTv, Startime Bills Using GTBank

There are two step-by-step processes you can take before you continue to make any payment for your TV shows, whether Startime, Gotv or DStv.

First of all, you need to get the master code number of the decoder you want to subscribe. The Master Code number is also known as the IUC Number. This number is your decoder’s serial ID and can be found on your TV screen or on your Master Card. 

If you are using Startime, you should be able to see the number on the screen when your subscription has expired. Or even better, you can check it on your master card as well. The IUC number and the amount to pay is all you need to continue with the payment.

Payment Code For GoTV, Startime & Dstv Subscription Using GTBank

Simply dial the USSD code: *737*37*AMOUNT*GOTV IUC NUMBER# to subscribe to your GoTv, DStv, or Startime. Make sure that the amount and the IUC number on the back of the decoder are correct.

Another method by which you can use the code is by doing the following

For GoTv/DStv

  • Dial *737# and reply 9 for cable television.
  • Then enter the smartcard number and follow more directions on-screen.

For StarTime

  • Dial *737# for Bills and respond with 10.
  • Then, enter 4 for Data and Pay TV, then 2 for StarTimes.
  • Then follow the on-screen instruction to enter the smartcard number and the amount you are paying.

Subscription For Startime, GoTv, DStv Using Mobile Banking App

You must first install the mobile app from Google Play (for Android) or from the App Store (for iOS) and set up the app to pay cable bills like Startime, GoTv, DSTv using the GTB app.

To correctly set up the app and connect to your account, you may need the support of one of the bank’s officials.

After you have connected the app to your account properly, then you can continue with the steps below.

  1. Use your email and password to sign-in to the app
  2. Tap the top-left hamburger icon and then press on Bill Payments.
  3. Next, press the Cable TV button
  4. Now, pick the option you are paying for on cable TV. (You can select Startime, GoTv, DSTv depending on the one you want)
  5. From the available plans, choose the desired bouquet and confirm the price.
  6. Lastly, enter the number of the smartcard or IUC and tap Proceed. The system will try to retrieve your account based on the information you inputted.
  7. Enter your pin for mobile banking and tap pay.
  8. Once the payment is verified, your bank account will be debited and the subscription will be renewed

How Long Does GoTv/DSTV/StarTimes Subscription Last?

Subscription for all of them lasts for 30 days. So every month, your subscription needs to be renewed. Sometimes you can get an extra month’s subscription for free if you pay for more than one month at a go.

To make your renewal as seamless as possible, you can try as much as possible to renew your subscription before the 30 days elapse. 

Can You Pause Your Cable TV Subscription?

Yes, you can for twice a year. If you plan to travel for some time and there is no one to watch your DSTV, you can contact DSTV customer service to inform them of the duration of your travel in order for them to suspend the subscription for you.

However, you should know that you are only permitted to pause for a maximum of two weeks and this should be done about two days prior to the time of travel.


Cable TV Subscription is now very much easy as compared to the olden days. This is because while you are at home, you can easily renew your subscription using your mobile phone.

And this can be done with many other banks, including GTBank.