How to Pay for StarTimes, GoTv, and DSTv With First Bank

Just a few years ago we had to journey to the offices of our choice subscription TV providers (DSTV, StarTimes, GoTv) in order to stay connected. We sometimes had to stand in a queue for hours while we paid the money we worked hard for.  Later on, it became possible to make these payments directly at your bank, and while it was still a welcome development, we found that journeying to the bank could still be stressful.

Today, with the development of technology, there are many more options via which we can pay for StarTimes, GoTv, and DSTV. If you are a First Bank customer, we have great news for you: it is now possible to pay for your DSTV, StarTimes, and GoTv without any stress whatsoever. 

If you have been looking for a way to make these payments then we have got you covered. Read on to get informed. This post will guide you through the process of paying for your StarTimes TV, GoTv, DSTV subscription with First Bank, using codes and online services. 

How to Pay for StarTimes, GoTv, and DSTv With First Bank

There are five methods to pay for your StarTimes TV, GoTv, and DSTV subscription using First Bank.

  1. Pay Directly at your First Bank of Nigeria Branch
  2. Pay Using an ATM Machine
  3. Pay Using FirstOnline
  4. Use the First mobile App
  5. Pay Using the USSD Code

Details On How To Subscribe Your GoTv, DSTv, and StartTimes With First Bank Nigeria

1. Pay at Your FBN Branch

Paying through your local First Bank branch in your location is still a popular way of paying your DSTV, Start times, and GOTV. All you need is to copy your card details and tell the customer care attendant that you want to recharge your StarTimes, GoTv, or DSTV. They will give you a Teller to fill, and you may then hand the cash to a teller. After doing that you would be given a receipt. 

After a few hours, your subscription will be credited to your account and you would be able to view your channels as you like. 

2. ATM Machine

Many people don’t know, but yes, it is possible to recharge your StarTimes, GoTv, or DSTV using an ATM machine. It can be First Bank or any other ATM close by that is powered by Quickteller. All you have to do is put your ATM card and enter your PIN number, just as you would do with any other transaction. After doing that you just select account Type.

From there you should see a screen that prompts you to choose the Quickteller option from the ATM screen menu; you will see options like make a withdrawal, transfer funds, and so on. You will now select the Pay Bills option from the ATM screen Quickteller option. Enter your smart card number and press ‘proceed.’ Wait for the confirmation and your StarTime TV will automatically be renewed.

3. FirstOnline

First Online is the online platform of the First Bank of Nigeria through which you can do internet banking, including making TV payments.  All you need to do is visit First online and click on self-registration if you are a new customer. You will be taken to a page for registration. Just follow the instructions and fill in the form.

 If you have already been registered on the platform, then you just need to log in to your account, and make payment. You can also use this FirstOnline to do many other transactions such as to transfer money and confirming cheques.

4. First mobile App

Many people say that this is the easiest way to make subscription payments to their DSTV, Startimes, and GoTV. The FirstMobile App is designed for ease of use. One major benefit of this app is that it gives you the opportunity to make these payments no matter where you may be, even when you are on the move.

All you need to do is to download the App from the Google play store or Apple store. After that, install and launch the app, and then you have to register with your card number on each of the TV services.

To make a payment on your cable TV service, just open the app, and tap on Pay Bills. Scroll down and click on Cable TV Bills. Click on the provider (StarTimes, DSTV, Startimes) and choose the biller and products. You can choose the bouquet, and duration (like one month), and after that, you can enter your card number, the amount to pay, and your phone number.

First Bank will first confirm the details and direct you to the payment gateway. If everything is okay the payment will be successful. You will receive a receipt confirmation and after that, your subscription will be operational; you can watch whatever you want.

5. USSD Code

It is also possible to recharge your StarTimes, GoTv, and even DStv using the First Bank code. All you need to do is to dial the code *894*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#.  After that, you just follow the prompts as they appear on your screen. If you have any problem using this Code, you should contact First Bank for further assistance.

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Technology is moving, and so making payments on your subscription TVs is becoming a lot easier. There is no reason why you should not enjoy high-quality entertainment, as paying for it has become seamless. Just make sure that you double-check everything before you make the payments, and if you are not very tech-savvy, then you can get someone to assist you.