Top 10 Largest Animals In The World Ever Recorded – When growing up as a child, we were taught that the largest animal was the elephant, whale, and some others. Many times we were not given a list about the biggest animal in the world or even detailed information about the world’s biggest animal. This article is here to give you information about the world’s largest animal. Just grab a quick snack while reading this, trust me you will get stuck to this article.

Animals are multicellular eukaryotic organisms that form the biological kingdom Animalia, if you paid attention to biology in school you will know what am talking about. Animals consume different food substances, they breathe oxygen and are able to move, reproduce, etc. There are over 7 million animal species in total. Animals range in various lengths and sizes, some are longer, some are large that one wonders what are the largest animals in the world, some animals are 110ft, we have animals which are 8.5 millionth of a metre. Some animals tend to be used as pets in the homes the likes of Cats, dogs, pigeon, some even use reptiles as pets like snakes and others.

There are some animals which cannot be used as pets, we refer to these ones as wild animals. Many times wild animals are being kept in the zoo, like lions, tiger, and some others. When you pay a visit to some rain forest or wildlife reserve you will see many animals you have not come across before; I know you might be thinking we have been emphasizing land animals, there are also sea animals like the fishes, whales, and others. You can be sure to say whales are one of the largest animals ever recorded. We have done thorough research about the various animals that will be listed below, we will give you detailed information and description of each animal.

Top 10 Largest Animals In The World Ever Recorded 2020

  • 1. Blue Whale

The blue whale is the largest animal ever recorded. The blue whale is long and slender, the whale has a bluish design when seen on the surface but inside the water, it looks lighter in colour. Blue whales were abundant over the earth until the 20th century they were hunted by whalers, although now they are being protected. Before the 20th century, they have been over 200,000 whales in existence but right now it’s just 10,000 in existence, fear of blue whales going extinct.

The head of the blue whale is flat and U shape, the front part of the mouth is thick with around 300 baleen plates, each of this plate is around one metre which is hung from the upper jaw running 20 inches into the mouth. Mature blue whales can weigh from 75 feet to 100 feet, this is from head to tail and 150 tons. This value is as long as 8-10 Storey building and the weight of 112 adult giraffes. About 50 people could stand on the tongue of a blue whale, it’s arteries are wide enough that you could climb through them while its heart is as big as a small car.

At birth a baby blue whale weighs more than an elephant, they drink about 100 gallons of milk from their mother, and they measure up to 25 feet. Adult blue whales eat about 4 tons of krill every day in the sea. The largest blue whale to date is a female whale which weighs about 386,760 pounds can you imagine that amount in Kilogram that is about 176,792kg. Most people argue that dinosaurs are bigger than blue whales but the biggest dinosaur ever recorded just weighed about 180,000 pounds, that’s half the size of an adult blue whale.

  • 2. Colossal Squid

This is believed to be the largest squid ever. These species were first discovered inside a sperm whale in the form of two tentacles. Little information about this squid is being provided as many don’t really know much about it. The squid was first caught alive in the year 2007, it feeds on large and small fishes. The adult colossal squid is about 7,200 ft. This squid has the largest eyes of any animal, it has tentacles length of up to 46 feet and weighs at least 1100 pounds. The largest of these squids are females and are very deep-sea predators.

  • 3. African Elephant

The African Elephants are from the genus Loxodonta. They can weigh up to 7 tons and grows up to 35ft from trunk to tail, having a shoulder height of 13ft.

These elephants have concave backs and their thickest body rests on stocky backs, they have large ears that enable heat loss. The formation of their trunk is with their upper lip and nose. They have four molars each of these weighs about 5kg and 30cm in length, teeth are being replaced about four to six times in their lifetime at the age of 40-60 years.

Any elephant that loses the last molar will die of starvation which is a common cause of death for most of these species. The tusks are used for digging of roots and pulling the back of trees for food, they are also used to fight during mating season.

  • 4. Giraffe

The giraffe is known as the tallest living terrestrial animal popularly called the animal with the long neck. The species are scattered over Africa, their food source is fruits, leaves, flowers of different plants.

Fully grown giraffe is 18.7ft tall with the males taller than the females. The tallest recorded male was 19.03 ft tall, the average weight for a male is 1,192kg and 828kg for females.

The giraffe body is relatively short despite its long neck and long legs. Its tongue is 45cm long and it’s purplish-brown in colour to protect it from sunburn, the tongue is also used in cleaning the animal nose, close its muscular nostrils to protect it from dust and ants. It has grey skin and its skin is thick which allows it to run through thorn bushes without being injured, there are chemical substances in the skin which is like a repellent to insects.

  • 5. Brown Bear

This is a bear that is found in Northern America and Northern Eurasia. You should know that these bears are not fully brown as they have thick long fur with long mane at the back.

Brown bears are big in size and they relatively have a height of 70 to 153cm, -body length of 1.4 to 2.8 m (4 ft 7 in to 9 ft 2 in). They have large claws, those in the forelimb are larger than the ones in the hind limbs. Each of these is generally sharp with a light tip with some forms having completely light claws.

The brown bear claws are longer and straight than the black bear. Due to their excessive weight, they cannot climb trees. Brown bears weigh 907kg which is approximately 1 ton and reaching up to 10ft tall.

  • 6. Whale Shark

The whale shark which weighs up to 22 tonnes or less. Despite their size, they feed on small water habitat. They are mostly found in open waters and rarely found in temperature below 70°F. These sharks which have a lifespan of about 70 years are called filter feeders. The mouth is 4.5ft wide and contains about 350 rows of teeth, their mouth is located at the front of the head, the head is wide and flat with two small eyes at the front. Their skins are marked with stripes which is unique to each of them and their skin is 10cm thick.

  • 7. Saltwater Crocodile

The Saltwater crocodile is known as the largest living reptile which grows to an average length of 17ft, although they can reach 21ft in length and weigh up to 1,900 kg. These crocodile feed on all animals they can get their teeth on. The males are much bigger than the females as they grow up to 20ft, females barely grow up to 10ft. This crocodile has a large skull size and big head, their skull placed in a museum is up to 76cm.

  • 8. Ostrich

Ostrich is another animal with a long neck, it is known as the largest living bird. It has a height of 9ft and weighs 156kg. Ostrich eyes are the largest of all land mammals, they have no teeth and can survive without water for days. They extract water from the plants they eat and produce their own water internally. Much information about Ostrich is not given as there are few species left.

  • 9. Chinese Salamander

Chinese salamander is the largest living amphibian in the world. They are known to have a large head and dark wrinkly skin flat, broad head has a wide mouth, round, lidless eyes. The average Salamander weighs 25-30kg, it can reach up to 50kg in weight and 180cm in length, it is known to make sounds like barking, whining, hissing, or crying sounds like that of a newborn and referred to as in Chinese as the infant fish.

  • 10. Goliath Beetle

This beetle takes the number 10 spot. This is like the largest Insect in the world. Still hard to believe by most folks but this is the heaviest. It hides in the Undergrowth of African forest, they grow to a length of 4.5 inches and are brown, black, or white in colour.


We have given you detailed information about the Top 10 largest animal in the world. We have done thorough research on each of these animals.

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