Top 10 Largest Airports In The World By Size/Area 2020

Top 10 largest airport in the world by size 2020 – An airport is an aerodrome, which is designed with facilities to store, maintain and control aircraft. An airport is mostly for commercial air transport, it consists of a landing area, an accessible space which is the runway for the plane to take off. Apart from all these, it includes buildings such as hangars, control tower, helipads, airports which have large space has air traffic control centres, airport aprons, taxiway bridges, restaurants, lounges, emergency services. International airports have facilities for customs and passport control, security clearance gates, baggage reclaim facilities. You should know that the airport has different controls like tower control, ground control, navigational aids, lighting, weather control. safety aids.

Most times people wonder about how airport names come about, read below, and understand fully well. An airport is represented or named by their IATA airport code and ICAO airport code. Many airport name honour a popular figure, prolific writer, public leaders, cultural leaders. The earliest airport take-off and landing sites where grassy lands, the plane approach at any level that favours a windy direction. The world’s oldest airport in College Park Airport in Maryland, US. This airport was established in 1909 by Wilbur Wright, although speculations and arguments have been made about this airport is the world’s oldest. There are several airports around the world, but this article is going to give you information about the largest airports in the world.

Top 10 Largest Airports In The World By Size/Area 2020

 Rank No.  Name  Size/Area  Location
 1. King FAHD International Airport (KFIA)  192,000 Acres  Saudi Arabia
 2. Denver International Airport (DIA)  35,000 Acres  United States
 3. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport  18,760 Acres  United States
 4. Washington Dulles International Airport  13,000 Acres  United States
 5. Kansas City International Airport  10,680 Acres  United States
 6. Shanghai Pudong International Airport  10,000 Acres   China
 7. Cairo International Airport  9,142.9 Acres  Egypt
 8. Suvarnabhumi Airport  8,000 Acres  Thailand
 9. Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport  8,000 Acres  France
 10. Salt Lake City International Airport  7,700 Acres  United States

Top 10 Largest Airports In The World By Area 2020

  • 1. King Fahd International Airport (KFIA)

This airport is located in Damman, Saudi Arabia. This airport basic infrastructure was complete in the year 1990, in the year 1991 during the first Gulf war, the field was used in the storage of military aircraft. This airport was named after the king of Saudi Arabia which reigned from 1982 till 2005.

King Fahd International Airport is the largest airport in the world in terms of area, with a total space of 780,000 kilometers larger than Bahrain a country amazing right. This airport terminal has six stories which three are meant for passengers processing, the third level is for arrival, the fourth level is for boarding, the sixth level is for departures. The terminal is equipped with several customer counters such as 66 is meant for Saudia but now presently shared with Flynas and SaudiGulf Airlines, 44 to foreign airlines, and the rest for custom and immigration.

King Fahd’s airport was the first among Saudi Arabia airports to adopt duty-free stores, among others the airport has spaces allocated for banks, cafeterias, gift shops, more construction has been going for indoor playgrounds and other shops in the airports. The airport has a mosque which is built on the roof of the car park on the landscape area, the mosque is big enough to accommodate two thousand worshippers and it can be accessed from the passengers terminal.

Under construction in the airport is a 250 room hotel which will be linked to the airport terminal by a pedestrian bridge, it should be opened in late 2019, the airport also has a royal terminal which is being used by government personalities, the royal family. The royal terminal is designed with interior designs, stylish looks, and one of the most beautiful sections in the airport.

The King Fahd International Airport being the largest airport in the world but only 5% of the space is being used, many say this airport is a waste of space because of the allocated land meant for it, but we believe in time to come various structures will be put into place for those places to be used. It is also known as one of the youngest airports and has an annual passenger report of 10 million.

  • 2. Denver International Airport (DIA)

The Denver International Airport locally known as DIA is the largest international airport in the United States. This airport doubles the size of Wales and Fort Worth International Airport. The DIA covers an area of 33,500 acres of land, this is more than a half times the square of Manhattan. This airport is the 20th busiest airport in the world and fifth busiest airport in the United States handling passenger traffic of over 64 million yearly.

The DIA has flight around the United States to 185 destinations. The main airport terminal which has six floors and is connected by elevators and escalators, floor 1-3 which comprises of the parking garage, floor 4 which is for passenger pick up while floor 5 is used for parking or drop off pick up for taxis.

  • 3. Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport 

The Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport is the 3rd largest airport in the year with an area of 17,207 acres. This airport is also known as the fourth busiest in the world. Larger than the Island of Manhattan, the Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport runs about 900 daily flights, has service to 244 destinations both local and International.

Dallas/Fort Worth airport was opened in the year 1973 which included the first landing of a supersonic Concorde in the United States. This airport has five terminals and 165 gates, with expansion it can accommodate up to 13 terminals and 260 gates, the terminals which are designed to be Semi secular apart from the new terminal which is the terminal D. The terminals are designed to reduce traffic and to minimize the distance between a passenger car and airplane. This airport is cited as one of the best airports in the world, as it has its own Zip code, medical services, police, fire protection.

  • 4. Washington Dulles International Airport

This airport is located in the Eastern region of the United States in Loudoun and Fairfax County in Virginia. Began operations in 1962, this airport was named after the 52nd Secretary of the United States John Foster Dulles. This airport which accommodates more than 21 million passengers yearly, is one of the largest in the world. The airport has a land area of 13,000 acres with the main terminal of 1,240 feet. This airport has a main terminal and two midfield buildings. It has the Concourses A/B, C/D has 123 gates and 16 handstand locations.

  • 5. Kansas City International Airport

Located in the downtown City of Kansas in Platte County Missouri. The airport which covers 10,380 acres of land has three runways, it consists of three terminals which are numbers through 90 gates, though the gates are not up to 90 the blubbering is just made to make it easier. The airport houses facilities for repairing heavy aircraft. The year 2016 this airport was able to serve at least 11 million passengers which makes it the least busy airport in the world.

  • 6. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

This airport is one of the two international airports in China and a major aviation hub in China. This airport mainly serves international flights to various destinations. Located about 30km in the East City centre of Pudong with 10,000 acres. The airport which is known as one of the busiest carries passengers of about 74 million yearly, it also served over 3 million tons of cargo making it the world’s third busiest in terms of handling cargo traffic. This airport was opened in October 1999, it has 70 boarding bridges, 218 parking positions with five runways parallel to the terminal.

  • 7. Cairo International Airport

The Cairo International Airport is the busiest airport in Egypt and the second busiest in Africa. This airport which served first as a US Military base during World War II before transforming it into an international airport. The airport which is located at Heliopolis serving as the main hub for Egypt Air and Nile Air which is known as two of the largest airline in Egypt. The airport has three terminals and three Asphalt runways. As of year 2016, the airport has been able to serve 14 million passengers which is the highest so far since its opening.

  • 8. Suvarnabhumi Airport

This airport is also known as Bangkok International Airport. It is one of the two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand. This airport has served 63,000 passengers. This airport is known as the 21st busiest in the world, the busiest airport in the country, the 11th busiest in Asia, and it’s also a major cargo hub. This airport has two parallel runways and two parallel taxiways to accommodate departures and arrivals, having 129 parking bays, 69 remote gates, and 51 contact gates. The Suvarnabhumi airport passenger terminal is the world’s largest passenger terminal with 563,000 square meters and the fourth biggest passenger terminal building in the world.

  • 9. Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport 

This airport which is named after the French President is the largest primary airport in France. The airport covers 32.38 square kilometers which include three terminals and runways. The airport which was ranked fifth in 2016 served 66 million passengers and it’s second in the busiest airport in Europe. The first terminal of the airport was built in the image of an Octopus which serves as Check-in Counters and baggage claim conveyors. There is an underground walkway in the first terminal which is connected with seven satellites.

  • 10. Salt Lake City International Airport

This airport is located about four miles west downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The airport is known as the closest commercial airport for more than 2.5 million people. The airport has three asphalt runway, one concrete runway, three helipads. Apart from flying domestic flights, the airport is used as a military airport also.

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This article has provided useful information for you about the largest airport in the world by area 2019, this information provided here has been done through deep and thorough research. The list above provides you with detailed information about the top 10 largest airports in the world by size.

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