Lagos State Health Service Commission – Have you ever been to Lagos? Ever wondered what it’s like to be there. Lagos is the most popular state in Nigeria, the second fastest in Africa and the seventh in the world. Lagos is known as the bedrock of the Nigerian economy, many investors from all over the world go over to Lagos and make several investments over there. There are so many job opportunities over there like people do say, factories, companies than any other state in Nigeria. In this article we will focus on the Lagos State Health Services, we will give you their functions, contacts and every detail you need to know about them in this article. I know you must be really interested in this topic like the saying goes Health Is Wealth, but before that let’s give you a little information about Lagos State.

Lagos State Health Service Commission Functions, Contact Address And All You Need To Know

Lagos State has a population of about 17.5 million, it is home to all the major business in Nigeria, Lagos which means Lakes, this was a given by the Portuguese when they came to settle there. Lagos State is a port which was originated on the Island and separated by creeks if you go to Lagos today they have the Island area and the mainland area. The island is was actually filled up with water but was later worked on and houses have now being built there, with sources and findings, it should be known that cost of living in the Island is quite expensive than the Mainland areas. Lagos have been designed in such a way that you can tell from the rich and poor, it is made up of 57 local government areas with the capital being named Ikeja. Lagos State has several beaches, one of the most popular is the bar beach which is from the Atlantic Ocean, it is estimated to be around 100 kilometers East and West from the mouth, there are several other beaches in Lagos State though, as we all know that it’s an area covered with water. The state has expanded in the mainland region, places like Agege now reach more than 40 kilometers from North-west Lagos Island, other places in Lagos State are Ikorodu, Badagry, Ajegunle many people normally call this place, a place which is meant for the low-class people or rather Low life’s.

Lagos State Health Services Commission

Those living in the Mainland are often referred to as the middle-class citizens over there, but you should know that most of the population of Lagos State lives in the Mainland, more companies are over there, more business and industries. When we talk about Entertainment, music, and nightlife, then Lagos is the place to be. Lagos is known to be a state for fun and the life of the party, places like Victoria Island in Lagos is home to the biggest clubs and bars, the mainland is not left out of this fun part also, there are several places during the weekend where inhabitants can catch fun and let go of the stress. The Island is separated from the Mainland by water, this is the main channel draining the lagoon into the Atlantic Ocean which forms Lagos Harbour. Each Island is separated by creeks and are being connected by bridges, but some places of the creeks have been filled up with sands and built on top. Popular places in the Island are the CMS, the Balogun Market, the high buildings, National Museum of Nigeria, Tinubu square which is a place of importance in the Nigerian history, this was the place where the North and South amalgamation ceremony took place, this was the year 1914. Before diverting out of the main topic of this article, let’s rush back to the Lagos Health Services Commission.

The Lagos Health Service Commission is responsible for the employment, training, promotion, welfare, discipline, and everything conversing the employee of the Lagos State Hospitals. The Lagos State Health Service Commission is doing a major job here as they make sure that each person working in the health sector is important to them, as their needs and wants are taken care of properly to ensure that they work very well. Employees are expected to be treated according with respect in the health sector, many say that it’s not easy to be working in the health services as lots of hard work will be required from you and several tasks will be set up for you to finish. Being in the medical or health world is not an easy tasks, majority of employees who complain most are the nurses, who say that they get smaller pay and they work more, while you are in the Lagos Health Services, you can write Promotional examinations and you can also go for medical certification training which will enable you boost or enhance your knowledge.

You should know that working for the Lagos Health Services Commission is not that easy though, there are several process which you need to follow. Recruitment are being done yearly which will help you know if you are ready or not. These recruitment exercises are being done by a written exams which gives candidate the opportunity to work for the health services commission. Candidates who passes the examination are taken to the next level in which other process are involved, you should know that during the recruitment exercise your details and all your documents needs to be completed so that things will be easier for you. There are several principal Officers which are guiding this commission to ensure that things run smoothly in the organization. We have given you information about the Lagos Health Services Commission why don’t you take a look at the functions of the Lagos Health Services Commission Below.

Functions Of The Lagos State Health Service Commission

There are several functions or responsibilities which this body has taken charge of to ensure the smooth running of activities of the health sector in Lagos State, check them out below.

  • They take charge and maintain personnel records of all public employee in the health sector.
  • If you have followed through from the beginning of this article, you will know that they are in charge of recruiting and promotion of public hospital employees.
  • The Lagos Health Service Commission is in charge of staff retirements, staff replacement, movement from one public hospital to another and also their dismissal.
  • Co-ordination of inter-State, inter-service staffs and inter-hospital transfer of public employee staff to different places. Working in government hospitals, gives them the right to transfer you from one public hospital to another within the state or even outside the state, but it was must be approved by the health commission.
  • Planning and training of medical employee.
  • They keep up to date database of all hospital employees for reference purposes and future use.
  • They oversee the welfare of staffs, their housing, transportation and so many others especially when they are just newly transferred from one place to another.
  • In terms of pension matters for public health workers they are responsible for handling them and they monitor appointment of employees in public hospital.

We have given you the functions of the Lagos State Health Services Commission, let’s take a look at their contact information and address.

Lagos State Health Services Commission Contact Address

I know after reading this article you must be interested in the getting the contact address of the Lagos State Health Service commission, well here it is.

The Lagos State Health service commission is located at;

  • No.1 Ganiyu Smith Road, Lagos Island, Lagos.
  • Contact: +2348162637140

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We believe we have given you information about the Lagos State Health Services Commission, you can make your calls or visit their office to know more about them if you are looking for a job or concerning related issues.

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