WAEC And JAMB Subject Combination for Architecture 2020/21

Gaining admission into the University can be tasking at most times as it requires lots of procedures and exams to be passed before gaining admission. However, speaking of writing exams, all courses in the university requires certain subject combinations to give you a pass into the university. Today, we would be discussing the WAEC and JAMB subject combinations for Architecture.

We all know that the Architecture course is meant for students from science class in their secondary school but also have knowledge of other classes, however, there are still required subjects to be passed in WAEC and JAMB to enable students eligible or qualify for admission into the University or any tertiary institution. Without much ado, lets quickly get straight down to business.

Architecture As A Course

Architecture happens to be a course that covers core topics and curriculum. However, studying Architecture in any Nigerian University would take a minimum of 4 years to cover and earn a degree which certifies a student to work in any firm needing their services in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

This course is known to layout the basic foundations in Architecture principles for education. More also, it enables students to gain a proper understanding of the dynamics of company operations. Meanwhile, to broaden the horizons after completing the program, students can opt-in for a Masters’s Degree in Architecture (MBA).

JAMB Subject Combination For Architecture

Alright, guys, here we are, but first, we would be starting with the Jamb subject combinations for Architecture, and later on, we would list out the WAEC subject combo to get you on the safer side of admission into any higher institution. As we would have it, even if you already got the right subject combinations in JAMB for Architecture, you still need to put in efforts to meet up with the minimum university cut off marks to get you on the safer side, therefore, you should ensure you make up to 180 and above.

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Geography/Further mathematics
  • Physics

WAEC Subject Combination For Architecture

WAEC is also known as your O’level result and this is always required to grant you access to any higher institution in Nigeria. However, to be considered for Architecture in any higher institution in the country, you are required to pass five (5) subjects with credits as the minimum grade, meaning you are required to possess a minimum of five (5) credit pass in your WAEC which are to include the following subjects;

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Further Maths
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Economics

Meanwhile, these subject combinations are also applicable to other O’level results such as NECO and GCE.

Direct Entry required A-level result to study Architecture

Here we would be giving you a bonus as we bring you the requirement for Architecture while using direct entry results. To study Architecture at the university, you are required to have a minimum of two (2) ‘A’ level passes which should include any two from Physics, Further Maths, Geography, Economics in addition to the required WAEC subjects combination for Architecture.

Job Description: Architecture

In a general term, Architecture is known as a course that has to do with designing, planning, and construction of buildings. This course is known to be very lucrative which is one of the reasons why people rush into the university to take the course, following the facts that you would work and be given big contracts which are worth a huge amount of money.

Architects are widely needed across the globe today because of the nature of their job, perhaps; you must have seen attractive pictures in your area or any other place of interest, therefore, being an architect proves that you are creative and think above others in areas of designs, not just designing alone, you also must have the right strategies to get things done in a manner that was never expected, although, I wouldn’t know all the skills you ought to have as an architect lest I list them all out here, nevertheless, an architect is known for the expression of arts into everything they do.

However, getting to study architecture as a course at the university or any tertiary institution is no joke at all as it comes with tedious works to do, meanwhile, this shouldn’t be a discouragement if you truly have a passion for architecture and I would always advise you to work for passion and not solely because you see others making it big from the profession.

Architects are known to meet with clients to derive the objectives and structural requirements needed for a project, hence, they manage construction documents and they take charge of scaled drawings which can either be done with the aid of software or manually by hand, and of course, who uses hands in this modern world.



The tertiary level of education is not a level of education to be toiled with as it is generally considered as the last phase of education except if you want to further your education for masters and so on, but the University degree is often regarded as the highest to get you a well paying job, therefore it should be taken seriously.

Speaking of being serious with this level of education, you are always required to pass certain subjects to get you into the tertiary institution for any course you are going to study, but for today, we have discussed right above the WAEC and JAMB subject combination for Architecture, therefore, if you appear to be opting in for Architecture as your university or tertiary institution course, then we have helped you right above with the subject combinations, you need in Jamb and WAEC.

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