JAMB Subject Combination For Public Administration 2020

On JAMB Subject Combination For Public Administration, Public Administration is a course in higher institutions that require certain qualifications from aspiring candidates to meet up with before such candidate or aspirant can be granted admission or offered admission into the Institution that offers the course, such certain requirements are classified into two which are: the correct WAEC subjects requirement for Public Administration and JAMB subjects combination.

JAMB Subject Combination For Public Administration 2020 

  • Use Of English
  • Government
  • Economics and any other subject

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) being a body responsible for a candidate’s admission examination into the University or other institutions like Polytechnic, College of Education, and so on, gives every candidate that registered for her Exam the chance to pick three (3) subjects apart from compulsory subject mandated

which is the use of English, those three subjects chosen by the candidate at his/her free will serve as the subject combination for the course the candidate wants to go for in the university or any other institution, In which this chosen subjects must correspond with the course the candidates puts in for in the higher institution.

You should aim for a scare of 200 and above in JAMB UTME to be on a safe side. If you score 180 and above in the recent JAMB UTME all is well but if your score is below 180, please consider the College of Education or Polytechnic. TAKE NOTE JAMB UTME is not the only option for Admission if you are having troubles JAMB UTME maybe it’s time you pass through IJBM, JUBEB, ND or Pre-degree. JAMB UTME subject combinations for public Administration are:

  1. Government
  2. Economics and any other subject.


WAEC Subject Required For Public Administration

Pertaining to the course which an individual wants to study in the University or any other Institution, there is always a list of subjects required for a particular course you want to offer in the university in which if you do not attempt the WAEC subjects required for Public Administration you would not be considered for the course or would not be admitted for the course.

The subject needed to study Public Administration in WAEC must contain five (5) credits. This subject combination I also applicable to NECO and GCE.  The “o” level requirement is the compulsory WAEC subject combination for public Administration must include:

  1. English language
  2. Economics
  3. Government
  4. A trade subject.


As a Direct entry candidate seeking admission into the University or want to further your education in the University as you would have studied in either a polytechnic or College of Education, you are also required to meet up certain demands or requirements to study public administration in the University.

A direct entry candidate is expected to have a minimum of Two “A” level passes chosen from Economics, Accounting, and Business Management, Government, Geography, and statistics.

NOTE: everything you have read so far is a general requirement; it is expedient that you also check the special consideration for the course. If there Is any reason you are not satisfied or cannot meet up with the subject combination above, you can consider taking a look at polytechnic or college of Education related course requirements. You can also study online with foreign universities right from your bedroom or apply for a scholarship to study abroad. Education is now a choice.

  • Where can I work with Degree in public administration?

I believe you now know the subject required to study Public Administration. I urge you to also find out where you can work with the degree.

  1. Local government officer
  2. Civil service administrator
  3. International aid/ development officer
  4. Government social research officer
  5. Education administrator
  6. Human resources officer
  7. Public affairs consultant
  • Brief information on subject combinations for Public Administration for WAEC and JAMB

A public administration degree prepares students to manage public agencies, budgets, and creates government policies. These policies can be diverse topics ranging from the environment to social issues. The classes focus on how these decisions are made and the process of making the best decision for society. In addition, the most favorable way to implement policies and decisions once they remade.

The admission requirement to study Public Administration under Administration in Nigeria Universities includes one or a combination of “O” level results or “A” level result if you are going through Direct Entry. In today’s article, I answered literally the questions such as WAEC subject combination, JAMB UTME subject combination, Direct Entry requirement, and some required documents for admission into Nigeria Universities.

Jamb subject combination tends to be the list of subjects certain candidate registered for during Jamb registration of which he/she would be sitting for in the Jamb examination that should correspond with the course he/she puts in for in the higher institution, which without the correct combination, the candidate would not be offered admission or probably might be given a different course pertaining to the University or any other higher institution the candidate puts in for while others won’t grant the candidate at all.

WAEC Subjects are a list of subjects in which must be registered by candidates for the sake of the course they would study in the University or Any Institution which are the required subjects that would be compulsory for candidates to sit for in the WAEC examination and in which the result would serve as an ‘O’ level result, however, these compulsory subjects are the subjects corresponding to the course the candidate wants to study in the higher institution, in which without the right combination the candidate won’t be considered for admission into the institution for study.


Conclusion on Jamb subject combination for Public Administration and WAEC subjects required

The Jamb subjects’ combination for Public Administration that has been stipulated above including the WAEC subjects required for the course is the correct subject combination that would be required of any candidate both direct entry candidate and UTME candidate that are aspiring to step up their educational level into the University and if in any case you had already made the mistake of choosing a wrong subject combination, it would be highly recommended to have a change of course which is been made on jamb portal, more also, the candidate should also be mindful in the case of choosing a course to go for when the so candidate already made the mistake so as to avoid making another mistake with the choice of subject combination and course. However, candidates are advised to always be sure of the Jamb subject combination and WAEC subjects required before stipulating or putting in for a particular course at the University.

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