Is Nigeria A Developing Country Or Is Nigeria A Developed Country

Is Nigeria A Developing Country or Is Nigeria A Developed Country { Third World Country }

Nigeria cannot be referred to as a developed country if being classified by any standard. The per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of Nigeria is much too low to be considered a developing country, also the standards of living in the country is way below par to be considered a developing country. Its an interesting question really { Is Nigeria A Developing Country Or Is Nigeria A Developed Country } The level of industrialization in Nigeria is still behind all the countries upon which are of developed status. Factors like poor health care, low literacy rates, and a stratospheric infant mortality rate also makes the country unfit to be regarded as a developed country.

Is Nigeria A Developing Country

It would be correct to refer to Nigeria as a developing country as the economy of the country is still growing ( though at a slow pace and with some periodic drops) despite all the troubles with the value of the naira and persistent corruption in the country.

Though Nigeria is among the group of 11 countries that are expected to become a developed country soon.

Factors and Pointers on The Question Is Nigeria A Developing Country Or Is Nigeria A Developed Country

  • Per Capita GDP

While there might be differences in the criteria set by economists in classifying a developed country, there is the universal agreement that a developed country should have a high per capita GDPs of about $12,000 ( Developed countries like Norway, United states and Switzerland boast a per capital GDP of over $50,000), a
good standard of living and widespread industrialization. However as of the year 2015, Nigeria’s per capita GDP remains at a low figure of $2,831.

  • Health Care System

The level of advancement in terms of health care is also a factor used to determine is a country is developed or developing and the Nigeria’s infant mortality rate of 69 per 1,000 live births as of the year 2015, is a sign of the low standard of the Nigerian Health care. Even countries like Afghanistan and Haiti, which are well known for their deplorable living conditions, performed better under the same review period.

  • Population Rate

Nigeria currently has the 7 largest population in the world, and based on the rate of population growth in the country Nigeria’s population is expected to surpass USA by the year 2050. Apart from population the country is also blessed with natural resources (coal, oil and lots more), and vast fertile land.

  • Location and Stats

About 77% of the countries in the world are still classified as developing. Most of the developing nations of the world are located in Africa and Latin America making it not a major surprise that the country is amongst developing nations of the world.

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