Usd to Ksh : Dollars to Kenyan Shilling Exchange Rate Today

Usd to Ksh : Dollars to Kenyan Shilling Exchange Rate Today { September 2016 }

For those asking how much is dollars to Kenyan shilling or convert or convert usd to ksh, NaijaQuest has got you covered with this post which is updated daily to reflect the current Usd to Kes exchange rate .

As at today the exchange rate of Usd to Ksh : Dollars to Kenyan Shilling

  • 101 Ksh to USD

The shilling which is represented by the sign: KSh and code: KES is the currency of Kenya. A Kenyan shilling is divisible into 100 cents. This currency is issued and controlled by the Central Bank of Kenya. The exchange rate of the Kenyan shilling slumped drastically in june 2011, the exchange rate which was 83 shillings per US dollar rose to about 100 shillings per US dollar by the end of the year.

The Central Bank of Kenya in a bid to solve the problem shifted its target to tighten liquidity, also increasing interest rate and increasing money market operations. The currency improved against the dollars n 2012 with an exchange rate of 84 shillings per US dollars due to expected inflows from tea export.

Usd to Ksh Dollars to Kenyan Shilling Exchange Rate Today

But recently the Kenyan shilling has continued to lose its value against the dollar and is currently exchanged at 101 shilling per US dollar.
There are many factors responsible for the weakening of the shilling, though the Central Bank of Kenya continues to sell an undisclosed amount of dollar daily so as to keep the shilling from dropping largely in value against the dollar, many other factors still pull down the value of the shilling.

Among The Factors is Inflation

Inflation is at an all time high and this factor would continue to drop the value of the Kenyan shilling. Consumer prices in Kenya increased by 6.26 percent when scaled with last years figure in August of 2016, this was just following the 6.4 percent rise in July. Though the consumer prices figure came below the forecasts of 6.77 percent jump. This was due to the fact that housing and utilities cost rose at slower pace during the period in review while transport prices also fell significantly.

Though the economy also witnessed some positives as the GDP in Kenya expanded 5.9 percent in the first quarter of 2016, this figure was a follow up to a 5.7 percent increase in the previous period under review.

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