Is Germany A First World Country?

Germany has not always been friends with the Allied Powers; and as a result there is a bit of confusion about whether or not Germany is a first world country, or whether it retains the second world status.

The confusion arises from the different meanings attached to the term “First World Country.” During the cold war, this was a political term used to describe countries that sided with the Allies. Germany was divided between the Eastern Bloc, and the Western Bloc. West Germany supported the Allies, and East Germany supported the Soviet Union.

The term “First World” was used to describe countries that supported the allies during the cold war. By this definition; it becomes very difficult to place Germany.

Is Germany A First World Country?

Since the Cold War wound down, the term First World has gained a new meaning; it is now used to describe countries with sound economies, a good level of industrialization, and high standards of living.

While it is difficult to place Germany according to the old definition, there is no doubt anywhere that Germany is a First World Country, even though that phrase is gradually going out of fashion. In order to establish that fact some facts about the country have to be considered.

Germany Is Highly Industrialized

Germany is the most industrialized country in the world; the most industrialized nation in Europe, and one of the most export- driven countries in the world. Germany is described as a highly developed free market economy. Some of the biggest sectors of the country’s economy include auto manufacture, engine manufacture, chemicals, electronic goods, pharmaceuticals, basic metals, as well as plastics.

Germany Has A High GDP Per Capita

Germany has one of the highest GDP Per Capita in the world; its recent figures are estimated at USD 51,203.55 per year. This makes Germany one of the richest countries in the world; German Citizens are some of the highest earners in the world, and so they enjoy a high standard of living.

Germany also has many high net-worth individuals; there are about 2900 ultra high net worth individuals in Germany- only the USA and China have more. Furthermore, Germany has a strong culture of wealth preservation; there are many wealthy families in Germany; some of them with their wealth dating back before the 1920s.

Germany Has Good Healthcare

Germany has one of the finest healthcare systems in the world. It is one of the countries with the highest amounts of medical tourism. Wealthy people from all over the world come into the country to seek medical attention. The German people enjoy healthcare that is financed in part by their employers and by their savings. Everything is very well organized, and the people are quite happy and healthy.

Democratic Government

Germany has an excellent and well organized government; the people play a part in the government of their people by electing those who lead the country such as the President, Chancellor and Representatives. Germany has been a stable democratic country since living memory; the last despot Adolf Hitler fell in 1945.

Germany Has Press Freedom

The German Press is not monolithic; it does not support one side or view- not even the Government’s. Of course it took plenty of censorship in different forms, throughout the country’s history to arrive at the point when the people have decided that Press Freedom is an important part of the society and democracy. Press Freedom, as well as Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Opinion are guaranteed by law in Germany.

Other Factors That Show That Germany Is Developed

The above are usually the main factors used to determine whether or not a country is a First World country. Germany passes all those with flying colors, and also has many other factors which discerning people can look at, and give credence to the society.

Agriculture In Germany

Agriculture in Germany is well developed; the crops vary from region to region, including cereals, sugar beets, potatoes and so on. Milk and meat are also produced in the country to the extent that Germany does not suffer from food insecurity.

Very High Standards Of Living

Germans live in a society of convenience; online shopping is very popular, the quality of goods sold are very high, the society is very secure, and the people are quite friendly. Germans are also very well traveled; they are among the highest patrons of tourism hot-spots around the world. Governments of the world maintain friendly relations with Germany for this reason.

Development Of Technology

Germany is a technology hotspot; this is one of the fertile grounds for medical research and the development of drugs and vaccines. Germany also leads when it comes to auto and aeronautical engineering; some of the world’s best known car brands come from Germany.

Computer technology, financial technology, and even sports technology are all woven into the fabric of German society. the country is one that leads while others follow.

Strong Military

Germany has a well organized military for the defense of the motherland. Despite this investiture, the country is not keen on warfare. Nevertheless, the country has the capacity to produce high level military equipment; including tanks, war planes, ships, and weaponry. Germany is a strategic power in Europe; one of the key political and military figures.

Tourism And Popularity

Germany is the ninth most visited country in the world. There are plenty of castles from the medieval period to visit, as well as beaches and caves, and so on. Germany is also one of the most sought after countries in the world among economic migrants; if given the chance, 8 out of every 10 migrants would probably choose to live and work in Germany.



By the old definition; Germany may not qualify as a First World Country. however, the definition has since changed, and now Germany is one of the first of the First World countries; which a stable democracy, thriving economy, high quality of life, good healthcare delivery systems as well as all the conveniences that come with living in a highly developed society.