Is Italy A First World Country?

Italy is not really an economic, political, or military power; it does not make headlines like the UK, USA, Russia, China or France. Italy is an old country located in Western Europe; it has a population of 59.11 million, and a land area of 301,230 km2. Just like any other country, Italy has its own problems, some of which include unemployment, slow economic growth, immigration, and corruption.

Italy is the birthplace of the Mafia which has fascinated people and movie audiences for decades. Nevertheless, Italy is a peaceful country, it does not even pretend to be a major military power. Many therefore want to know exactly where to place Italy;

Is Italy A First World Country?

Many who ask that question do not even know what it means. They do not know the origins of the term “First World,” what it meant at the time of its creation, or what it means today.

“First World” was first used during the Cold War. At that time it was used to describe countries that supported the US and its allies, and such countries were usually positively disposed towards democracy, capitalism, and the free market economics.

In today’s parlance; “First World” means developed countries, with solid democracies, sound economies and high levels of industrialization. The phase is somewhat outdated these days, it is gradually being replaced with friendlier terms like “industrialized countries,” “developed countries,” or “established democracies.”

According to that old definition, Italy would technically be a first world country because it supported the Allies at some point, although it was not actively involved in the war for most part. The support was enough, especially when you consider the fact that the country was recovering from being pummeled by these same allies during World War 2.

By the current definition, however, Italy is a First World country; although there has to be a bit of arguing to prove that point.

Why Italy Is A First World Country

Stable Political System

Italy is a democratic country; it has been so since 1946. Italy has a President, Prime Minister, and two houses constituting parliament. Italy has both right and left wing politics but the electoral system always provides the checks and balances to the excesses of any side of the political spectrum.

Some peculiar things of note in the Italian political system include the Senators For Life; which are the few legislators chosen by the President for outstanding services to the country. Also, the Italian Parliament offers representation to Italian Citizens living abroad.

Good Economy

This is a bit of a tricky point to prove because Italy has suffered from economic shocks same as most other countries of the world, and has seen its economy shrink in recent times. A further problem is that there is some serious inequality in Italy; there is a huge divide between the income of the rich north, and the south.

The unemployment rate stands at 31.7%; which is higher than the Eurozone average.

Despite these economic problems, there are many good things to report about the economy of Italy. The country has a diversified economy which includes Agriculture, Tourism, Transport, Science and Technology, and Energy.

Italy produces the most wine in the world. It is also one of the highest producers of olive oil, olives, hazelnuts, apples, strawberries, pears and oranges.

Italy also produces vegetables, especially tomatoes, which are packaged and sold all over the world.

Other Important Products Of Italy

Italy also produces (and exports) Medical supplies, Refined Petroleum, Valves, Jewelry, Cars, Vehicle Parts, Clothing Items, Cheese, Eye Wear, and other finished products.

Good Healthcare System

Italy exports medical equipment, and other medical supplies- the country has a very good healthcare system. In fact, the Italian healthcare system is rated as one of the best in the world; it is very well organized, and has very good units dedicated to research and development of new ways of practicing medicine.

Furthermore, the country has Universal Healthcare, which means that Italian citizens high and low can receive high quality medical care, because the government has put the necessary structures in place.

Good Quality Of Life

Italians are happy people; they have the best wine, some of the best restaurants, world famous theaters and galleries. Italians also enjoy some of the best quality of food, as well as other products. All the conveniences that come with technology are also present in Italy, and the people enjoy digital entertainment, e commerce, and so on.

The transport system is efficient; commuters enjoy the train system, excellent road network, and the options of traveling by air or water.

A little About The History Of Italy

Italy is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world; the Eternal City of Rome once ruled over the known world. Relics of Roman Civilization are scattered throughout the old world, in much of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The Romans invented the gladiatorial sports which have taken many different forms today.

Roman civilization affects much of our lives today; the democratic practices of a senate and a prime minister or president largely have their roots in ancient Roman society. Roman influences are also found in language; Spanish, French and English have many Latin root words.

Italy today encompasses several microstates, most popular among them being The Vatican which is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church; making it the capital of Christianity. Tourism is therefore an important aspect of Italian life; people come in from all over the world to see Roman Era monuments such as the Coliseum, and the monuments of the Church such as the Cathedrals.


Italy has had its fair share of woes over the years, the most memorable being the financial crisis of 2007-09. Nevertheless, the country has survived, and has re-positioned itself, and has found its way back to glory. Italy once again is one of the most important economies in the world, and one of the largest producers of many important products.

Citizens enjoy lots of freedoms, and live in ease and comfort. Italy is a major target for many people looking to migrate to a country where they can rebuild their lives economically.