Today we will be writing on iPhone XS  and XS max price in Slot, Konga and Jumia Nigeria with the specs. These phones are among the latest phones been released by Apple companies, this phone alongside with other phones in the likes of iPhone XR and XS mac are been launched the very same day and are set to be released fully into the market. We will be writing about the features and specifications of this device. Even though iPhone has been releasing super and amazing different technological gadgets yet the set to be released iPhones devices are superfluous wonderful, in view of some specifications and review made available during the course of lunching at the Steve Job theater event that held on September 12, the full specifications of this device was made known sit back and let us review the phone together.

iPhone XS And XS Max Price In Slot Vs Jumia Nigeria & Konga (Specs)

iPhone XS Specs And Reviews

  • Camera

this device comes with a smart HDR which is a new feature of iPhone that was an updated version of the HDR mode that most users are acquainted with the interface already. With this feature, you can take multiple pictures instantly at different exposure, different shadow levels and at the same time, that is cool, right? Yes, that is the new magic you will notice on these gadgets. Also, it will interest you to know that the software and the chip for the A12 were combined into one photo to achieve a good result. You can also change the depth settings, the blur level of the background.

Also, you will notice an improvement in the bokeh blurred effect of the background in this device even though all these features can only be enabled using the camera slider application.

iPhone XS Max Price In Slot Jumia Nigeria Konga
  • Battery Life

While making the features available, Apple also made mention of the battery been improved on there is about 30 minutes duration in addition to the lifespan of iPhone X even though the actual capacity of the battery was not made known but the only factor made mention of is the improvement in the lifespan of the battery. There was an improvement in the wireless charging of this device also.

Other Features Of iPhone XS And XS Max

Other interesting features of this device included the dual sim card, Gigabit-class LTE and a dual standby technology. Also, this device makes use of the eSIM just the way the iPad made use of and the Apple watch also the essence of this is, you do not need to make use of a physical sim care rather a convertible card. The phone has been developed with a 5.0 Bluetooth and also a wider stereo sound from the inbuilt speakers for recording and video.

This phone was an advancement made to the iPhone X that was released in the year 2017 and of course the new and latest of the iPhone in town. The device is having its feature with a bezel-less screen of 5.8 inches and also at the top a notch. Its retina is a super Retina with a screen that is OLED which measure 5.8 inches has a resolution of 2436 by 1125-pixel resolutions and a 458 pixel per inch density (PPI).

the features of these devices in terms of the digital trend is that the latter has a 6.5 inches super Retina screen which is OLED. There was an increase in the resolution of the latter to about 2,688 by 1,242 pixels which is comparatively of the match with iPhone XS’s PPI density of 458. Also, it is of importance to know that iPhone XS max comes in the new model color of silver, space grey, and gold. The new device is manufactured with an IP68 rating of water resistance. The glass in this device is also a new model with a very high durability in rating.

In terms of the Bionic processors in these devices, even though the two make use of the A12 Bionic processors but there are series of this process, each one of these devices comes with a different series of the processors. In the information made available, Apple said the first device run on a process that was built on the 7-nanometer process which makes it overtake the Huawei Kirin 980 which has been announced by the Huawei company even though the device has not been released. These devices consist of a transistor which is a dizzying 6.9 transistors these simples mean, information that can be a process of this device is about 5 trillion operations in a second which was well built with an internal memory that spans up to 512GB. The A12 used in this device is a 6-core central processing unit which is coupled with a dedicated with a task that has high performance, it is about 15% faster in use and reduces battery or energy consumption with about 40% compared to the previous versions. The left 4 cores are for the efficiency of the phone and less power consumption.

iPhone XS Price In Slot Jumia Nigeria Konga
  • XS And XS Max Cameras

We need to review the camera of the two devices so as to know the one that is best for you.

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max have new cameras. The main six-element lens has a new 12-megapixel, a wide-angle sensor with a f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization, and a 1.4nm pixel size. The second telephoto lens also has 12 megapixels with OIS, a 2x optical zoom, and a f/2.4 aperture. The front camera has a new 7-megapixel RGB sensor with a f/2.2 aperture, plus an IR camera and a structured light transmitter for Face ID and animojis.  For video, the front camera shoots 1080p at 60fps with video stabilization.

Other Phones Released With The iPhone XS

The 3rd on the series that will be coming alongside this phone is the iPhone XR which was to improve on the iPhone SE that was previously released. This device comes with a 6.1-inch LCD screen which is liquid Retina which is the most advanced LCD display that is currently available on stock. This device comes with a resolution of 1792 by 828-pixel resolutions and a PPI of 326 density. There is the exclusion of the 3D touch in this device but there was an alternative that was embedded with it which it called Haptic touch.

This device as eagerly expected by all iPhone lovers and users, the information and what users should expect on these new gadgets was made known to the public at the Apple’s even that held in the year 2018 during the futurist campus in Cupertino that held in California, there have been rumors even before the time of the event about what Apples are cooking in the industry for users to expect, with the rumor lunching of three devices which later turn up to be true.


Conclusion On iPhone XS Max Price In Slot Vs Jumia Nigeria & Konga

We have written on various things you need to know about the iPhone XS, we have also written on various specifications and comparison between the device and other devices Apple is planning to release on the same day also the release and shipping date has been made available. Read through the specifications to know if it meets your requirements and taste before pre-ordering for one.

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