The iPhone XR was launched on 12 of September and released to the larger market on the 23 of October. We will briefly write on the cost and price of this impressive apple mobile design and some key features in this section which makes the device different from the previously released iPhone 8.


Overview Of iPhone XR With Interesting Features.

This phone has a single rear camera which also has an inbuilt simulated bokeh effect.

  • 6.1-inch LCD ‘Liquid Retina’ screen sized between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.
  • This phone is having iPhone X-style notch.
  • This battery was boosted to have more 1.5 hours battery capacity which is longer than that of the iPhone 8 Plus.
  • The phone comes with an inbuilt Facial recognition this does not have a Home button though.
  • Faster Apple A12 7nm SoC.
  • Dual-SIM only in China and for the rest of the world it makes use of eSim.
  • This device comes with IP67 water resistant which makes it stay over a minute in water.
  • The device comes in varying colors which range from white, coral, red, black, yellow, and blue in color.
iPhone XR Price In Slot Jumia Nigeria

Full Specifications Of OF iPhone XR

  • Display
    • Screen    6.1-inch LCD 1792 x 828 – 326PPI
    • Dimensions    150.9mm x 75.7mm x 8.3mm, 194g
  • Camera
    • Front camera    7MP
    • Main camera    12MP, OIS, f/1.8 aperture, Smart HDR
  • CPU
    • OS    iOS 12
    • Processor    Apple A12 Bionic hexa-core 7nm SoC
  • Memory
    • Storage    64GB/128GB/256GB
  • Battery Capacity
    • Battery    1.5 hours more than iPhone 8 Plus
  • Misc
    • Extras    Dual SIM (China only), eSim rest of world
    • Colours    White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Coral, (PRODUCT)RED
    • Wireless Charging    Yes (Qi compatible)
    • Water-resistance    IP 67 – up to 1m for 30 minutes
  • Price    £/$749 64GB, £/$799 128GB, £/$899 256GB

Apple A12 iPhone XR Price In Slot vs Jumia 

this device comes with a technological inbuilt chip which is known as Apple A12 bionic this help boost the battery lifespan of the phone also the image processor signals likewise. This technique is one of the new improvements made to the device which makes it differ from other devices from the manufacturer.

The previous version of the apple bionic was the A11 which has a higher performance core which is always 25% faster and speedy than the A10 bionic fusion and also with equipped high-efficiency cores which were estimated to be around 70% than that of A10 fusion.

What really makes the new A12 bionic differences from the other version is, there are differences in speed to about 30% faster and about 50% efficiency improvement. There are various companies who deal with phone manufacturing that has tried to work on the 7nm process which breaks the distance between the transistors but it is surprising to find this feature in the new iPhone XR.

  • Various Colours

This phone comes in different six various colors which you can choose from any of this option, some of these colors include the red color, the blue the white the black, yellow, and many others these colors looks appealing to eyes and nature-friendly. Even though this is availing in different color there might be bit and a slight difference in price especially the white color iPhone.

  • Inbuilt Fast Charging System

Even though it was announced that this device will be coming will be coming with a fasting charging type c USB charger and charging port, which in charge of 30minutes will give about 50% to the device, rather a market price of about $49 US dollars after the release.

  • Camera

This device is having an inbuilt 12-megapixel camera which has a wide-angle range and also a rear camera which has a f/1.8 aperture, OIS and Smart HDR. Even though it’s only a single lens Apple has included Portrait mode, allowing for bokeh effects. In the past, we’ve only seen this feature on iPhones with a dual camera setup. We’ll need to test the iPhone XR to find out if the bokeh effect is as good as others.

  • Dual-Sim

this is the first series of iPhone that allows the use of dual sim cards but this was only made available for China released models. The other models release in another part of the world has just a sim card slot and an integrated sim card slot which is just meant for some limited carriers.

  • Battery Life

this specific battery capacity of this device is not made available to the public by the manufacturer of this device. But there was some information made available to the public about what to look out for in the battery.

  • Talk time (wireless): Up to 25 hours
  • Video playback (wireless): Up to 16 hours
  • Internet use: Up to 15 hours
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery
  • Audio playback (wireless): Up to 65 hours
  • Fast‑charge capable: Up to 50% charge 30 minutes (requires USB-C charger)
  • Wireless charging (works with Qi chargers)
iPhone XR Price In Jumia Nigeria

Technology is moving faster than anyone can think or expect, the generation of mobile devices that are been launched to the market today are of a highly developed couple with artificial intelligence. Most phone manufacturer in the world always work more on their mobile release so as to meet the demand of every of their users and fans, the case has not been different over time as smartphones from different makers plunge into the technological world with the sole aim of solving different challenges that users face in their day to day use of mobile phones.

With a shocking and blow on the face of every iPhone users and their fans, there will not be iPhone 9 as the series has been trending from iPhone 4 to 8 rather are better sophisticated version of iPhone this phone makers are planning to lunch into the market at large, with an overview of the phone as one of the rocking phones any who is phone freak and gadget lovers will want to have. this device comes with a lot of cool features that it is arguably convincing even to those who never have interest for iPhones, even though the phone is coming out into the market with another cool device from iPhone which will be discussed later but the major focus is on iPhone XR. Sit back as we discuss the features of this in details.


Conclusion On iPhone XR Price In Slot Vs Jumia Nigeria

It is unusual for iPhone to release any version of the phone but all their release always come with a super and dope version that is better in features and specification in their last release. Even though this device will be released with other varieties of devices and model of iPhone devices.

It is important to know these devices comes in two modes, the model with 128GB internal memory and 236GB models, the price varies with the models you are ordering for, as we have rightly written earlier you can start pre-ordering for these devices even as a retailer and the shipping will be done on the 23rd of October, stay updated to enjoy other cool features of the device.

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