How To Get A Job In Dubai From Nigeria

Dubai is a top location for business and commerce. Being a free trade zone; there are lots of establishments in fashion, automobiles, healthcare, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, food, hotels and restaurants, finance, and so on. Knowing how to get a job in Dubai will help one avail himself to the many opportunities in that country.

For the purpose of clarity; Dubai is a thriving oil economy. Businesses and companies from all over the world are present there to take advantage of the abundance of financial resources; bringing their products and services, and creating jobs in large quantities.

For Nigerians; these jobs mean a lot of money because the currency of Dubai is far superior to the Naira. That means a person working as a boutique sales girl in Dubai can earn more than a bank cashier in Nigeria. It is for this reason alone that most people want to travel to Dubai to take up whatever jobs they can find. Here is how.

How To Get A Job In Dubai From Nigeria

Interestingly there are several job agents who specialize in taking workers from Nigeria to Dubai. It must be stated that most of these jobs are low quality jobs such as sales agents, domestic helps, and so on. Regardless of the types of jobs the pay is quite good, and the conditions of service are regulated by the government so there is no need to worry about ill treatment by the employers.

It is the responsibility of every person to find good job agents because there is no way to ascertain a person’s intentions. Perhaps you have family and friends who have been working in Dubai for some time, then you can reach out to them to direct you to a good work agent in Dubai who can find employment for you and then help with processing the documents needed for travel.

If you come into contact with a job agent by chance; it is necessary to be very careful because some job agents are fraudulent, and have been known to run away with people’s money after promising to give them jobs overseas.

However, that is not the only way to get into Dubai and to find a job. Some of it can be done online.

Search Online

There are many reputable job websites, some of which have very good resources that they have built with companies all over the world. Many top employers regularly come to these job resources to look for employable people to fill positions in their establishments. They sort people according to their skills and qualifications, and match them with positions that happen to be open in these companies.

Some of the job resources are actually based in Dubai; while others are multinational in nature, and they operate in many countries. As mentioned above; many top companies in the world have a presence in Dubai which means that they are also looking for workers in Dubai just like every other employer.

Some of the websites include:

These are not the only job sites that can offer jobs in Dubai; however the above job sites have built the reputation which imposes confidence in them; they have been consistently providing the jobs, not only for Nigerians, but for most of Sub Saharan Africa; and some parts of Asia including Philippines, India, Pakistan, and so on.

You have to signup to these websites, and then give them the details of your skills, qualifications, and the type of jobs you are looking for.

The websites will match you with a job offer from a company looking for someone with your skill-set. After the notification, you have to do a bit of a background check on the company so as to know what they do, the scale of the company, and whether the job offer is genuine or not.

After you have assured yourself that this is a kind of employer you want to work for; you can then go ahead and accept the offer. Of course you can negotiate the pay, or other aspects of the job offer so as to meet your terms. Otherwise you can just accept the offer, and then after proving yourself to them, you can demand more money.

Travel Documents

Travel Documents will be taken care of by the employer; they will request at the immigration office that entry documents be prepared for you. This visa is usually for the period of 2 years, after which it can be renewed.

The visa application documents also come a long with an application fee, which will be paid by the employer, and then the documents sent to you in Nigeria via courier.

Health Screening

Health Screening is another important part of the process of getting a job in Dubai; you have to undergo tests for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis C. When you test negative for the above then you can embark on the journey, although there is still a pre employment health screening which has to be done at a government hospital in Dubai.

It is a good idea to ensure that you have a clean bill of health before even considering getting a job in Dubai, because this is something that can stop one from working in that country.

Securing A Passport

Normally this should not be a problem, but due to the high number of passport applications from Nigerians looking to find work opportunities abroad, the passport office is not able to keep up with the passport applications. Passport applications have been known to be delayed for up to 6 months. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply for the passport, several months before even starting the process of job hunting.

Some people get desperate after landing job offers, and then they go about paying very high amounts for the passports to be done quickly. Sometimes, even with this high amounts they have paid, they still do not get the passports.



In order to get a job in Dubai one has to reach out to job agents and online resources who specialize in linking prospective workers to prospective employers. The work visa should be obtained from Dubai; the employer will be responsible for the application, and for the fees involved.

You will be responsible for ensuring that you are healthy because health is a major factor in deciding who is allowed to work in the country.