The steps to borrow airtime from Glo are not tedious or brain cracking. Whenever you are stranded for airtime, just follow the simple step shown below and if you are eligible, you’ll be credited with the amount you requested in a jiffy.


  • Step 1: Create a 4-digit PIN.

The first process is to create a 4-digit pin. Dial *321# on your Glo sim to create a 4-digit PIN of your choice For example 1234

  • Step 2: Code to Borrow Airtime from Glo

Dial *321*pin*amount#.e.g. *321*4321*200# to borrow airtime from Glo;

Note: it is important to note that you can only borrow airtime if you constantly recharge your Glo Sim frequently.

Also, you need to note that when borrowing airtime

  • You need to constantly recharge to be eligible for borrowing airtime.
  • You receive 10% less the amount you borrow airtime as a service charge, i.e. if you borrow N100 you get N90.
  • The amount you borrowed will be deducted the next time you recharge your Glo sim.
  • The airtime you borrow has an expiry date. If you borrow a less amount, the shorter the expiry date.
  • You can’t use borrowed airtime to subscribe for data.

So what then are you waiting for? Give it a trial immediately.

Still On How To Borrow Airtime From Glo And Pay Back Later

Owning a phone without airtime is like buying a car without filling in gas or fuel. Airtime is the voice unit a phone user purchase to grant access to communicate with other users within the same telecommunication company or others. Without airtime, there is no way to put a call through or buy data bundles for surfing the internet. Simply put, without airtime, there is no means of putting a call through to friends and family and vice versa. This shows the importance of airtime to every phone user be a business person, student, artisan and so on.

The purchase of airtime is another source of income for a telecommunication company, Globacom inclusive. The more customers or subscribers buy airtime to make calls or browse the internet the money they generate.

How To Borrow Airtime From Glo

Have you tried making a call and the next voice you hear says: sorry! You do not have sufficient airtime for the destination you are calling… annoying and embarrassing isn’t it? Well, it happens and it’s part of the hustle.

So, you’ve exhausted the airtime you purchased from an airtime seller or directly from your bank account and there’s no cashback to fall back on and not enough money in your bank card to purchase another. Though it doesn’t sound nice, don’t worry, there’s a solution.GLO have a means for you to borrow airtime and refund later.

GLO users or customers are expected to create a security measure for themselves before they can borrow airtime from the Globacom network.

  • Glo Borrow Me Credit Code Service

Globacom Borrow Me Credit Service is a service that allows eligible and qualified (customers that are active and recharge their lines regularly) customers to make a request to borrow airtime (popularly called credit) when their airtime is exhausted, or are out of airtime.

  • Eligibility for the Glo Borrow Credit Me Service

Globacom borrows my service is not for everybody. To be eligible for this service, you need to have been a loyal and consistent customer or subscriber on theGlobacom network for a minimum of 3 months and have a good usage history.

  • How do I apply for the service?

You may want to know how to apply for this service, all you need to do borrow credit from Globacom Borrow Me Credit is by dialing the simple USSD code *321#. After sending this code, you will be enabled to opt into the service. Afterward, you will be required to create a 4-digit PIN  to have a secured transaction.

  • Strategic business units   

Glo Mobile

Glo Mobile is a subsidiary of Globacom Limited. It is the Mobile Network Unit of the company. Globacom had one million subscribers in over 87 towns in Nigeria and over 120 billion Naira in revenues generated In the first year of operation. Presently, Glo Mobile has now spread outside the shores of Nigeria to other African countries, particularly Benin, Cote d’ Ivoire, and Ghana.

  • Glo Gateway

Glo Gateway is another subsidiary of Globacom Limited. It oversees GLO’s International Wholesale Voice and Data Exchange Trading Business Unit. The expansion program that took place in 2008 has alkowedGlo Gateway to cover 140 countries under its roaming services, adding to its countries of coverage, and currently, it is connected to 235 networks. The same year 2008, Glo experienced growth in data roaming for mobile phones, BlackBerry handsets, and laptops which has currently spread across 72 networks in 29 countries. This singular step now gives GLO Africa’s telecommunication largest roaming coverage for voice and data network. Not relenting in their efforts to expand their scope of operation,  Glo Gateway just recently acquired a license to operate in Côte d’Ivoire.

  • Broadband access   

This is another service introduced as a part of GLO’s service, Glo Broad Access is a bid to improve their network by the laying of the fiber optic cable for the metro ring, it is progressing steadily. The essence of initiating the Glo Broad Access is to offer the users of landline telephones, broadband internet, and video, all on a single digital wireline.

Globacom is one of the telecommunications giants in Nigeria and is spreading its tentacles to other African countries. Globacom Limited (referred to as “GLO”) is a multinational telecommunications company in Nigeria having its headquarter located in Lagos. The giant multinational telecommunications company is privately owned. Globacom started its operations on 29th August 2003. Presently, it operates in four different countries in West Africa, namely Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin, and Côte d’Ivoire. The company has employed more than 2,500 people worldwide as of June 2009.

It was estimated as of April 2016 that, Glo has over 34 million Glo subscribers out of which 26 million are mainly internet subscribers and it is a 100 percent Nigerian owned established company.

In 2011, GLO is the first telecommunication company to build an estimated worth of $800 million high-capacity fiber-optic cable known as Glo-1. It is a submarine cableway from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

The following are Glo range(known as tariff plan} of products; Glo mobile, Glo Broad Access, Glo Gateway, and Glo-1 coverage.


Conclusion On How To Borrow Airtime From Glo And Pay Back Later

Many users of Globacom network would attest to the fact that they have been inconvenienced when their airtime was exhausted in e and middles of conversation. Therefore, In a bid to satisfy her customers and expand her scope of services, Globacom introduced the new Globacom borrow me credit service so as to make it easy for her customers and subscribers to quickly recharge when one is stranded or out of cash to buy airtime. This is another strategy to attract more customers to their network and expand to another region. Many subscribers have found the Glo Borrow Me Credit code to be helpful and handy. So, ensure you use it whenever you find yourself in a tight situation that may want to embarrass you or cause you to lose that contract.

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