Some of the reasons you would be needing Gwarinpa postal codes include filling a form that required your zip code or you are intending to receive a parcel or you want to send a letter to the place. If you desire to send a message to your relatives in Gwarinpa local government area of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria? And you are here in search of Gwarinpa Postal code of this area named above? Perhaps your answer is yes, that is to say, you are on the right path.  There are two ways of getting in touch with your loved ones. One of it is through your mobile phones and the other one is postal messaging. These are the two different ways you can be connected with your loved one but mind you, their means of transmission is different. so, in this write-up, we will be writing on Gwarinpa Postal Code.


  • Names of street postal codes in Gwarinpa are as follows:
  • What Is The Meaning Of The Word “Postal Code”

The postal code is a set of letters or numbers used as part of a postal address to aid the sorting of the mail. The Gwarinpa postal code comprises six digit numbers which are (900108). so in we have listed Gwarinpa State Postal Code in the above section of the write-up

Gwarinpa Postal Code
  • Mobile Call and Postal Messaging

There is nothing on earth that has an advantage and no disadvantage. Therefore, the two methods mentioned above have their advantages and disadvantages. When we talk of mobile call, it allows us to have frank voice contact with our loved ones. It is fast and easy, although it also has challenges on the issue of finance as it cost more than postal messaging. Postal messaging is cheap but it takes up to 3 to 5 days before the message is delivered to the receiver.

  • What Does the Word Zip Codes Mean?

Zip code is a system in the United State of America to facilitate the delivery of the mail, it consists of a five to nine-digit code printed directly after the address. The first five digits indicate the state and the post office or postal zone, the last four expanded code the box section or number, portion of a rural route, building, or the other specific delivery location. The Gwarinpa State Postal Code is also the same as the postal code which is 900108.

  • Who Is Responsible For The Postal Code Generation?

The United State of America postal services is responsible for the provision of this unique numbers for all countries to serve as a means in which individuals can get connected with their relatives through this code. These unique numbers are known as the postal code. Furthermore, the codes were developed for each country in order to avoid the mixed up of messages and to also avoid misplacement of the messages either in transmission process or during the delivery process.

Nigeria was not exempt during this process of postal code generation and for this case, there is a postal code designed for Nigeria. All states within the specific country have their various postal codes even though that of the country must reflect there. And again this variation continues to the district level as well as the local government having their own postal codes just like the district too. Towns or street within the district also take up the postal codes of the district in which they are located. This means they are the same.

Things to Know About Gwarinpa Postal Code

The Gwarinpa district is one of the districts located in Abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria and it is located in the Phase 3 development plan of Abuja. The Gwarinpa Housing Estate is the biggest Housing Estate in West Africa.

Gwarinpa is about 15minute drive to the Central Business District, which is one of the districts in Abuja. Gwarinpa is actually a residential area, there is humanity serving businesses like banks and eateries which are coming up there recently in the area. The business is located on this road which is the first, second and third avenue. And again there is another residential area which is known as the Life-camp. In this street named above, the construction companies have their staff quarters which most of the workers live.

The place can be entered through Murtala Mohammed expressway (Kubwa, Suleja, and Kaduna) or from Ahmadu Bello way through Wuse. Though this road you can enter Gwarinpa. And also the distance between Abuja airport is about 20km. Do you know that the Housing Estate has another smaller estate? If no then that means you are to read ahead, the large land mass of Gwarinpa Housing Estate accommodated them. These estates are the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing Estate, the War College Estate, the FHA, Abuja Model and many more. In the Housing Estate, a house cost up to two million to four billion this is to say that this said area is a developed area and most of the buildings there are very expensive. Its a paradise-like area like all other districts in Abuja. Gwarinpa is a well-equipped area with the up-to-date technology. However, I say “kudos” to the Environmental Agency that they are so hard working to make sure they make Gwarinpa a very clean area among others. Although there is still some district that is very nice also, in fact, the government has agreed to bring up this area. that is all we have to write on Gwarinpa Postal Code/Zip Code.


Conclusion On Gwarinpa Postal Code Zip Code

Postal codes have helped us to make life a better place by allowing communication between people. However, unlike the mobile phone call which seems to be expensive, the postal code looks cheap and easy. With these postal codes, sending a message to your relatives in a faraway place has been made so easy and possible to access even though it might take hours to days to deliver. At least, it is better than the high cost of the mobile phone method.

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