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GT Bank (Guaranty Trust Bank) is an incorporated limited bank dedicated to our banking services, it tends to be one of the most rated and respected banks in Nigeria if not in Africa today that has won many awards and has entered the history book of Nigeria, for a fast-growing or developing bank of its kind, it as at today now has many branches all over Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Dear readers, ride along with us as we unravel the puzzles in your minds concerning the history of this bank of highly esteemed value, Guaranty Trust Bank plc popularly know as GTBank


Guaranty Trust Bank plc popularly known as GT bank was founded and also incorporated as a limited liability company with a valid license for banking services and commercials for public Nigerian banking in the year 1990 by the two joint efforts of Mr. Tayo Aderinoku and Mr. Fola Adeola, However, Guaranty Trust Bank commenced operation in the year 1991 in the month of February to be precise, a year after it was incorporated as a limited liability company for banking services and commercials.

For a fast growing and developing bank as it could be, it earned the right to be named a publicly quoted company in Nigeria in the year 1996. Driving back to the year 2002 February to be precise, Guaranty Trust Bank earned the right to become a universal banking company and was granted a valid license for that, more also the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) appointed them to be a settlement bank dedicated for service in Nigeria in the year 2003.

Gtbank History
  • Guaranty Trust Bank’s Achievements

Guaranty Trust Bank plc being a viral and strong Incorporated Company as it could be, won the president’s merit award for the Nigerian stock exchange in that same year, and more also as determined as the bank could be it won that same Merit Award in the later years of 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 making it a very strong and service focused bank to have won the Award in numerous times.

Being a focused bank that knows where it is heading to and having a goal to pursue, Guaranty Trust Bank plc, in developing strength undertook its second share offer in the year 2004 and was able to realise over 11 Billion naira from Nigerian Investors successfully,in which their aim and goal was to enlarge their coast in Nigeria and more over Africa as a whole to expand their operating scheme and banking services Nationwide and more also as brave as it could be wanting to compete with other financial institutions around the globe worldwide.

GT bank (Guaranty Trust Bank plc) as at today has been granted a universal banking license, which subsequently means that they are free to have their branches throughout the whole world, they are as much as free to operate wherever they choose to operate in the world, they are well respected and are always welcomed anywhere around the globe, they have a good standard of banking services and customs which are highly appreciated by the people or customers banking with them, they are known for their reliable, trusted and Guaranteed mode of banking system.

As this development continued for this viral and service focused bank which made them progressive in banking services, they were able to meet up with the minimum capital for banks requirement of 25 Billion naira that was set up by the Central Bank of Nigeria in the year 2005 to strengthen and enhance Nigerian Banks as a regulating body for other Banks in Nigeria, enforcing laws for others to follow.

Guaranty Trust Bank plc, as at the year 2005, embarked on a strong developing decision to go actively into retail banking services being a major rebrand exercise which made the Bank grow more in developed offering of services to customers which is a big expansion they had no choice but to pursue, and as they can have it, it was a perfect decision for them to make and has helped to improve their banking scheme. later on in the year 2007, the Bank earned its place in the History books, being the First ever Nigerian incorporated financial institute to take in a 350 million US Dollars regulation as a Eurobond issue and also another 750 million US Dollars for Global Depository Receipts offer(GDR). following the Global Depository Receipts list on the London stock exchange in July that same year 2007, earned the Bank(Guaranty Trust Bank) the first position of the Nigerian companies and African Bank as a whole because their incorporated company name reflected on the main market of London stock exchange list.

Guaranty Trust Bank plc as at late 2009, December to be precise, successfully achieved a goal which was an offer of 13.165 Billion Naira fixed rate (unsecured and Non-convertible Bonds) that was due in the year 2014 (Series I), which was the first tranche under GTBank’s 200 Billion Naira Debt Issuance scheme. keeping up with agility and fast-growing strength, in the month of May, year 2011,Guaranty Trust Bank launched successfully a 500 million US Dollar Bond which was the first non-sovereign bond offer from sub-Saharan Africa which is outside South Africa to the international community, this highly reputable offer which was bond to mature in the year 2016 went a long way in showing the international finance community’s trust in the Guarantee Trust Bank’s Brands.

Still on a fast developing track, Guaranty Trust Bank plc, in the year 2013 issued a 400 million US dollar Euro bond at 6% rate which is the least gotten by a Nigerian company in the international capital market, the Euro bond which was issued that same year under a Global Medium Term Note Program of about 2 million US Dollars is registered under the regulations of the United States of America and also the Rule 144A of the United Kingdom official regulations was sold to investors across the African, Asian, American and European continents.

In respect to their fast development, they have started a mobile banking service which enables all their customers and moreover save them the strength of walking down to the bank to Bank conveniently at the comfort of their home, with the creation of USSD codes and Mobile Applications all for banking purposes.

Still on GTBank History

  • Guaranty Trust Bank Branches

Guaranty Trust Bank plc in a viral spirit of growth ever since it was founded in the early ’90s have successfully achieved the goal of having branches all over Africa and soon all over the World, they also in strength and sense of business and development classified their base into branches and subsidiaries. Grantee Trust Bank plc as at now in Nigeria have Two hundred and thirty-one Branches (231), seventeen (17) cash centers, eighteen (18) E-branches, forty-one (41) Guaranty Trust Bank Express locations and over one thousand one hundred and sixty-six (1,166) ATMs all in Nigeria. following up their decision to enlarge their coast, they have so far extended far across Africa to countries like Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Kenya all in the Ecological Zone.

  • Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Founders

Giving kudos to the two genius founders of this great incorporated company in Nigeria, these two sensed something big was coming and decided to implant this bank in Nigeria and now spreading wide all over the world. Their names are Mr. Fola Adeola and Mr. Tayo Aderinoku, they, with a joint effort found a great and iconic company, duly licensed and registered, the award-winning company – Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.


Conclusion On GTBank History

Guaranty Trust Bank plc Popularly Known as GTBank had a very interesting history, they kicked off in such an astonishing manner and now growing bigger and wider across the globe. In respect to their focused service manner, developing growth and a stable viral activity, they would keep growing in strength of service until they occupy the world and make it an easy banking world.  

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