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In accordance with the (GPI) Global Peace Index 2017 ranking provided by the Institute of Economics and Peace, we have collated the names of Top 20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World (2018). The GPI statistics compare the relative peace levels of 163 global countries.



Meanwhile, the peace level of each country is determined based on various models –about 22 models among which are a partnership in UN peacekeeping mission, the absence of conflicts, diplomatic relations with nearby countries, crime rate and so on.
Also noteworthy is that a country’s level of peacefulness is determined by its GPI score. If a country maintains a low GPI score, this means it has a high level of peacefulness. On the other hand, countries with higher GPI scores are considered less peaceful. Finally, we present you the list of Top 20 Most Peaceful Countries in the World for 2018.


{Based on the last GPI ranking}

  • 1. Iceland

    • GPI Score: 1.111

In line with the 2017 statistics contained in Global Peace Index ranking, Iceland is the world’s most peaceful country and it maintains this unrivaled stance with the GPI score of 1.111. Iceland is made peaceful by gender equality and high concentration on democracy. Besides that, Iceland gives room for peace to reign through its low incidence of imprisonment. Across the globe, natives of Iceland are considered some of the well-informed people.

With the literacy rate of 99%, Iceland is also considered one of the most educated countries in the world. Icelanders are given free education and this contributes to the country’s high level of book publication as well as immense literacy rate.

Through the principle of gender equality practiced in Iceland, Vigdis Innbogadottir became the country’s President as well as the first female President in Europe. Hence, Iceland is the first European nation to have a female President.


  • 2. New Zealand

    • GPI Score: 1.241

With the GPI score of 1.241, New Zealand is the second most peaceful country in the world. In New Zealand, the police are devoted to maintaining peace and order. Moreover, the country maintains a rigid and autonomous judiciary system. Moreover, New Zealanders are peaceful people and this gives the country a low incidence of imprisonment.

New Zealand is favored by an impressive level of social progress as well as an excellent education system. Likewise, the country maintains an advanced health system which in turn reduces the death rate. New Zealand is well known for its polite diplomatic relationships with neighboring countries. This makes it a peaceful country to associate with and even live in.

  • 3. Portugal

    • 1.258

For the current year (2017), Portugal is associated with the GPI score of 1.258 making it the third most peaceful country in the world. Portugal has advanced beyond its previous ranking and this advancement contributes massively to the pace at which the country maintains peace and order. As largely observed, Portugal currently experiences a high reduction in external conflicts. The people of Portugal show friendliness and there has been a favorable decrease in the rate of homicides. All this, together with other factors, makes Portugal one of the peaceful countries to live in.

Domestically, the Portuguese terrain is made peaceful with the presence of much internal security personnel as well as police members.

  • 4. Austria

    • 1.265

For 2017, Austria has the GPI score of 1.265 and this makes it one of the most peaceful countries to live in. In Europe, Austria is obviously one of the countries which adopt rigid recycling laws and perfect sanitary measures. Significantly, this European country is made peaceful with the reduction in homicide and crime rates.

Apart from being one of the most peaceful global places, Austria maintains a wealthy status through its favorable GDP per capita. Meanwhile, Austria advances beyond this level with the help of its significant standard of living.

  • 5. Denmark

    • 1.337

Denmark is a Nordic terrain regarded as one of the happiest nations to live in. Denmark is made safe and conducive to living through an advanced standard of living, improved health sector, and high literacy rate. Based on the GPI statistics for 2017, Denmark maintains the GPI score of 1.337.

Furthermore, Denmark has a low rate of internal conflicts as a result of the country’s principle of gender equality. Meanwhile, this principle gives room for Danish women to participate in various sectors and claim their political, social and economic rights.
Although there is a high level of taxation, the Danish government makes up for this by promising to empower the citizens with free education and medical care.

  • 6. The Czech Republic

    • GPI: 1.360

The Czech Republic is one of the landlocked countries on the European continent. The country covers a small land area bordered by other European nations such as Poland, Slovakia, and Germany. With the GPI score of 1.360, Czech Republic is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world for 2017.

The Czech Republic is best known for its excellent tourist attractions. Obviously, this makes tourism the most contributive industry in the country. In the Czech Republic, there are reliable and effective emergency services aimed at safeguarding the lives of foreigners. Interestingly, this makes the Czech capital –Prague –one of the most visited European cities.

  • 7. Slovenia

    • GPI: 1.364

With the GPI score of 1.364, Slovenia takes the seventh position among the most peaceful countries in the world for 2017. Slovenia is another European country most cherished for its soothing and pleasant atmosphere. The Slovenian government has zero tolerance for criminal activities and this is just why Slovenia maintains a low crime rate.

The citizens of Slovenia are lovely and peaceful people to relate with. Apart from this, foreigners are regarded with pleasure and this makes Slovenia one of the best European countries for tourism.

  • 8. Canada

    • GPI: 1.371

According to the Globa Peace Index Ranking statistics for 2017, Canada is associated with the GPI score of 1.371. In point of fact, Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world. Canada deserves this prestige because its government provides total security to protect the welfare of Canadians. In addition to this, Canada maintains excellent college education and this makes it one of the countries with the best education systems in the world.

Based on the report generated by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada claims 7.6 out of the life satisfaction score of 10. Undoubtedly, this signifies that the country experiences low levels of homicides and other criminal activities. Besides being a peaceful place to live in, Canada welcomes foreigners and empowers them with employment opportunities. Due to this, the country has just 6.6% unemployment rate.

  • 9. Switzerland

    • GPI: 1.373

For 2017, Switzerland has the GPI score of 1.373 and this makes it the ninth most peaceful country in the world. Switzerland is greatly admired for its serene atmosphere as well as its sumptuous and health-giving food. Switzerland is one of the best countries foreigners would love to visit. Meanwhile, this stems from the fact that the Swiss government provides proper healthcare system and sophisticated education system. With all this, the Swiss people have a million reasons to reach lofty standards of development.

In Switzerland, the rate of taxation is low in proportion to the country’s high remuneration system. With this remuneration system, Swiss employees are paid beautiful sums of money as salaries.

  • 10. Japan

    • GPI: 1.408

For 2017, Japan has the Global Peace Index Ranking score of 1.408 making it the tenth most peaceful country in the world. In terms of technology and even education, Japan is one of the most advanced countries globally. Meanwhile, the country experiences decrement in homicide and other violent activities simply because the Japanese government is committed to its policy of maintaining peace and order. In Japan, there isn’t any provision for professional military force and despite this, the country maintains absolute domestic security with the help of its defense force. At the international level, Japan does well by maintaining peaceful and friendly diplomatic relations with the neighbouring nations.

  • 11. Ireland

    • GPI: 1.408

Based on the GPI statistics released in 2017, Ireland is associated with the GPI score of 1.408, making it the tenth most peaceful global country –a position it shares with Japan. Alternatively regarded as the Republic of Ireland, Ireland is an island situated in the north-western region of Europe. The population of Ireland is estimated around 4.75 million people and in land area, the country is bordered by Northern Ireland.

In 1949, Ireland was announced to have attained a republican status. Based on the statistics contained in Legatum Prosperity Index for 2015, Ireland claimed the tenth spot among the world’s most prosperous nations. Also in the aspect of GDP per capita, the Republic of Ireland claims a position among the 25 richest countries in the world. The Irish government adopts strict security measures and ensures the military sector is vibrant in its peace-keeping mission both internally and externally. This makes Ireland one of the most peaceful nations to live in.

  • 12. Australia

    • GPI 1.425

Australia is a sovereign nation and the only country on the Australian continent. For 2017, Australia –a country that covers various islands –has the Global Peace Index ranking score of 1.425. Sydney is the largest Australian city while Canberra is the national capital. In its south-eastern region, Australia shares borders with New Zealand. Around the north-eastern region, Australia is bordered by Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. Likewise in the north, it shares borders with the trio of East Timor, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
Australia’s GDP (in terms of PPP) for 2017 is estimated around $1.24 trillion, making it one of the richest countries in the world. Besides, the country experiences low crime rates and cases of homicides are very rare.

  • 13. Bhutan

    • GPI: 1.474

As per GPI statistics for 2017, Bhutan has the GPI score of 1.474. Bhutan is a South Asian country and one of the landlocked territories on the continent. In its southern region, Bhutan shares borders with the Indian state of Assam. Around the eastern region, Bhutan is bordered by the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Around the west, the country shares borders with the Tibetan region of Chumbi Valley and the Indian state of Sikkim. China is another neighboring country through the Tibet Autonomous Region which shares borders with the northern region of Bhutan.

Bhutan is one of the least populous countries and its tranquil atmosphere is free from high rates of criminal activities such as murder. Besides, Bhutan keeps peaceful international relations with many European countries, making it one of the best places for foreigners to live in.

  • 14. Norway

    • GPI: 1.486

2017 GPI statistics show that Norway has the GPI score of 1.486, making it the 14th most peaceful country in the world. The current Norwegian population is estimated at 5,267,146. In terms of GDP (PPP), the country has a total of $377.1 billion.
Norway is a sovereign European nation that shares borders with other European countries such as Denmark, Russia, Finland and Sweden. Norway is also a peaceful country that keeps diplomatic relations with U.S.A and the European Union. The Norwegian government adopts a comprehensive policy to provide security for Norwegians and ensure their welfare is protected. This contributes to the low level of criminal activities in the country.

  • 15. Hungary

    • 1.494

Hungary is a republican country located in the central region of Europe. In land mass, Hungary occupies about 93,030 square kilometers and its neigbouring countries are Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia. In line with the Global Peace Index 2017 ranking statistics, Hungary has the GPI score of 1.494.
Hungary maintains formal ties with the European Union while Budapest –a large urban area –serves as its national capital. Hungarians experience favourable standards of living alongside improved security system. Meanwhile, this keeps the country at a fair pace with decrement in homicide and crime rates.

  • 16. Germany

    • GPI: 1.5

In line with 2017 GPI statistics, Germany has the GPI score of 1.5. Germany is a European country with a federal system of government. Within the European Union, Germany is the member state with the highest population and this is due to its massive number of 82 million inhabitants. Berlin is the largest metropolitan area as well as the national capital of Germany.

Germany is a peaceful country to live in and this is mainly observed from the country’s policy of universal healthcare alongside advanced social security. Besides, the German government empowers the people with free tertiary education.

  • 17. Finland

    • GPI: 1.515

As regards the Global Peace Index 2017 Ranking statistics, Finland is associated with the GPI score of 1.515. Finland is a sovereign European state and as a Nordic country, its territory is within the geographical boundaries of Fennoscandia. Finland shares borders with some other European countries such as Estonia, Russia, Norway, and Sweden.
Finland is a peace-keeping nation with low rates of homicides and other violent activities. Likewise, the country is a member state of various global organizations such as NATO Partnership for Peace, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the Eurozone, the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and the European Union.

  • 18. Sweden

    • GPI: 1.516

For 2017, Sweden has the Global Peace Index raking score of 1.516. Sweden is one of the European countries of Scandinavian descent. It shares borders with several other European countries such as Denmark, Finland, and Norway. As regards land mass, Sweden is the third largest member state of the European Union. Although Sweden experienced severe tensions (particularly during the Cold War) in the past, it is currently one of the crime-free countries with membership in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), the World Trade Organization, the Council of Europe, the Nordic Council, the United Nations and the European Union.

  • 19. Belgium

    • GPI: 1,525

For 2017, Belgium has the GPI score of 1.525. Belgium is one of the sovereign European states. It shares land borders with some other European countries such as Luxembourg, France, Germany and the Netherlands. With Brussels being the national capital, Belgium is a developed nation and co-founder of various global organizations such as WTO, OECD, NATO, the Eurozone, and the European Union. This influential global presence gives it a sophisticated social security system aimed at lessening the incidence of crime, homicide, internal conflicts and external tensions.


That’s all on Global Peace Index 2018 Ranking / Top 20 Most Peaceful Countries In The World.



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