In the recent history of Africa, many people have been asking the same question over and over again, what are the lasting effects Of imperialism in African countries? For those who are opportune to cross the shore of their country to take a tour to any Africa Countries or who live in any of the African countries, they are always posed with the same question over and over again, Are there any clear Effects Of Imperialism in these countries or all that is read are mere ear-say. All the positive and negative effects of imperialism in African nations will be discussed in detail in this write-up.

Before we discuss fully, the question before is what is Imperialism, in our broader terms here, we can see imperialism as the act in which a strong nation or a nation with more power or any world power country are exacting much authority on less strong countries or are the major and key players of the such country they wished to exact authority on. Africa as a nation has witnessed an imperial government from the British masters and has serially caused many effects in that term they serve in the nation.

The British government has exercised various infringement and excess power on the people of Africa and other nations this has caused a lot of things that currently some of the nations are yet to recover from while some is still holding the development of countries in this continent

Effects Of Imperialism In Africa – Positives & Negatives

As we have earlier discussed, the effects this act which is Imperialism may be having in Africa are in two dimensions, it has both positive and negative effects which we will be writing on majorly in the next paragraph of this article.

Negative Effects Of Imperialism In Africa

  • Human Abuse

Before we receive the invited visitors to the border of Africa, there was little or no record of abuse of human right, there is nothing like an infringement on fundamental principles and law that human has. But since the imperialist came on board all over the border of Africa all because the Africans are seen as people with high power, efficiency and hardworking set of people, the masters decided to authorise their power over these people and colonized them to be used as slaves, house helps and many other inhuman acts.

Some of these people were used as a scapegoat for a demonstration of practices in place of the laboratory rights, some of the ladies were molested and raped, and some of the agile men were sent some difficult tasks that ordinary humans should not do.

Men and women were trained in a way that makes them look cruel and have no mercy and any form of pity for creatures any longer which is still one of the prevalent issues and menaces that are battling the war of Africa. Some forms of the act that affects humans were done and Africans copied this from the master today still in circulation and it is making development slow inshore of Africa.

Men and women were used as slaves, and gross abuse was meted out to Africans who are adamant and refused the actions and activities of most of the white men, some were executed, some were banished and some were killed horribly.

  • Lost of traditional monuments and figures

Some of the traditional act works of African founding fathers were carted away, and some of the creative works of ages and century were moved to the headquarter of the Imperialist for their goods. Many of the ancients artefacts were stolen, some were taken by crafty and selfish methods, some Africans were deceived to exchange their inheritance which some are their traditional gods and some are the gifts from their father, some wild and ancient figures that have been coming from generations, but were all carted away by the Imperialist.

Also, they were robbed of their intellectual properties, their able men who are vast and brilliant were taken and used by the master who came to colonize Africans then.

  • Economic impact

In the economic aspect likewise, the hands of the master were seen all over the world as the economic resources of Africans were carted away, and their funds and resources were diverted to other nations for their emolument.

Their trade was tampered with, their system of commerce was touched, their market was diversified, and they were shifted from being a farmer to been focused on petroleum.

  • Political impact and Affiliation

The African system of government was changed from their traditional way of ruling themselves to a democratic way. From all strata, all of their systems were converted to suit the purpose of the white men. Their affairs were no longer in the custody of the national affairs. They relegate the power conferred on their traditional rulers and see the whites as lords over everything and all over the African territory.

African nations were not contacted for any decision-making that will affect the generations to come in the continent; they were sidelined in the affairs of the decision.

  • Acculturation

The traditional culture of Africans has washed away, the way of greeting, their way of dressing, food and many other heritage cultures were bastardized by the presence of these white men.

Positive Impacts Of Imperialist In Nigeria

It is also evident that some positive impacts were seen and are still evident in existence even today and Africans can country benefit from the decision of the imperialist. These achievements will still affect the developments that will come in the future of Africans. So we will be writing on these after the other.

  • Educational development

Before the coming of white men, the educational system of African countries is bad there are none of it in place. But the coming of these white men give rooms for missionaries to tour the land of Africa and begin to institutionalize education, many are taught how to read and write, some are taught some professional course like Medicine, and some were sent to European nations to study and further their studies all of these enhance the development of education in the shore of Africa.

  • Infrastructural Development

Also, in terms of infrastructural development, the white men took giants steps In setting up some for Africans, some of the hospitals built then are still in existence, and some of the roads and railways that were constructed are still much in existence and serving as the bedrock of development for Africans.

Modern facilities are a result of mimicking the colonizer masters’ development. Amenities like electricity, road, and petroleum resources were first the work of the imperialist.

  • Government system

The method and mode of governance also were one of the impacts of the colonizers, they change and give Africans a better way of ruling the subjects which as far as Africans are still concerned remained one of the best systems and one positive impact the white have for Africans.

Many burning issues were handled diplomatically as a result of the method of governance of the white

  • Economy practices

Also in terms of economy, the imperialist contributed well to the African economic development, their economy was diversified, and their attention was shifted from just agriculture only to the exploitation of natural resources.

More theories were applied to the African economy, import and export were introduced and some practices were enhanced that boomed Africa’s income and GDP.

  • Social Development

The social life of Africans was boosted, some new games, activities and recreation centres were created, and existing ones were improved on and made life looks like London even inside Africa, one of these are the thing that is traced to the hands of the white who colonize Africans.



It is not a disputable fact that imperialism has much influence on Africans both positively and negatively aspect, we have fully analyzed the way white men have affected Africans from the two perspectives.

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