Easiest Citizenship By Marriage In Europe

Citizenship by marriage is a concept that is designed to enable people from different nationalities live together happily as a couple in the country or society of their choice. However, this concept is not evenly accepted across the world; some countries take it as a social burden, working to ensure that their citizens enjoy marital bliss with whoever they want, regardless of where he or she comes from.

The countries with the easiest citizenship by marriage in Europe can therefore be described as those who place a higher priority on the happiness of their citizens; enabling them settle with their spouses so as to enjoy all the privileges that come with being citizens of said countries.

Easiest Citizenship By Marriage In Europe

1. Spain

Most sources agree that Spain is the easiest country in the European Union to give citizenship by marriage. In Spain you only have to be married to a citizen for one year and living in the country with your spouse, and have records showing that you have paid your taxes. The only thing to note is that Spain does not allow dual nationality; therefore you will have to first renounce your first nationality before becoming a Spaniard.

This is a dream come true considering how beautiful Spanish women are. Plus, the weather is very calm, the people are very friendly, and the beaches are some of the best in the world.

One can also gain citizenship by passing through the residence by real estate investment program. However, nothing beats being married to a beautiful Spanish woman, enjoying her love and affection, and in the end becoming a citizen of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

2. Portugal

Portugal is another country that welcomes people from across the world as long as they meet the criteria. Portugal grants people with citizenship after being married to their citizens for the period of three years in which one would have been living in the country and paying taxes. As a matter of fact you do not even need to be married to a citizen, you just need to be in a relationship with one.

Portugal also has a popular residency by investment program in which one has to invest in real estate, after which he will be granted a residency. After living in the country for 6 years one is then eligible to apply for citizenship.

3. Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country with very beautiful people. The weather, the culture, and the society are very agreeable, and if you have a business or a startup, this is probably too good to miss because the economy is quite good, and the population is certainly good enough to support any business.

In Brazil you can be granted citizenship after marriage, and living in the country for the period of one year. If you have a child or adopt one with your partner, then it is a lot better. However, the stipulation is that it has to be “uninterrupted residence,” and that stipulation may not be good for people whose business involves travelling a lot.

There is also a residency by investment program which can also lead to citizenship although you have to be living in the country for the period of four years.

4. Mexico

Please disregard the distortion you are being fed by Hollywood; Mexico is actually a beautiful country with beautiful people, warm weather, and plenty of economic opportunities. Many people are actually moving to Mexico to start a new life, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by marrying a Mexican citizen, after which one would need to live with spouse for the period of two years.

5. Ireland

For such a rich country Ireland is one of the easiest citizenship by marriage places in Europe. Ireland offers citizenship after 3 years of being married to an Irish citizen, and of course living with said spouse in the country. The case is greatly helped when there is a child involved.

Even people in civil relationships who have been living together for the same 3 years are also included in the deal; they are given the same rights as married people.

6. Poland

Poland is also quite lenient when it comes to citizenship by marriage; the country allows those who are married to Polish citizens to be assimilated into the country after three years of marriage. The stipulation is that one has to have been living in the country for the period of two years.

The same is not afforded to civil relationships because Poland is a lot more conservative and upholds tradition. One also has to undergo an interview in which he must show that he speaks the language and understands the culture.

Poland is a wonderful country. Full of culture, and festivities, this is a great place to live and to enjoy life.

7. Ukraine

Ukraine is a very beautiful country with a rich and colorful culture. Ukraine may not be the top choice when it comes to immigration right now, but after a short time one can expect that the country will bounce back, and become all that it once was.

Ukraine offers citizenship by marriage to foreign nationals who have been married to Ukrainian citizens for the period of of two years, and living with them in the country for the same period.  

8. Serbia

Most people don’t know much about Serbia because it is in eastern Europe, and speaks a different language from what they are used to. Nevertheless this is a beautiful country with a great culture. Plus the economy is quite good, and there are plenty of opportunities for investment.

Interestingly, this country is quite simple when it comes to granting citizenship by marriage. If one has been married to a Serbian for three years, and has been living in the country for said period, he is eligible for citizenship, although the cost is that you have to renounce any prior citizenship.

9. Switzerland

Citizenship by marriage is not the simplest thing in Switzerland; but it certainly worth the effort. Here you have to be married and living together in Switzerland for five years; and then you need to pass an interview showing that you have learnt a bit of the culture, and that you have mastered the language.

Its not really difficult if one puts in the effort, and there are so many advantages of having a Swiss Passport.



This article does not encourage anyone to manipulate the processes of naturalization into any country or society. It must be stated that marrying a person solely for the purpose of obtaining a citizenship is an act of insensitivity, and breach of trust. Love must come first in all marital engagements; not whatever a person stands to gain.