15 Countries That Grant Citizenship By Marriage (2023)

There are a few countries that grant citizenship by marriage despite the obvious risks associated with the practice. As a matter of fact most western countries offer some sort of advantage to people who have married their citizens so that family union is possible, and people who have married foreign nationals can live together as families.

Of course it takes the hope of some gain for a person to live his family and culture behind so as to embrace another country. The motive is often economic, as well as the chance to live in developed societies where human rights are upheld.

On the other hand, the host countries also benefit from the skills and productivity of the immigrants. These are some of the countries where one may find such prospects.

15 Countries That Grant Citizenship By Marriage

1. Brazil

Brazil has been quietly receiving the suitable people from all over the world who are able to contribute to the economy. The country has a good but not too publicized residency by investment program in which one can live in Brazil provided one has some money to invest in the country. After four years of “uninterrupted residence” in Brazil, one can apply for naturalization.

The process is much faster when you have someone to marry; after just one year of uninterrupted residence in the country. Your case is helped if there is a child involved; giving birth or adopting a child is a very good idea.

2. Israel

Israel is a great nation; one that has so much to offer. Marrying a Jewish girl, even if she does not live in Israel has its perks; under the Law of Return your wife has the right to return to Israel and to take up residency in the country, and she will be doing so with her spouse.

However, marrying an Israeli citizen is a quick way to get permission to live in the country. The taxation is somewhat more than what most people are used to, but as a second passport, Israeli citizenship can do much to help a businessman.

3. Spain

Spain can give one citizenship after only one year of living in the country and paying taxes, after marriage to a Spanish citizen. Aside from this, there is also a thriving residence by investment real estate program which once could take advantage of.

As for the naturalization by residence; it could take ten years of continuous residence in the country. Therefore citizenship by marriage is the obvious choice.

4. Portugal

Portugal is one country with a highly publicized residency by investment program, although it would take 6 years of living in the country to get a passport. On the other hand, the matter is a lot simpler if you get married to a Portuguese national, in which case you would only need 3 years to get a passport. In fact you just need to be in a relationship with one, and to live together.

5. Mexico

Mexico will give one a passport (signifying citizenship) after just two years of marriage with a Mexican citizen. However, you need to be living with that spouse for the period mentioned. It does not even matter the gender; the country recognizes all kinds of marriage.

Mexico’s passport is a well recognized one; and there are many advantages of living in this country, which is why many people are moving there.

6. Ireland

Ireland offers citizenship after 3 years of residency when you marry a citizen of the country. The deal is even extended to those who are in civil relationships. This is one of the best countries in the world in terms of economy, and so it comes as no surprise that there people lining up to take advantage of this possibility so to live in Ireland.

7. Poland

Poland allows those with a Polish spouse to become citizens of the country after three years of marriage, as long as there the person has had two years of uninterrupted residence in Poland. You have to legally married, not just living together, and there is an interview in which you will demonstrate that you speak the language and understand the culture.

8. Colombia

Colombia has two sets of rules; those for citizens of fellow Latin American countries, and citizens from other places. If you come from another Latin country, the citizenship is obtainable after being married to a citizen for the period of a year. If you are from any other country you would probably have to wait for five years.

After passing the citizenship test you still have to do an interview in which you have to demonstrate that you understand the language, and that you are familiar with the culture.

Otherwise you can participate in the citizenship by investment program. Colombia is a very beautiful country, living there offers so many different benefits.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is a great country with a very great society and very vibrant economy. Hence it comes as no surprise that it takes five years of marriage to a Swiss citizen to be eligible to apply for Swiss citizenship. If you are successful you get to see why the Swiss passport is one of the most sought after passports in the world.

10. Belize

Belize is a holiday country; tourism is its biggest industry. This country is very beautiful and if you consider the fact that there are many rich people living there, it is quite a rich country. However, Belize doesn’t make it difficult for people to visit or live there; in fact there are several residency programs in that country, including the popular one for retirees.

However, if you get married to a citizen of Belize, you can apply for naturalization after just one year living in the country.

11. Serbia

Serbia is a lovely country in Europe with a long and charming history. The country has many beautiful sites and locations, and while you can get a citizenship after marrying a Serbian for three years, you will also need to maintain permanent residence, and renounce any other citizenship formerly had.

12. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an African country but it’s an island of exceptional beauty. The country has a great tourism industry, and there are very good economic opportunities. This is one of the easiest countries to get a second passport; Immediately after marriage one can get citizenship without having to wait.

Other countries that grant citizenship by marriage include:

13  Ukraine

14  Malta

15  Germany



From this list of countries that offer citizenship by marriage it is clear that among other avenues via which one may acquire a second passport, marriage remains one of the easiest and least expensive ways to achieve this. However, because it may result in emotional damage, and may allow people who may turn out to be problematic into the countries, many governments are taking steps to make this more difficult.