DSTV Customer Care Number In Abuja, Contact Address & What U Need To Know About Them – Dstv is one popular name known widely in Nigeria, as it has penetrated deeply into the hearts of many of us. In fact, it is right to say that many grew up with Dstv, and it has become a big part of their lives. 

Digital Satellite Television, fondly called Dstv, belongs to MultiChoice Nigeria. Actually, the firm is a subsidiary of MultiChoice Africa – which is a South African company.

The company can proudly call themselves the first Cable TV owner in this country, and they have been able to appropriately consolidate on it. It is agreed that they are currently leading the pack as far as Nigeria is concerned. In fact, despite all critics and all other things, the company continue to position itself in such a way where it must be patronized. They are the first coy to bring about pay television service in the country. Although it was established in the year 1993, it was the following year that they began to operate (so, you can imagine how long they have been around). 

DSTV Customer Care Number In Abuja

Therefore, it is not a surprise that many Nigerians are owners of at least one Dstv decoder. 

Now, if you are having issues with yours, you don’t need to fret at all. You should know that no system is perfect, and so, issues will likely come once in a while. And with such knowledge, the company has ensured they erect customer care centers in different parts of the country. And good news, they have a presence in Abuja also! 

Since you are likely to be a resident of Abuja, whenever there are issues with your Dstv, you can simply call their call center! Yes, we will drop their contact here. In fact, if you desire, you can simply go to their office address in Abuja to make known your complaints. And yes, you will also see the address below! 

DSTV Customer Care Number In Abuja

Here is the address of Dstv Office in Abuja where anyone can get first-hand information about their services:

  • Dstv Office in Abuja Branch
  • Plot 1548 Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Beside NEMA,
  • Adjacent Transcop Hilton, Maitama
  • DSTV Customer Care Number In Abuja: 0803 900 3788

To speak with a customer care agent, simply call this phone number:  0803 900 3788

Dstv Customer Care Office In Abuja Working Hours

You should know that the office isn’t open for business 24 hours. This means, you can’t just go there anything you like, so it won’t be that you will go there when they are not opened. Therefore, it is necessary to know beforehand how they operate, so you won’t waste your time. 

  1. On Mondays: The office is usually open for business from 8 am in the morning, and they will be done for the day when it’s 7:30 pm in the night. 
  2. On Tuesdays: Every Tuesdays, Dstv customer care office in Abuja is open for business from 8 am in the morning to 7:30 pm in the night. 
  3. On Wednesdays: You can go to their office for whatever it is you desire to settle, from 8 am to 7:30 pm on Wednesdays. 
  4. On Thursdays: Dstv customer care office in Abuja is open for business on Thursdays from 8 am to 7:30 pm
  5. On Fridays: You can patronize the office every Friday from 8 am in the morning to 7:30 pm in the night. 
  6. On Saturdays: Every Saturday, despite being a weekend, they are open for business from 9 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. 
  7. On Sundays: On Sundays, the office operates just for five hours, which is between 12 noon to 5 pm in the evening. 

Other Things You Should Know About Dstv In General 

There are various interesting things that can be said about the company and there exploits in the African market. Here are some things that should be of interest to you:

  1. There are over 11 million subscribers enjoying Dstv contents from various parts of the continent. While Nigeria is a big market for the company, they also have a presence in other African countries like Ghana, Angola, Malawi, Ethiopia, Gabon, Swaziland, Tanzania.
  2. The company has evolved through the years, and it is one of the things that keep helping them not only to remain in business but to continue dominating the market in various African markets. For instance, they now offer a mobile app (which is known as DStv Now for mobile and tablet devices). It is now easy for parents to control what their children watch, and everyone can enjoy recorded content and video-on-demand services.
  3. Currently, the air over 200 TV and audio/radio stations. It should be noted that a number of stations are not uniform in all countries (that is to say, due to various factors, some countries can enjoy more channels than others). We should also note that there are 6 bouquets and they are not same. The more money a customer is willing to pay, the more they will be able to gain access to more channels. 
  4. South Africa, where the company is headquartered, is one of its major markets. For instance, some months before now, it was made known that in the country alone, the company can boast of having 7 million subscribers in South Africa. We should note that as far back as 2013 when it was recorded that there were around six million subscribing in the continent as a whole, the company already boast of up to 4 million from South Africa alone. 
  5. The DStv EasyView is the service’s basic package. With it, people can watch free-to-air channels from the likes of e.tv. However, there are a lot of well-known channels that won’t be seen, except there is an upgrade by the subscriber. 
  6. Coming behind the Dstv EasyView is the DStv Access. This is a mild upgrade to the basic one, even though it isn’t too expensive, subscribers can enjoy channels like 
    1. a – TNT
    2. b – M-Net Movies Zone
    3. – eMovies 
    4. – RealTime CBS Reality 
    5. – TLC 
    6. – Cartoon Network 
    7. – Disney Junior, as well as various other religion and sports stations 
  7. There is also the DStv Family. This one was made with the family at heart, and it came with various stations meant to serve the need of families. Then, the popular DStv Compact trails behind. Actually, this is regarded as the most popular of the pack due to various factors (particularly since it is in the mid-range category). Also, subscribers can enjoy things from channels like Mzansi Magic, BET, MTV, as well as watch football from various countries. For lovers of WWE wrestling, this is for them too. Additionally, subscribers get to enjoy JOOX music streaming.
  8. After the Dstv Compact comes the DStv Compact Plus. This one contains various channels that can’t be found in its predecessor (including Comedy Central with 1Magic). It should also be added that subscribers to this can also have access to JOOX and some other channels) 
  9. Then, there is the DStv Premium (a very high category). Apart from enjoying stations from other options, Dstv Premium subscribers get to access things meant for only them, including the likes of newly released movies. Also, it should be added that they are entitled to access to JOOX, as well as video-on-demand service Showmax.
  10. The company has its set-top boxes made by Altech UEC, along with Arris International. They have been in charge for several years now, and it appears things won’t be changing anytime soon. It should also be noted that the choice of boxes comes with a standard box with “XtraView” capabilities. Not only this, but there is also an older personal video recorder. There used to be Drifta – that has been stopped. With it, people convert contents to digital devices such as a laptop and a smartphone. 

That’s all about DSTV Customer Care Number In Abuja and their Contact Address.


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