These are the top paid and free digital marketing training in Lagos – You must have heard about the latest trend ‘Digital Marketing’, many people have been talking about it, maybe your friends or even people around you. We are in a digital world, gone are the days when things were quite difficult for us, now everything has been made easy, things are now being found online through the help of search engines. This article will cover everything you need to know about Digital marketing, if you really want to know about Digital Marketing then I advise you to grab a cold drink and read along.

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services using technologies and this is done mainly on the internet. Digital marketing can be done from the comfort of your homes by you just learning the skill, the use of your mobile phones or even your laptop can be used. There are several strategic methods which you can use in advertising or even selling your products, with the current use of social media which has been made available for everyone, you can sell your products to reach a wider audience.

Below we would list out companies and agencies that give top digital marketing training in Lagos, arranged in no special order.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Training In Lagos 2020 Best

  • Ads & Webb

Ads & Webb is a company that is located in Lagos state, they specialize in the digital marketing program, consultation, social media engagement, website design, training, and lots more.

Ads & Webb was established in the year 2009 and their vision is to make sure that companies and brands meet up their required target and audience. Ads & Webb also offer training programs to those who are willing to go into the world of digital marketing; they are located at 122A Obadina Street, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja Lagos and contact them through their website at ads & webb –

  • Haelsoft Digital Marketing Training

This is one of the most popular and the best digital marketing agency in Lagos and it’s taking the top spot. Haelsoft has been around for quite some time and they have built a name which will forever remain in the hearts of many. Haelsoft has been around for quite some time now, they offer several training programs to students who are willing to venture into the world of digital marketing, training like; Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics Training, Youtube Video Marketing and many more.

Haelsoft has worked with small and big brands in ensuring their products, sales, and customers go viral. You can visit their website at Haelsoft Digital Training Lagos and they are located at No 15, Oyebola Street Ogudu Lagos State Nigeria.

  • Digital Marketing Skill Institute

This institute has been majorly established and offers free digital marketing training in Lagos state. It is located at 72b Surulere way Lagos state Nigeria. This institute is known to have trained many individuals in the world of digital marketing, they also have many programs which they have carried out for the benefit of those who want to go into different areas of digital marketing.

Digital marketing as you know is a large course or even a skill, there are several ways which are attached to it, not all training centres offer all of them, so you can also specialize in what you do, but this institute is dedicated and ready to offer you all programs which are associated with it. You can visit their website Digital Marketing Skill. –

  • Wild Fusion Digital Centre

If you are located in the city of Lagos and you have not heard about wild fusion then you must have not been paying attention online. Wild fusion is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Lagos state that offers individuals the opportunity to learn or even earn skills in digital marketing.

Wild Fusion has made it easy for everyone as they offer lots of programs that will earn you a good certificate that you can add to your CV when submitting for a job application or when telling a brand where you learned your skill from. This digital training centre is located at 276b Corporation, Dr. Dolphine Estate Lagos state Nigeria, you can contact them or even visit their website for more information at Wild fusion digital centre –

  • Lagos Digital Marketing Training

This is one of the biggest digital marketing training centre in Lagos and the best, they offer various related digital and online marketing courses at affordable rates. They have been getting positive reviews over the years about the way they handle their students, the lectures and so much more.

The digital marketing training centre has made a mark online with their various works and achievements like website creation, online marketing, and a host of others. You can contact them through their website at, they are located at 7b Molade Okoya Street, Adeniyi Jones Avenue Ikeja.

  • Netpreneur Digital Marketing Training

This digital marketing training is one of the best in Lagos state, they offer lots of courses that are available to individuals, they are lots of individuals who have benefitted from this program.  Netpreneur has taught many individuals about digital marketing, they have made them be independent among their peers.

You can visit their website at and they are located at 7 Razak Balogun Street, Surulere.

  • Giga Lagos Digital

This digital agency is located at 43B, Emina Crescent, off Toyin Street, Opebi Lagos. This digital marketing training offers lots of courses like website design, consultation, online marketing and so much more. This program has been able to build up lots of people in different aspects of life and made them entrepreneurs in various fields. Website –

  • CK Digital Academy

This Academy is one of the best in Lagos state, they have been offering digital training for quite some time now, they have raised students from small to big entrepreneurs. This training academy is located at 1 Towobola St, Somolu. You can visit their website at  You can learn various skills from there like website design at an affordable price.

  • Kings Elite Digital Academy

The King’s elite academy is one of the best digital academies in Lagos, they offer various services to people in different areas and they work in several companies. They have been able to create an academy that has helped individuals to make a change and an awareness in their life. You can visit their website at, they are located at 165 Akowonjo Road, Egbeda, Lagos State.

  • Youtube, Lynda, Udemy etc.

Yeah, I know this is not located in Lagos or a particular place but online, on the internet accessible to anybody anywhere. So if you don’t have the cash to spend on any agencies. Online is the place to go to get free digital marketing training in Lagos (smile), there are tons of easy to learn tutorial videos on Youtube, or paid on Lynda.

In conclusion, there are lots of digital marketing training agencies in Lagos, you can contact any of them and attend their programs and grab a skill.

Still On Digital Marketing Training In Lagos

Digital marketers are also known as influencers, these people have a good online profile and reputation and they engage their audience with good information, these people also create an audience which trusts them and also buy from them. Digital marketing has changed the way brands and companies run their advertisement, digital marketing has been made known since the year 2000 but it’s now taking effect just from 2015 till present, many brands and companies employ good digital marketers to help them sell their products or services online to individuals who are willing to buy or patronize.

Being a good digital marketer is your ability to convince people online or to create a powerful kind of advertisement that will draw attention to you. I know you must be wondering why is there a need to employ a digital marketer when you can sell these products yourself, take a look at this.

Having a digital marketer in your team makes selling your product or even your brand easier, there are several ways digital marketers use in advertising your contents even when there are two same products in the market, a digital marketer duty is to make sure that his/her own products sell more than the other by using several strategies to attract customers. Doing digital marketing is like a full-time job or role you play in the company, there are so many people that would want to be a digital marketer but they do not know how to go about it if you reside in Lagos state and you would love to be part of a digital marketing training program then this article is for you


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