Champions League Top 10 Assists 2018/2019 Season – Too much noise has been made over time about the top scorers, not only in the Champions League but in the world of football as a whole. But top scorers are not magicians, and so they cannot manufacture goals all by themselves.

This article gives the well-deserved spotlight to the hardworking and selfless players who do the dirty jobs, before playing in their teammates to score. Here we give you the Top Ten Assists in the Champions League for the 2018/2019 Season. Enjoy.

Champions League Top Assists 2018/2019 Season Top 10

 Rank No.   Player   Assists   Club
 1  Jordi Alba  5  Barcelona
 1.  Kylian Mbappe  5  Paris Saint Germain
 1.  Leroy Sane  5  Manchester City
 4.  Kevin De Bruyne  4  Manchester City
 4.  Memphis Depay  4  Olympique Lyon
 4.  Riyad Mahrez  4  Manchester City
 4.  Dusan Tadic  4  Ajax Amsterdam
 8.  Allex Telles  3  FC Porto
 8.  Houssen Aouar  3  Olympique Lyon
 8.  Leonardo Bonucci  3  Juventus

Players With Champions League Top Assists 2018/2019 Season

  • 1. Jordi Alba

    • Barcelona
    • 5 Assists

No surprises here. This left side menace has proved himself time and again on the big stage, including the Champions League. No doubt, when you have giants like Suarez and legendary Messi playing with you, you tend to rack up the assists. Jordi Alba currently has 5, but you can expect him to get more before the end of the campaign.

  • 1. Kylian Mbappe

    • Paris Saint Germain
    • 5 Assists

I am still bemused and disappointed as to how his team squandered a 2 goal advantage and got dumped out of the Champions League by an underperforming Manchester United. If you have ever seen this lightning-quick superstar in action you will see that he does not deserve to get kicked out of the Champions League so early. On his day he can single-handedly win games for his team, leaving defenders behind with his speed and precise touches. This guy has so much to offer, but can he reach his full potential at Paris Saint Germain? That is a topic for another day.

Champions League Top Assists Season
  • 1. Leroy Sane

    • Manchester City
    • 5 Assists

This German Machine loves to operate from the left side of attack where he dribbles defenders mercilessly, turning them left and right like people doing Igbo traditional dance, before shooting or squaring the ball for his teammates to score. This guy is talented, and his confidence is growing. I expect him to do even better as time goes on. Although his team was bundled out of the competition by local rivals Tottenham, their position on the English league table guarantees their appearance in the Champions League next season.

  • 4. Kevin De Bruyne

    • Manchester City
    • 4 Assists

What words should we use to describe Kevin De Bruyne? How about ‘the Complete Player?’ De Bruyne has the vision to spot his teammates runs, and the ability to locate them with pinpoint accurate passes and through balls. He has the pace to bring the ball from defense into the opponent’s danger area in the blink (or two blinks )of an eye. On the ball, Kevin de Bruyne does not mind taking on any overzealous player who brings his head too close. Manchester City plays with more confidence when he is on the field. His ball-winning skills are good enough to deny his opponents any time and confidence on the ball. No doubt, this World Cup Bronze Medalist is a Super Star.

  • 4. Memphis Depay

    • Olympique Lyon
    • 4 Assists

The Netherlands has been producing great players since forever, and he has the potential to become great like many before him who have pulled on the orange shirt. Memphis Depay has the ball skills to keep any defense busy throughout any game, and he has the desire to prove himself worthy of reckon among the top players in Europe. He is the key man for Lyon, and no doubt they will miss him in the event of his unavoidable departure from the club because it does not look like he can attain his full potential at Olympic Lyon. Let us expect more from this hardworking and talented player next season.

  • 4. Riyad Mahrez

    • Manchester City
    • 4 Assists

This Algerian playmaker’s story is that of Grass to Grace. A few seasons ago he was playing at Leicester City who came from the lower rings of English football to win the Premier League. Since he made the switch to Manchester City he has been rolling with the big boys, getting his name in the prestigious list of players with the highest number of assists in the Champions League.
He is skillful on the ball, and is good enough to give any defense nightmares even in broad daylight. He is versatile and quite comfortable on the right side, or middle of the midfield where entertains with creative touches, as he dribbles past confused opponents who try to get the ball from him. His pace fits seamlessly with the style of Manchester City as he can turn defense into attack before the opponents even know what is going on. We will see more of him in the Champions League next season.

  • 4. Dusan Tadic

    • Ajax Amsterdam
    • 4 Assists

Where do we start when talking about this Serbian International? He is very technically gifted. This guy is quick and strong, with or without the ball. He is good with those quick short passes that frustrate opponents and make them play like schoolchildren no matter how experienced they may be. But that is not what impresses this writer. What impresses me is his attitude. Dusan Tadic is very confident with the ball, and will happily dribble past any defenders who want a taste of his abilities. He is a number 10 on merit and has proven his quality without any doubt with stellar performances against Real Madrid, Juventus, and Tottenham.
I fully expect a bidding war for his services, and one does not know whether that is a good thing or not. There seems to be a very good spirit around Ajax Amsterdam, and if they can keep their players and continue with this mentality, then there is nothing they cannot achieve.

  • 8. Alex Telles

    • Fc Porto
    • 3 Assists

Even from his position as a left-back, Alex Telles has his name on this prestigious list. He is quick and very skillful. His intelligence and work rate make him a threat to play against. We hope to see from this exciting Brazilian.

  • 8. Houssen Aouar

    • Olympique Lyon
    • 3 Assists

This exciting midfielder loves to play in his teammates with well-weighted passes in key areas. He has a good work rate and is quite good on the ball. Given time, he can improve his game immensely.

  • 8. Leonardo Bonucci

    • Juventus
    • 3 Assists

We don’t see many Center Backs in this kind of lists, but we have Leonardo Bonucci of Italy and Juventus playing intelligently not only in his end of the field, but in his opponents half as well. He is a veteran, and a class act at that.

The list of players with 3 assists in the Champions League so far this season is quite long, and as such, neither time nor space will permit us to highlight them all. But the list is below, and it’s quite interesting.

  • Angel di Maria – Paris Saint Germain- 3 Assists
  • Christian Erickson – Tottenham Hotspurs- 3 Assists
  • Antoine Grezmann-Athletico Madrid – 3 Assists
  • Achraf Hakimi – Borussia Dortmund – 3 Assists
  • Ismaily- Shakhtar Donetsk – 3 Assists
  • Joao Cancello- Juventus- 3 Assists
  • Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich – 3 Assists
  • Marco Marin – Crvena Zvezda- 3 Assists
  • Lionel Messi – Barcelona -3 Assists
  • Lorrenzo Pellegrini As Roma- 3 Assists
  • Luis Suarez – Barcelona -3 Assists
  • Hakim Ziyech- Ajax Amsterdam – 3 Assists


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