So what is a ShopRite? ShopRite is the biggest supermarket franchise chain in Nigeria. Beyond that, ShopRite represents the power of the South African Rand, and the commitment as well as business savvy of the South African business community.

ShopRite has become the Walmart of Africa, successfully building a supermarket business that has come to stand in the fore, as the flagship of African multinational businesses spanning several African countries. Shoprite does not just exist in several African countries, it thrives!

ShopRite first opened shop in Nigeria in 2005, and they had a clear vision of how to conduct business in the country. They envisioned a high quality-to-price ratio and a quality customer service, this was something that Nigeria had not seen in a long time, and so Shoprite has quickly won over the hearts of thousands of Nigerians who still troop there on a daily basis.

Just look at the kind of success that they have had in Nigeria. Shoprite continues to spring up all over the country at a pace that makes it look like if there is no ShopRite in a particular region then that region is missing out, and lacking development. In this post, we are looking at the biggest Shoprite’s in Nigeria. Join us to explore this together.

Biggest ShopRite In Nigeria

  • ShopRite in Novare Lekki Mall

Coming in at number one in our list is the Shoprite in Lekki, which is also called the Novare Lekki Mall.  As it stands right now, this is the largest Shoprite in Nigeria. Interestingly, though this is not the first Shoprite location in Nigeria, in fact, it is the seventh location of the supermarket chain in the country. According to the claims of the Shoprite owners, this particular location is not only the largest one in the country of Nigeria but also the largest location in the entire West African region as well. The edifice is grand indeed. It houses the biggest Shoprite in Nigeria and stands out as the largest mall in Lagos. It also comes with almost a thousand parking spots because they are fully prepared for the big crowds. The Novare Lekki is 22,000 square meters in size.

  • ShopRite Ibadan

Number 2 on our list of biggest Shoprite in Nigeria is the one at Ibadan. Ibadan has always been a major city in Nigeria in terms of age, size, and population so it should not be a surprise that this famous city comes in at number 2.  Shoprite opened this mall in late 2014, and it was not the first one in the city, but became the second outlet in the ancient city. The local population eagerly trooped to the first one, and so it made business sense to open another one to accommodate the people of one of the largest cities in Nigeria.

The total area of the Ibadan Mall stands at 19,000 square meters. While the Mall (the whole building) is smaller than the one in Kano, the Shoprite itself (which we are interested in)  takes up more space than the former. The store in Ibadan Shoprite has a territory of 4,700 square meters, making up one-fourth of the entire structure. This outlet once held the title of the biggest Shoprite in Nigeria- a position it held for two years before losing the number one spot to the one in Lekki. It has been a major economic boost to the region, adding about four hundred jobs to the local population.

  • Shoprite in Ado Bayero Mall, Kano

The number 3 position on our list goes to the store located in Kano. This is another ancient city, with a population that a truly ancient city should boast of. This ShopRite location was opened in 2014, and its opening marked Shoprite’s landing in northern Nigeria. The choice of Kano was obviously made for its population, as people mean business, and Shoprite is all about the business. They went into the North and wowed the people with the brand new Ado Bayero Mall, a monumental edifice of commerce-oriented architecture that took 3 years and a total of 110 Million Dollars to build.

The total territory of the Mall stands at 24,100 square meters, while Shoprite (which we are interested in) takes up the most space out all stores. This Shoprite shows what a single business presence can do for a city, no matter how long the economy has suffered.

Other impressive Shoprite shopping malls in Nigeria are as follows:

  • Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki

Palms Shopping Mall, in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. This one stands on about 19,520m² and was opened in 2005, making it the premier Shoprite location in Nigeria. The building also plays hosts to other notable establishments such as  Game, Hub Media, and also Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. Landlords to the property are Persianas Group.

  • Delta City Mall

Next, is the Delta City Mall located in Effurun, which is in Delta. It has a total area of 13,980 m² and was completed in 2015. This edifice also hosts other businesses aside from Shoprite, and they are Mr. Price and Jet. Landlords to the building are Resilient Africa.

  • Benin City Mall

We also have the Benin City Mall, which is located in the ancient city of (perhaps Nigeria’s oldest city) Benin city, which is in Edo state, and which sits on a total area of  13,300 m². It is yet to be commissioned as at press time. We understand that it will only house  Shoprite and that the Landlords are Resilient Africa.

  • Onitsha Mall

There is also the Onitsha Mall, in the ancient city of Onitsha, in Anambra, in South-Eastern Nigeria. It sits on a total area of 12,100 m² and was opened in the year 2016. It houses  Shoprite, Mr. Price, and Woolworths. The landlords of the property are the African Capital Alliance.

  • Palms Mall, Ilorin

Then we come to the Palms Mall, located in Ilorin, which is in Kwara state. It sits on a total area of 12,000 m² and was opened in 2012. This edifice houses  Shoprite, and Hub Media. Landlords to the property are Persianas Group.

  • Abia Mall

We also have the Abia Mall, in Umuahia, Abia state. It sits on a total area of 11,000 m². The tenants are Shoprite, and the landlords are Abia Mall Retail Company.

  • Festival Mall

Lastly, we have the Festival Mall, which is in the city of Lagos and has a total area of 10,900 m². It was opened in 2015 and houses Shoprite and Hub Media. The Landlords are  UAC Property.


Not satisfied with a little success, they continue to present new locations for the people to do their shopping while diversifying the products that they stock. It’s no wonder that by 2017 Shoprite was already the leading food retailer in Nigeria.

Perhaps it is the novelty that still attracts Nigerians to these mega stores that are springing up left right and center, we can infer this because most of the visitors to ShopRite are young people who go there for sightseeing experiences, and also as part of their dating routine. ShopRite stores are more than just stores, they are monuments, they are a special kind of social infrastructure that gives us a place to meet, take photos together, and share beautiful memories together, all in a beautiful and spacious environment.

Many Nigerians think that Shoprite is a way by which South Africans come into their country and dominate the market. What they fail to know is that in many cases Shoprite is just a name that carries an idea. The franchise agreement sees significant Nigerian investment, particularly in building the malls which house the Shoprite businesses. This is evidenced by the fact that ShopRite rarely takes up entire buildings, but rather just take up a part of it. We must also consider the fact that they add jobs to the local population and so better the economy.


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