Although there are scores of high-quality and excellent airlines across African countries, it isn’t a surprise that South African Airlines has frequently dominated the list of top African airlines. Meanwhile, South African Airlines might be criticized for its cases of the financial crisis (usually bankruptcy). Despite this, the air-transport company has continually bounced back to business through the financial assistance from the South African government. { Top 10 Best Airlines in Africa }

In this post, we’re providing you the list of airlines which have constantly offered passengers with the most awesome flight experiences. South African Airways maintains its high-profile spot on the list as we explore the names of the best African airlines in the details below:


Best African Airlines

1. South African Airways

South African Airways, a Gauteng-located airline, carries out its flight operations on a global basis. The South African prominent airline –which also serves as the country’s national flag carrier – conveys passengers across 38 destinations with direct operations from regions including Sydney, New York, Beijing, Sao Paolo, Dubai, and London.

2. Air Seychelles

Some years back, Air Seychelles only concentrated on fostering its Africa-bound operations. With the airline now concentrating on extending its services to regions outside Africa, its flight operations now convey passengers to Manchester (in England) and Madrid (in Spain). The airline operates towards these two destinations all the way from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Following its investment partnership with Etihad, Air Seychelles has now created an avenue for its passengers to experience flight travels across the globe through its Abu Dhabi links.

3. Air Mauritius

Through its beneficial relationship with the national government, British Airways, and Air France, Air Mauritius has achieved a great feat as it flies passengers to various destinations via its 12-craft fleet.
For a period of ten years, the airline has remained the continuous winner of the World Travel Awards.


Kulula has continually dominated its usual spot as its operations cover major South African routes on a moderate basis. The airline maintains its domestic services using Lanseria International Airport and OR Tambo International Airport as its headquarters.

5. Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is special for being the African carrier with the highest number of destinations. In this regard, the Addis Ababa-based airline operates globally across 82 destinations with its fleet of crafts ranked among the largest African fleets.

6. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways, an airline owned by the pair of Kenyan government and KLM, is committed to expanding its operations through the addition of 24 more destinations. Meanwhile, the airline wishes to achieve this by 2021 in order to maintain its leading spot across Sub Sahara.

7. TAAG Angola Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines is a Luanda-based airline under the ownership of the national government in Angola. Its flight operations extend across regions in Angola with a fleet consisting of Boeing crafts only.

8. Mango

Mango –a cheap airline under the ownership of South African state government –is affiliated to South African Airways and was established in 2006. The airline is headquartered in OR Tambo International Airport and it flies passengers within South Africa on scheduled budget services.

Egypt Air – Among The Best Airlines In Africa

9. Egyptair

This airline controls one of Africa’s greatest fleet of crafts and it is considered as the largest air-transport provider in Africa. Egyptair is managed and operated in form of a privately-owned corporation despite being under the ownership of the Egyptian government. With regard to this management, the airline is seemingly a corporation not financially reinforced by the Egyptian government as its flight operations extend to Eastern and European regions.

10. Air Austral

As this airline specializes in scheduled operations across a number of destinations in southern Africa, it uses France-located Roland Garrot Airport as its main base. Apart from its flight services from Reunion to metropolitan France, Air Australia –a French airline –also flies passengers to other destinations including the Indian Ocean, India and Thailand.

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