Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Philadelphia (2023)

The city is not nearly as dangerous as it was during the 20’s till 60’s, but there are still some areas to avoid in Philadelphia. This city is a very important one in the history of America; it played an important role in the founding of the nation. Today, Philadelphia has a population of about 1.6 million people- a truly multicultural city.

Philadelphia has a large concentration of young people; there are 18 four-year universities and colleges within the city. While that makes it a center for academics and research, it also makes it a place for young people to hang out. Wherever there are large numbers of young people, things tend to get out of hand quite quickly.

The least safe areas are ranked high while those with lesser crimes appear at the bottom of this page. They are not war zones- people live and do business in these places; but the statistics show that one needs to be extra careful.

Areas To Avoid In Philadelphia

1. Tioga-Nicetown

What an irony; Nicetown is the least nice place in the whole of Philadelphia. This neighborhood is in the North of the city, and has a population of around 17,382. This is actually two neighborhoods, but these days they are practically merged as one.

This place has earned a reputation for being the worst part of Philadelphia; it is the roughest part of town by some distance. The crime rate is 2639 per 100,000 inhabitants.

This is the least advisable place to visit in Philadelphia; there are very high chances falling victim to some form of crime or the other.

2. Hunting Park

Hunting Park is another neighborhood in North Philadelphia. It is an adjoining area to Tioga Nicetown; and therefore has many similarities. This neighborhood is made up of residential buildings served by the Hunting Park Subway Station. There is plenty of greenery in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood has a nice shopping area although the buildings are not remarkable.

There are schools in the area; but the state of education is not really good. This neighborhood has a population of 22,735 people, and the average yearly salary is $23,587, which means this is a poor area.

Hunting Park is the roughest part of Philadelphia; it records 1452 crimes per 100,000 persons.

3. Strawberry Mansion

Strawberry Mansion is another neighborhood in the North Philadelphia section of the city. The neighborhood gets its name from a historic mansion by the same name which is located adjacent the community. There are about 22,500 people living in this community which is mostly residential.

Job opportunities are quite hard to come by; the average annual income is about $31,085. Without many economic opportunities, many of the young people turn to a life of crime. This is one of the major areas to avoid in Philadelphia; there is a real chance of being mugged, especially when you carelessly display your valuables. The crime rate here is 1,944 per 100,000 inhabitants.

4. Fairhill

Fairhill is also in the North Philadelphia section of the city; although more accurately described as northeast. The area is mix use; both residential and commercial properties are to be found in the community, although for the most part, both are well spaced out.

Fairhill is home to Philadelphia’s Hispanic community, and the main commercial area is known as “El Centro de Oro” which means Golden Block. The commercial area has many shops and businesses all bearing Spanish Names.

The problem is that Latin gangs run wild around here; the area is generally not safe because theft, muggings, street violence, and other such crimes are quite common in the area.

5. Alleghany West

Alleghany West is located on the west side of Broad Street. It is a historic neighborhood with blocks of row houses and terraces lining some important streets. There are also plenty of open spaces for the young ones, and there is plenty of greenery as well. Some decades ago this was quite a prosperous part of the city, although its fortunes have dwindled drastically.

Right now this is mostly a disadvantaged African American community; there are no investments to boost employments, and the open spaces have largely been taken over by gangs of young people with nothing better to do. Strangers are targeted and relieved of their valuable possessions- fighting back could lead to disaster; this is one of the most violent neighborhoods in Philly.

6. Harrowgate

Harrowgate is on the northeast side of Kensington, near Kensington Avenue. This community was founded in 1784 as a spa, mini hotel, and place of entertainment. Today it is a multi ethnic community with mostly Hispanic and Black residents. This is both a residential and commercial neighborhood.

Harrowgate has a population of around 17,456 people, but with an average annual income of $23,871, this is quite a poor area.

Crime is a big cause for concern in this neighborhood; the rate is 1,701 per 100,000 inhabitants.

7. Haddington-Carroll Park

Haddington-Carroll Park is actually two intertwined communities grouped as one. It is in the West side of Philadelphia. This was intended to be a nice friendly residential area; most street signs still read “Carroll-Park: Where our neighbors become friends.” There is some community spirit about this neighborhood; but they haven’t been able to find a solution to the crime problem.

The population of this neighborhood is 35,068, and the crime rate is 1,588 crimes per 100,000 persons. The crime rate is not helped by the fact that investments are few, and the average annual income is $28,706.

8. Elmwood

Elmwood is a neighborhood in Philadelphia’s southwest. It is close to the famous Delaware County. This is a mostly residential community which was established around Catholic parishes established in the early twentieth century. The neighborhood around Elmwood is mostly inhabited by Irish Americans and Poles.

Elmwood has a population of 24,891 people. This is a somewhat average neighborhood; the average annual income is $36,424. Presently, crime is an issue of serious concern for residents of this neighborhood; the rate is 1,217 per 100,000 inhabitants.

9. Frankford

Frankford is a neighborhood located on Philadelphia’s northeast side. This neighborhood has plenty of red brick town houses, some of which are the type that hold multiple families.

There are presently 39,792 residents of this neighborhood; and there are churches, museums, and historical buildings in the neighborhood.

Frankford needs to boost investments so as to provide jobs for the youth as a way of providing alternatives to crime. Presently the average yearly salary is $33,217. Crime occurs at the rate of 1,369 crimes per 100,000 persons in the area.

10. North Central

North Central is an area in the North Philadelphia section of the city. The 21,880 people who live here are mostly African American, and a good number of them have settled here from other countries. The neighborhood has some nice schools and a library, although not much else can be said about the community.

This is one of the areas to be on your guard if you ever visit; there is a good chance of suffering violent crime. The average annual salary is $25,296, and the crime rate is 1,982 per 100,000 residents.



The areas to avoid in Philadelphia are mostly located in the north of the city. These neglected areas have very little investments to provide jobs for the young residents, many of who soon join gangs, and start a life of crime.