Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Eastbourne (2023)

Eastbourne is a town and seaside resort in East Sussex, on the south coast of England. The areas to avoid in Eastbourne are probably a piece of cake for anyone who lives in a big city in England, or any other country in the world. Nevertheless, for the purpose of putting down the records, it must be stated that some parts of the town are safer than others.

The following are areas within the town of Eastbourne have been arranged according to the number of crimes recorded in them within the past year.

This does not change the fact that Eastbourne is a very lovely place; and that there are many things to enjoy such as beautiful hotels, theatres, a contemporary art gallery, and a military museum.

Areas To Avoid In Eastbourne

1. Terminus Road

Terminus Road is a very busy part of the town; even as far back as the 60’s it was full of big buildings serving both residential and commercial purposes. At that time the road was a two lane road, but it has now been expanded, and shops lining the road then have been demolished to make way for the Beacon. Terminus Road is an important transit point where the buses pick up passengers going out of town.

As in any commercial hub; there are a lot of young people trying to establish themselves as criminals by perfecting the art of shoplifting. Other crimes recorded include violence and sexual offences, and then other kinds of theft. 155 crimes were reported here recently.

2. Elms Avenue

Elms Avenue is a neighborhood in Eastbourne that has a mix of residential and commercial properties; including tenements, apartment buildings and so on. This neighborhood is close to the Eastbourne Pier, and many of the buildings here are waterfront properties. This is a wealthy enclave; most of the residents are wealthy people; and they enjoy water activities.

Money attracts thieves; there are a lot of incidents in the neighborhood most of which have to do with theft, shoplifting, vehicle theft, anti social behavior, and so on. At the last count 111 Crime reports were made in the neighbourhood recently.

3. Lottbridge Drove

Lottbridge Drove is a neighborhood in Eastbourne that has many commercial establishments in the area. Some of them include the Tesco Extra which is a fairly large Shopping Centre, Sainsbury which is another shopping centre, and then the Lottbridge Drove golf course which is another attraction to the neighbourhood. Even the Morrisons Shopping Centre, though not exactly on the road, is also within the vicinity.

With such a concentration of shopping centres one can imagine that young criminals will also concentrate in the area with the hopes of plying their trade. Chief among the crimes recorded in this area is shoplifting, while other crimes include theft, anti social behavior, and violence and sexual offences.

4. Jevington Gardens

Jevington Gardens is very close to the seafront in Eastbourne; it is home to fully serviced apartments, luxury flats, and even a hotel. The location is just a stroll away from the Eastbourne Piers, and is very spacious. This is an ideal location for people to spend quality time with people they love. It is also good for hiking, biking, and running.

Unfortunate that such a beautiful place should appear on the list of the areas to be avoided in Eastbourne; this is mainly due to the activities of petty criminals who carry out activities like theft, car theft, anti social behavior, and violence and sexual offences.

5. Grand Parade

Grand Parade is probably the most beautiful neighborhood in the whole of Eastbourne; it is a luxurious waterfront neighbourhood; one that is full of imposing buildings, some of which are lavish hotels, fully serviced apartment buildings, boutique shops, and many other areas with a concentration of money.

A common crime here is shoplifting, vehicle related theft, violence and sexual offences, and so on. This is a very lovely area, it is just unfortunate that these petty crimes happen here.

6. Hereward Road

Hereward Road is a nice residential area; the type with 2 family homes which are not fenced, and which have open parking lots. There are trees, and a lot of space for the kids to run around. It is a very homely neighbourhood.

The problem is that criminals have found easy targets in this neighbourhood; vehicle related thefts occur quite frequently, and then break-ins also happened a lot. This is a beautiful area; one that is good young families.

7. North Street

North Street is not a very spacious or opulent street, but it still gets plenty of traffic because it is not far from the Pier. This is a commercial street, one with boutique shops of different kinds, and many other commercial establishments.

North Street is a bustling neighbourhood; and as such it is no surprise that there are some reports of crimes committed in the area. There were 78 crime reports in this neighborhood recently. While that does not make it a war zone, it is not a good report either.

8. Commercial Road

Commercial Road is located towards the centre of Eastbourne; it is actually a mix use area- one that has plenty of residential buildings and a few commercial ones. There are flats all over but the neighourhood gets enough traffic due to the many attractions in the adjoining areas.

This is a busy area and there were several reports of petty crime happening in the area; nevertheless it is a great place.

9. Ceylon Place

Ceylon Place is a wealthy enclave; it is simply beautiful. Ceylon Place is a residential area with Victorian style houses adjoining one another. It is uniformly painted, and some residents even try to do a bit of flower gardening in their terraces. The cars are parked directly on the street. This neighborhood is centrally located between the pier and the Beacon.

Ceylon place is a great place to live; but there were 70 crime reports there recently; they were mostly petty crimes.

10. Pevensey Road

Pevensey Road is a mix use; residential and commercial area in Eastbourne. It has many boutique shops, retail stores, and so many other businesses. Yet the local beauty remains intact, perhaps because of the trees in the area.

Pevensy Road recently recorded 77 crime reports; shoplifting, theft, anti social behavior, and so on.



The areas to avoid in Eastbourne are mostly places with cases of petty crime. Eastbourne is one of the most peaceful and secure locations in England, and there is plenty of beauty to boast of. The area is good for those looking to spend some money on real estate, or looking for a nice place to cool off with family.