Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Dublin (2024)

Dublin is a city of rich cultural history; a city of partying and enjoyment that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lives. Of course there are a few places which can be designated as areas to avoid; not that they are war zones or anything, but they happen to have higher numbers of criminal offences than the rest of the city.

The more careful people in the world pay attention to the small details so as to boost their chances of safety, but most people just pack their bags and get moving. Whatever category of person you are, it is often better to know those places that are safer to step foot, and those that should be approached with more caution.

Areas To Avoid In Dublin

1. Darndale

Darndale is an area in the north of Dublin. This is a poor area with mostly social housing. Around 3,000 low-rise social houses with communal courts were put up in the area; there are also a few shops and other businesses in the area. This is an area where there are many young people, and some of them are actually productive citizens.

Unfortunately too there are many young people with nothing to do; these ones who are bored, and who may have been recruited into criminal gangs, are the cause of most of the trouble in the neighborhood. Anti social behaviour is a major concern in this area, and then there is theft, shoplifting and robbery. These guys are not afraid to walk up to a stranger and relieve him of valuables.

2. Jobstown

Jobstown is located in the south west of Dublin. This is another public housing project with no amenities or social structure. The neighborhood is quite well known as a no go area; even restaurants have been known to refuse to deliver food to this neighborhood because their staff have been robbed and beaten on several occasions.

Jobstown is full of young people with no direction in life; they have no job opportunities and no hope for the future, so when they see your lovely watch or cell phone, they may likely take them. Handing over the valuables quietly usually resolves the issue, while putting up a fight can be stupid.

There is also the problem of breaking in and looting supermarkets, and very large caches of heroine have been found in the area. There have also been murders and violent attacks.

3. Finglas

Finglas is located in northwest region of Dublin. This is a large area with different kinds of housing; there are flats as well as terraces, and other types of buildings. There are also commercial establishments such as shops, gas stations and that kind of thing.

However, this neighbourhood has become infamous due to the criminality and anti-social activity that happen in parts of the neighbourhood.

Finglass suffers from plenty of anti social activity. Aside from that, there are also several incidences of violence and sexual offences, physical assaults, some of which have resulted in deaths. There is also the problem of drugs; residents say they see people openly abusing drugs.

4. Ballymun

Is a residential area which had high-rise tower blocks, which turned out to be a haven for anti social behavior, drug abuse, and other vices. The high rise buildings have since been demolished, but the neighbourhood’s reputation for violence and vices has not changed.

The neighbourhood still suffers from a lot of drug use; reports indicate that there are rival gangs operating in the neighborhood. Sometimes the gangs engage each other in violence; and the last thing you need as a visitor is to be caught in the middle of an urban war.

Recently a man was caught on video firing a machine gun in the neighbourhood, and there are also people peddling hard drugs in the neighbourhood.

5. Sheriff Street

Sheriff Street is located in the north of Dublin. The neighborhood suffered what is known as a heroin epidemic, but that was mostly during the 1980s and 1990s. This neighborhood has a bad reputation, although reputation was largely earned in the past, even though it continues to haunt the area.

The present situation in Sheriff Street currently, mostly has to do with anti-social activity and crime. There are several reports of violence involving guns in the area, and there is still a concern about drugs. Recently, council workers needed protection while working in the area; they were threatened by gang members.

6. Ballyfermot

Ballyfermot is a suburb in the west of Dublin. The River Liffey lies to the north, and then there is the Grand Canal, which is now a recreational waterway. This is located to the south of Ballyfermot. The neighborhood is quite a fine residential area; and it has a lovely community civic centre.

The area is frequented by trucking companies, and there are several car dealerships in the area. Ballyfermot has a lot of potential as per the local economy- it is a decent place to live.

As with anywhere else in the country, there are a number of crimes reported in the area. Some of the crimes include anti social behavior, shoplifting, theft, and so on.

7. Cherry Orchard

Cherry Orchard is another community towards the South of Dublin, Ireland. It is located near Ballyfermot, Inchicore, Drimnagh, Kilmainham and Clondalkin. This neighborhood is quite a historic one; there are several old buildings marking earlier times in the community; the football club was established in the 50’s.

This otherwise nice neighborhood has seen a rise in crime; although most of it has been anti social behavior. There are many young people in the area; and much has to be done to bring them under control.

8. Clondalkin

Clondalkin is in the south-west of Dublin. There are several housing developments in the area, and the neighborhood actually has some potential for young families looking for a place to live so as to save money to invest in the future.

However, there is a lot of unruly behavior in the neighbourhood; most of the crimes reported here border on anti-social behaviour. There are street gangs in the area, and many of them engage one another in violence.

9. Pearse Street

Pearse Street is a major street in Dublin; it is one of the longest streets in the city and one of the most important. It is a mix use area; there are different types of residential and commercial properties on the street.

Pearse Street has a strong police presence, but it does not seem that it has made any difference. This is one of Dublin’s most crime infested areas; and restaurants have been known to refuse to make deliveries to this neighborhood.

10. Blanchardstown

Blanchardstown is somewhat centrally located in Dublin. This is a historical area; one that presently serves as both a residential and commercial area. There is also a lot of tourism in the area.

Sometime tourists can be targets of pick-pocketing and theft, there are reports of anti social behavior, and shoplifting as well.



The areas to avoid in Dublin are no worse than many other cities in the world. People can actually visit these places with good use of common sense; stay away from deserted places, don’t move about at very late in the night, and don’t go about flashing your valuables.