Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Paris (2024)

Paris is known as France’s capital and it is a major European city for fashion, arts, football and culture. Paris is so clean and secure and if you plan on residing there then you will need to have an idea of the safest neighbourhoods that are in this amazing city.

It is famous for so many things and it has a huge population being the capital city of France you should know that they are lot of crime that happens in the capital city, just to be safe we will be giving you a list of the safest neighbourhoods, some of this may be a bit far from the capital city but there are so many various opportunities that are all over the place for a city like this.

Top 10 Safest Neighbourhoods in Paris (2023)

1. Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter also known as the 5th arrondissement and home to a university that is located there. There are so many bookshops, bars which include the Shakespeare landmark and so many other things. This is one neighbourhood that anyone would enjoy, you have access to airports, and the area is safe, beautiful and full of so many activities.

The Rue Mouffetard is one of the city’s oldest and has the atmosphere to match. Known simply as La Mouffe to local Parisians, Rue Mouffetard is adorned with several cafes, restaurants, and 16th to 18th-century houses.

2. Champs Elysées

The Champs Elysées is known as one of the best avenues in the world to visit and it is filled with historic theatres and luxury boutiques of all kinds that line this picturesque street that runs from Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe. The name Champs-Élysées is a reference to the mythological Greek paradise, the Elysian Fields.

The Champs-Élysées connects the Arc de Triomphe with the Place de la Concorde and is considered to be one of the world’s most famous commercial streets.

3. Le Marais

This is a very safe neighbourhood in Paris and it is known as the LGBTQ and the Jewish quarter. Residents in this neighbourhood live a very free life and this is one place where many French traditions remain intact. There are numerous restaurants, bars and a whole lot of amazing things. It offers a good shopping experience and this is one place that anyone would love to reside in.

4. St Germain

Located in a busy city, this neighbourhood is very quiet and this is for so many reasons. If you would love an environment that is very calm and the residents are loving then St Germain is the best place that you should be. The narrow streets of St-Germain-des-Prés have long fostered a creative, bohemian spirit. Famously home to many of the 19th century’s greatest writers and artists, there’s a literary and artistic legacy here that still permeates these storied streets

5. Châtelet

This neighbourhood is family-friendly and it’s quiet and safe. It is a public square in Paris and it is known for having two big theatres that make it stands out. There is a bridge that links the city to various streets and this place is quite busy with a small amount of traffic.

6. Montmartre

This is a very beautiful neighbourhood that is being classified as Disney land. There are artists and street performances all over the place it may look a bit rowdy but it is a very beautiful place to live in. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in this bustling hub. Go visit the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre-Coeur Cathedral among the cultural highlights. This is a family-friendly environment that is good for kids and this is one place that anyone would love to visit.

7. So-Pi

A neighbourhood that is perfect for young professionals with good nightlife. This neighbourhood has been rated as one of the best and even due to its rowdiness it is very safe. Pigalle is famous for being a tourist district, with many sex shops, theatres and adult shows on Place Pigalle and the main boulevards. The neighbourhood’s raunchy reputation led to its Second World War nickname of “Pig Alley” by Allied soldiers. Anyone living in this neighbourhood will enjoy every bit of it and know what it feels like to be free.

8. Canal Saint-Martin

This neighbourhood is one that was constructed by Napoleon and the artificial waterway would provide and supply fresh water in Paris. The canal would receive water from the river Ourcq, which would aid in decreasing the risk of dangerous diseases such as cholera and dysentery. There are so many students and professionals in this neighbourhood and this is one place that anyone would love to stay in. The Canal Saint-Martin way is very affordable and this is one place that anyone would love to stay.

9. Oberkampf

This neighbourhood name sounds a bit German and the line 9 platforms were opened on 10 December 1933 with the extension of the line from Richelieu – Drouot to Porte de Montreuil. The name refers to Rue Oberkampf, named for Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, an 18th-century German-born French industrialist. The Oberkampf district is known for its young, cosmopolitan, and party atmosphere.

The area is full of cafes, restaurants, concert halls and nightclubs, and the streets of Oberkampf, Jean-Pierre Timbaud and Parmentier are especially lively at night.

10. Belleville

Belleville is an amazing neighbourhood and it’s where legendary French singer Edith Piaf lived and called home, and along with the city’s second-biggest Chinatown, Belleville is also known for its impressive street art and for offering sweeping views of the city below.


Paris is an amazing city and there are so many opportunities there. This is a city that is filled with so much fun and many amazing things and opportunities. There are bad neighbourhoods in Paris but you should know that there are safe ones out there that anyone would enjoy.