After Mandarin Chinese and a global language, the world’s second most spoken native language is considered usually to be the Spanish Language. It was originated from the castle region of Spain which has hundreds of millions of local speakers in Spain and Latin Americans nowadays. This post will list out the African countries that speak Spanish, one of the western Romance languages.

Latin language which had a great impact has contributed roughly seventy-five percent capability to build up a modern Spanish vocabulary together with an Ancient Greek which also has contributed greatly to building up a Spanish vocabulary.

In the United Nations of the six official languages, the Spanish language is among the six official languages because it is being used by many other international organizations, European Union, The community of the Latin American and the Caribbean states, the union of South American Nations and the African Union.

African Countries That Speaks Spanish Language

Spanish vocabulary had developed during the period of the Al-Andalus era during the Iberian Peninsula which made it possible for it to be in contact with Arabic from the initial date. The Spanish language is the second most important language been used officially now because the eight percent of its vocabulary originally is an Arabic.

The Spanish language is being influenced by these languages: Visigoth, Latin, Iberian, Basque and Celtiberian languages. Questa, Sardinian, French, Occitan, Italian, Nathaly, Catalan, and other indigenous languages of the Americans are the additional Romance languages that have absorbed Spanish language vocabulary


Africa as a continent is the second most populous continent in the seven continents of the world today. There are fifty-four nations that are inside Africa but out of these countries that are inside Africa, Equatorial Guinea happens to be the only country that speaks the Spanish language, not only do they speak the Spanish Language but also uses the language as one of their official languages.

Spanish Language As The Official Language Of Equatorial Guinea:

One of the most widely spoken languages that can be heard across the world without excluding Africa from the list is the Spanish Language.

The Spanish Language is among the official languages of Equatorial Guinea alongside with French and Portuguese languages because many people residing in Equatorial Guinea do not see it as their main language though the majority of people that is approximately ninety percent of them residing in the Republic mainland population uses and speaks the Spanish Language all the time. Castilian language is the general language that is widely spoken that look like the Spanish language spoken by the residents of the Equatorial Guinea than the American Spanish language, the differences between the two Spanish languages that are been used in Equatorial Guinea can be noticed from the Spanish language that is used by the diverse ethnic groups within the country.

European language is used often to communicate among the diverse linguistic or ethnic groups in many other African countries.


Creole English, Pichinglis, Ibo, Fang, German, Annoboneses and Portuguese languages are the other languages spoken in Equatorial Guinea, though the Spanish language is being used as a means of communication that is taught in school and very common to Biko Island and in the mainland, the Spanish language is also used for communication within their inter-ethnic groups. The two other prominent official languages that are spoken by Equatorial Guinea apart from the Spanish Language are:

  1.    French Language:  During the dark days of Macias, the French language usually appears among some residents of the country when there are many foreigners that come from Cameroon and Gabon, and also where many citizens of the Guineas ran for their safety in the ethnic communication that is inside the mainland. The French language is the nation’s second official language. The French language also became a mandatory course in the field of learning in the year 1988 due to the country’s good economic association with the French-speaking countries known as Francophone which was established in 1983.
  2.    Portuguese Language:  In the year 2007, the Portuguese language was the third official language in Guinea. It is made Equatorial Guinea’s third official language because it aids the nation to be considered to have a complete membership amongst the countries that speak the Portuguese language. Not only that, using Portuguese as their third official language also helps in strengthening their relationships with the government of Portuguese.
Spanish Speaking Countries In Africa


Equatoguinean Spanish is the dialect of spoken Spanish language that is used in Equatorial Guinea. There are not many variations across the Spanish Language that are used as one of their official languages due to the population and size of the nation. The major discrepancies can be noticed from the pronunciation of the citizens and residents that uses the Spanish language as their official and an alternative language.


Historically, the colonization of Equatorial Guinea can be traced back to the year 1471 during the period when the explores from the Portuguese country landed on Equatorial Guinea. The Island of Bioko was discovered by the explores from the Portuguese country but was colonized later by the Islands of Fernando Poo and Annoboh on their way to Indian in the year 1474. The explorers from the Portuguese country still retained the control of Guinea till the year 1778 which was the year the Guineas was sold to the country of Spain in agreement for an exchange of land that is inside South American.

During the Spanish civil war which happened in the year 1820, those against Spain, that is, the rebels took in-charge-of the Guineas colony which made the mainland of Equatorial Guinea to be the colony of Spain in 1900.

The journey of their independence was just underway due to the escalation pressure and the rising nationalist from the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Francisco Macias Nguema became the country’s premier Head of States when the nation got her freedom on October 12th, 1968.

The immigrant’s contract workers in Equatorial Guinea are from Nigeria, Cameroon, and Liberia.


The president of the country serves as both the government of the country and the head of state as well in the presidential republic of an Equatorial Guinea. A presidential republic where the elected president serves as the government and the head of states is contained in the 1982 constitution of the Guineas that explains a Republic as a democracy.

Things common to Presidential System of Government in Equatorial Guinea:

  •    The president exercises real executive powers.
  •    The constitution is the supreme law in a presidential system of government.
  •    The president is both the head of state and the head of government.


  •    Separations of powers.
  •    Easy to apportion blame.
  •    Encourages massive participation.
  •    Encourages democracy.


  •    The absence of an opposition party.
  •    May breed dictators.
  •    Arbitrary dismissal.

Executive Branch of The Government of Equatorial Guinea:

The Head of states and the government which is the president is voted in by a popular vote for the period of seven years has the right to select and also reject the cabinet members, he also has the power to call for the legislative elections as well as dissolving them. The longest-serving president in Africa which is the president of Equatorial Guinea that has been on power since the year 1979 is Teodoro Obiang.


The chamber of people’s Representative that is the lower house of the parliament consisting of hundred members that are elected by a proportional system for the period of five years terms and the Senate that is made up of the fifty-five members are the two bodies that made up the Equatorial Guinea Legislature.


A judicial system that has civil and customary laws are the two aspects of the law system that the judicial branch of Equatorial Guinea is based on. The supreme court is the highest court in the judicial system.



Equatorial Guinea having the Spanish Language is an added advantage to them because not just it is used as one of their official language been used but also it has helped in a high way in maintaining a cordial relationship with other United Nations countries which in turn brings a massive growth of their economy

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