Best Countries To Visit With A Nigerian Passport In 2020

The Nigerian Passport has been the identifying brand of Nigerians all over the world for many years. This has brought to its carriers a serving of both pride and frustrations in almost equal measure as the Nigerian Passport is both subject to respect and refute depending on the particular place you visit, diplomatic relations between Nigeria and that country, and the general disposition of the country’s nationals to Nigerians.

In this post, however, we want to concentrate solely on the respect aspect, the best countries to visit with a Nigerian passport. That means we are looking at the countries that have good diplomatic ties with Nigeria, where the people have a good history of association with Nigerians, and where the Nigerian passport is a welcome ticket, guaranteeing the bearer hospitality and protection.
If you are a Nigerian citizen looking to travel but having visa issues. Then you would be glad to know that there some countries that Nigerians can visit without any visa requirement. Yes, just walk into the arrivals lounge of their international airports and hand in your brand new Nigerian Passport. The good people over there will give you the necessary information, or documentation needed to make your stay over there enjoyable and pleasant.

It is important to please note that some of these countries allow you enter and then issue you a visa on arrival, while other countries allow you stay for a specified number of days or months, after which a visa is required, sometimes because you are no longer considered a visitor, but a resident, and then they may want to tax you. Never-the-less, some other countries may not require a visa no matter how long you may wish to stay.

Below is a list of some of the best countries that you can travel to using the Nigerian Passport.

Best Countries To Visit With A Nigerian Passport

  • 1. Barbados:

Located in the Caribbean Islands, in the North Atlantic, Barbados is one of the world’s major tourist destinations. Barbados is rich in a unique blend of Afro- Eurasian history and has some of the best beaches you will find anywhere in the world. The environment is relaxed, and the beaches are all well maintained. Maybe because their major source of income is the tourist industry. Anyway, Barbados has some of the greatest drinks and seafood menu that you will not find anywhere, a calm welcoming society, and a tropical climate that sits well with Africans, and Europeans alike.

If you are a Nigerian, you may stroll into Barbados and spend 6 months without a Visa. However, you will need your Nigerian Passport, as a means of identification, and also to prove your nationality. You also need a return ticket back home, and proof of sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your stay before you can gain entry into the country.

On the expiration of the 6 months visa-free period, you will need to return to the immigration office to fill out some paperwork. If you are there for business, they may consider you a resident for tax reasons.

Best Countries To Visit With A Nigerian Passport
  • 2. Bangladesh:

Bangladesh, which is a country in Asia, gives you a taste of China and Japan, but in truth, it is a lesser experience of both. Bangladesh due to its proximity with China and Japan can serve as a base of operations for a businessman who is interested in dealing in Japanese or Chinese products, but who may be having a problem getting Travel Visas to the two countries mentioned.

Bangladesh has a rich culture, good spicy foods, bustling nightlife activities to keep you entertained and occupied.
Bangladesh offers a 30 days visa for Nigerians once you arrive in the country. However, you will be required to provide proof of funds to cover your expenses during the duration of your stay. The required amount is just $500 dollars, which is quite liberal for a person traveling for pleasure, and minimal for a person traveling for business. You will also be required to have a return ticket to ensure that you intend to return to your country at the expiration of your 30 day grace period.

  • 3. Burkina Faso:

Located in West Africa, Burkina Faso is a former French colony, that offers great opportunities for those who may be interested in visiting for business purposes or even for pleasure. The country also plays host to International Arts and Crafts Fair, the growing population looks like a good market for those selling technological services/products, and Burkina Faso also has a sports sector that has awakened and looks set to skyrocket. Let us also not forget that the Country has impressive gold reserves.

Burkina Faso welcomes Nigerians who would love to stay as long as they like. Your Nigerian Passport grants you VIP status, and you are not restricted for time or movement.

  • 4. Benin Republic:

Located in West Africa, Benin Republic is a former French colony, that shares a border with Nigeria, to the southwest, particularly, Ogun and Lagos states. The country is quite well taken care of by the French, as French products have a stronghold in the Benin market. The Benin Republic also has a strong presence of French businesses with their physical offices right there in Benin. They have a thriving car industry in Benin, and a booming Fabrics industry there to mention a few. Another attraction to the Republic of Benin is their voodoo festival. There is also the nominated UNESCO World Heritage site; Pendjari National Park bringing in tourists steadily.
As a Nigerian passport holder, you can visit the Benin Republic without a Visa. The official statement says 3 months but in truth, you can almost stay forever if you like. There is a large community of Nigerians in the Benin Republic, you would not be lonely.

  • 5. Burundi:

Located in East Africa, Burundi is a major tourist destination. They have national parks where animals are kept in their natural environment, they also have amazing craft works that serve as great souvenirs and keepsakes for tourists. Some of these souvenirs are shields, baskets, and masks. Burundi is also famous for their drumming: the Royal Drummers of Burundi have been performing for over 40 years.

Nigerians are allowed to stay in Burundi for 30 days without needing a visa. However, after the expiration of the 30 days, you may need to visit the immigration office to fill out some forms.

  • 6. Chad:

Located in Central Africa, Chad is another former French colony that shares a common border with Nigeria. Agriculture thrives there, and they have a culture that is similar to that of the Fulanis of Nigeria.

Chad offers a 3-month visa-free stay for Nigerians, Although, officially you need to provide a return ticket that shows you do not intend to stay in the country permanently. Most of the travel that occurs between Nigerians and Chad, however, is done by land. One wonders how they are able to enforce that law.

  • 7. Cameroon:

Located in Central Africa, this is another French-speaking neighbor of Nigeria, sharing a common border with Nigeria. Attractions include the National Museum in Yaounde, the La Pagode Maritime Museum in Douala. There are also National Parks where you can find a number of wildlife species ranging from lions and antelopes to snakes and birds.

As a Nigerian, you can enter Cameroon and stay for 90 days visa-free. In truth, however, there are a large number of Nigerians in Cameroon, many of whom have stayed for very many years. Unfortunately, many English speaking people of Cameroon have been forced to flee into Nigeria, as they have complained about violence.

  • 8. Cote d’Ivoire:

Located in West Africa, Cote d’Ivoire is another former French colony still enjoying patronage by the French. Attractions include the beach resorts of Assinie, and the Parc National de Tai, to mention a few.

Entry into the Ivory Coast is Visa-free for Nigerians.

  • 9. Comoros:

Located in the Carribean, Comoros is a tourist destination of huge repute. They boast white sandy beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests.
As a Nigerian, you can travel to the Comoros islands without a visa, but you are required to get one on arrival. It costs just $50 dollars.

  • 10. Cape Verde:

Located in West Africa, Cape Verde is a small peaceful country that has very strong relations with Nigeria. As a Nigerian, you will be issued with a Visa on arrival. You will, however, need a return ticket, as the authorities want to be sure that visitors intend to return to their countries.

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11. Cambodia:
12. Dominica:
13. Djibouti
14. Fiji:
15. Ghana:
16. Guinea:
17. Guinea Bissau:
18 The Gambia:
19. Haiti:
20. Iran:

That’s all about the best countries to visit with a Nigerian passport.


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