ACEONDO Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 {JAMB & POST UTME

Knowing the ACEONDO – Adeyemi College Of Education cut off mark or that of any particular university you want to study in is very important. Every aspiring student or candidate is advised to know the cut off mark of the school which they want to apply for and even the course. Not all schools are the same, some are high while others are low, that is why we are writing you this article to tell you about the Adeyemi College Of Education Ondo ACEONDO Cut off mark for the 2020/2021 academic session.

You should know that the Adeyemi College of education is not like other universities where their scores are high, we believe that this school accepts lots of candidates from different places wishing you study to get a degree. Another thing to note is that they do not have a specific cut off mark for their post UTME which is the courses which you applied for in your various departments. You should know that candidates who score a minimum of 180 can apply for the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo state. Scoring a minimum of 200 in JAMB is not as difficult as you may see it, many students score up to 250 and above especially those who are applying for Federal Universities or competitive courses like Medicine and Surgery, Law, Nursing, Banking and Finance, Mass Communication, Pharmacy, and others. Professional courses require more from aspiring students because of the high number of students applying for it, that is why you are advised to study hard for your JAMB examination and score higher than others, so you can secure admission easily.

Adeyemi College Of Education ACEONDO CUT OFF MARK 2020/2021 (JAMB & POST UTME)

You should know that candidates who score a minimum of 180 can apply for the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo state.

Below we will give you a list of various departments in the Adeyemi College of education and their various cut off marks.

  • Economics – 56
  • Geography – 42
  • History – 48
  • Chemistry- 49
  • Biology – 55
  • Physics – 49
  • Mathematics – 52
  • Physical and Health Education – 43
  • Agricultural Science – 47
  • Fine and Applied Arts – 47
  • Religious Studies – 46
  • Social Studies – 50
  • Yoruba – 41
  • English – 54
  • ISC/Mathematics – 34
  • Home Economics – 43
  • Guidance & Counseling – 51
  • French – 39

If you have been following this article, you would note when we said the Adeyemi College of Education is not like any other school. Their screening exercise comes in two phases, one is done before the admission while the other is after the admission list must have been released. You should know that the first phase involves just your WAEC result and JAMB and this is easier. Once the admission list is out, you should know that there are certain requirements which are needed from you like your;

  • Birth Certificate
  • The local government of origin

Your original JAMB result will be asked from you to be provided for review but a photocopy will be submitted. You should also have it in mind that your O level results will be asked from you, this second phase is called the admission screening process. This is another way that they will use to know real candidates that applied for the department which was stated in their online application.

Adeyemi College Of Education Aceondo Cut Off Mark

Another thing that will be asked from you is the admission letter which can be printed online from JAMB and this will be checked to know if you have been given admission. You should know that the local government of origin must be the original but a photocopy will be submitted in the school. I know you must be wondering the reason for all of this, you should know that this is done in checking students and to avoid fraud or any person from entering into the school without notice or even posing as a student. After getting admission, you must ensure you follow the school rules and regulations as this will help you maintain a good relationship with everyone around you. Below we will give you the address and the contact detail of the school below

  • Ondo-Ore Road, Ondo. P.M.B. 520, Ondo State Nigeria
  • Tel: +234 8112001481, +234814409672
  • Website:

One question many students ask is that they complain about scoring up to the cut off mark and they don’t get picked up for admission or even given the course of their choice. If for instance you apply for Pharmacy and over 3,000 students applied for it. If 1,000 students scored 250 and above they will pick them first than you who just scored 200 and you might be likely to be taken to other departments if that department has collected the exact number of students they want for that session. If you do not read that is when you fail, the examination is not that difficult as there are several past questions to guide you through. Another thing to have in mind is the Post Utme, this is the second phase of securing admission into the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. You should know that after scoring over 200 in Jamb you are qualified to get your Post Utme form and apply for it, preparations for the examination are not that tedious, once you pass you are qualified to be given admission into the school to study. This is not difficult as you may see it, as it is termed the easiest part of the process.

Before gaining admission, you should know that there are certain criteria that must be met. Many students fail to fill in the right subjects when they fill their JAMB form, this issue affects them a lot. You should be able to know the right subjects for the courses you are going for, if you don’t have any idea about it, you can check online and that is why there is a JAMB brochure given to help aspiring candidates make the right decision. Don’t just apply for a course because people are doing it, you are even advised to take easier courses which are less competitive so you can gain admission on time, as this will help you. Most universities even allow you to switch to more competitive courses once you are in, but this comes with lots of reading as you will have to prove that you can handle that course and they will see that from your grade

In conclusion, we have given you full detail about Adeyemi College of Education, some amazing facts about the school have been stated here and I hope we have answered all your questions. I believe this article was helpful.


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