Nigerian Turkish International College School Fees Plus All About NITC

Nigerian Turkish International College, School Fees Plus About NITC

Although, Nigeria as a country is currently facing economic instability. A lot of situations have crippled, however, education in Nigeria is thriving. I am not talking about education in public schools, I am talking about education in private school. A lot of private schools in Nigeria are doing great. In this article, we will examine a great school in the country, NTIC Nigerian Turkish International College School Fees plus all you need to Know .

NTIC Nigerian Turkish International College School Fees All You Need To Know

The Nigerian Turkish International College is a school where effort is being made to create modern, favourable, dynamic and conducive learning Environment for students. The school strive towards producing enlightened, intelligent and highly socialized personalities. This will make it possible for students to be fit to begin higher education. The final outcome of all these efforts will be the production of integrated, effective and productive youths.

In 1998, Nigeria saw the establishment of the Nigerian Turkish International College NTIC . The College was established by an organization known as Surat Educational Limited. This school has been providing high quality education to people from wiithin and outside the country. NTIC has an international standard, and also good number of branches in states of Nigeria. These branches all have something in common, they are all located in caring, well-structured and loving environments. NTIC also provides its students with opportunities in the country and outside the country. Nigerian Turkish International College is well-known for its scholarship programme. Scholarship are given to students in government owned schools, to study at NTIC.

Nigerian Turkish International College is however a versatile school. The school offers a range of subjects including: English Language, French Language, Turkish Language, Yoruba Language, Physical /Health Education, Phonics, Basic Science, Civic Education, Social Studies, Music, Agricultural Science, Basic Technology, Islamic Religious Studies, Christian Religious Studies and Creative/Cultural Arts.

Nigerian Turkish International College has 17 branches in 6 states of the country, including Abuja. These states are: Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Yobe and Ogun State. We can however provide the address of the school’s main branch, which is located in Abuja. Ahmadu Bello Way, by Kashim Ibrahim Way, Wuse 2, FCT Abuja. You can also reach the school on the following numbers: 0805 190 8030 and 0816 535 3032. For you to send your child / children to the Nigerian Turkish International College, you must be prepared to pay a school fees of N1.6 million.

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