University of Ibadan Admission Requirement

University of Ibadan Admission Requirement

This article is going to give you details on the University of Ibadan admission requirement .

The University of Ibadan which is the first university in Nigeria and one of the most prestigious educational institution in the country. The university is currently one of the top 1000 tertiary institutions in the world. The university is also well known to have produced great alumni over the years which includes Wole Soyinka, Kayode Fayemi, J. P. Clark, China Achebe, William Kumuyi and lots more.

University of Ibadan Admission Requirements

Over the years the UI have been flooded with numerous admission applications by prospective students all over the federation. This top university have thereby set some admission requirements and standards for students who are willing to study in the institution.

It is advised that you use the JAMB UTME brochure to know the admission requirements for your course of choice, so as to know if you are qualified to fill in the course on you JAMB UTME form.

Though in addition to the subject combinations for each department in the JAMB brochure it is important that you note the following unique rules for some set departments and faculties.

1. UI accepts FIVE (5) credits at just one sitting in subjects related to your course of choice as stated by the JAMB UTME brochure at only one sitting in the following faculties;

  • College of Medicine: Under the College of Medicine you have Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Dentistry and Public Health.
  • Pharmacy

2. UI accepts FIVE (5) credits at one sitting or SIX (6) credits at two sittings in subjects related to your course of choice in the following faculties;

  • Agriculture and Forestry Arts
  • Education
  • Law
  • Science
  • Technology
  • The Social Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine

Candidates seeking admission into UI should please note that it is only when an ‘O’ level result is deficient for a course of choice, that another result can be presented to compliment the deficient one.

After you might have been able to fulfill the University of Ibadan admission requirement , you are then free to purchase JAMB UTME form and apply for your course of choice in the University of Ibadan. Please note that having a good ‘O’ Level result is not all that would be required for you to get an admission into the University of Ibadan as you would also be required to pass your JAMB UTME exam and also scale through the university screening process

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