Welcome on board buddies, we will quickly be looking at the names and types of forest found in Nigeria and some interesting thing you need to know about these forests. Over the years, there has being deliberation over the way forest are becoming residential area and bushes are fast becoming roads and hospital all because of civilization, nevertheless, there are still forest in Nigeria that is still much thick and retains the features and characteristics of the forest.


  • Akure Reserve Forest

Akure is the state capital of Ondo state a south-west state in Nigeria. This forest is located in Akure and it covers about 66 square kilometers area in the designated location. This forest is encompassed round by towns. One of the interesting things about this forest is that it is enlisted in the international body responsible for the care and regulations of forest to be protected and taken care of by the international body. Theses forest houses different wildlife and different games are hunted in this reserve.

  • The Afi River Forest Reserve

One thing about this forest is that it is one of the remaining forests in Nigeria that still houses the endangered varieties of animals. This forest is located in Cross rivers state a state in the south-south part of the country. In this forest are Gorillas and all manner of species of animal that are not seldom found in other forests. Nevertheless, there are still high poaching of Gorillas in this forest, even though few cases of the poachers have been documented nevertheless there is a high level of poaching on these species and they are gradually going into extinction.

  • Edumanom Forest Reserve

This is found in the region of the Niger Delta. It occupies 93 square kilometers of land mass. This forest is known to be the site for Chimpanzees in Nigeria. There has being a lot of interferences in this ecosystem by the oil production industry which invariably serves as a threat to wildlife. Other species of animals found in this forest is the Sclater monkeys, red colobus, and the olive colobus.

Types OF Forests Found In Nigeria
  • Idanre Forest Reserve

This is another forest area in Ondo state. this forest is located in Idanre which is commonly known as the hill towns, as there are high hills and mountain in this town. The interesting thing about this forest is that it is on the list of their international union of conservation of nature. It houses wildlife that has been endangered also.

  • Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve

In the year 1969, this forest was established. It spans through about 46 square kilometers of land area, some species of wildlife found in this forest is the Cameroon Chimpanzee. Some common species of animal found in this forest include Putty Nosed Monkey, Double-toothed barbed, Mona Monkey Cameroon olive pigeon, Green bulbul, Tantalus Monkey.

Another important thing to know about this forest is that is grouped as an area for Birdlife, in this forest are over 158 species of bird but due to poaching some has been killed and the prevalent most poached on bird recently is the Crossley’s, Bannerman’s, Ground Thrush and the weaver.

Othe Types Of Forests In Nigeria And Names

  • Oba Hills Forest Reserve
  • Okumu Forest Reserve
  • Oluwa Forest Reserve
  • Ise Forest Reserve
  • Okeluse Forest Reserve


A forest is a large area of land that occupies all kind of trees, herbs, shrubs and all manner of vegetations. In this forest also are animals found, some contain wild animals and some contains game animals that most hunters go after to hunt for food and other basic needs of life


Nigeria one of the Africa country and to be precise in West Africa, it is an area with heavy rainfall. Among the top Africa nations, Nigeria standout in terms of vegetation. In the late 19th century, the colonial leadership in which Nigeria was under then established forest reserves.  In the early 0th century, the government allotted about 970 square kilometers for forest reserves. Coming to the late 1930s about 30,000 square meters has been allotted for forest reserves alone. Now in the 1970s, it is an interesting fact to know forest reserves has increased to about 93,40 square kilometers already.


The condition of the forest reserves in Nigeria as today is in a dilapidated state and the future of the forest reserves is bleating as all financial support gives to this forest before has been diverted to another sector of the economy.  The ecological factor and importance of the atmosphere are no longer the focal point of the government again, the forest is encroaching on a daily basis, felling of the tree without reforestation is in great and shocking manner. The animals and wild lives found in this ecosystem are all exposed to poaching and all manner of dangerous activities that if care is not taken most of the wild will move far away from the country to a nearby Africa reserves that care and tend for their forest and wilds.


Taking a look at the good weather condition God has given this nation. The money and employment opportunities the forest reserves help give out in Nigeria is one of the major reasons why some Nigerians are still living. The income the government make form the forest reserves is as important as any other sector giving income to the government. Also, the forest help in terms of purifying the air and giving quality air for people that stay close to the vicinity. Money generated from the tour some people make to most of these forests cannot be deemphasized, it is important the government look into this sector and search a way out to encourage afforestation in the country.



We have taken the time to look at some forest in Nigeria and interesting things about these forests. Also, we have taken our time to write on the current state of Nigeria forest and how these forests have been of importance to many Nigerians and the government as a whole.

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