Top Most Disciplined Senior High Schools In Ghana (2024)

The most disciplined senior high schools in Ghana are schools that offer discipline as a core tenet upon which the institutions are built. These schools are very important because they sometimes represent the only opportunities for some parents to raise their kids aright, in the proper environment where they can learn the values of hard work, diligence, and consistency of purpose.

Sometimes, parents whose children are very stubborn become worried about the associations their children may be keeping at school, and so they wish to change the schools their children attend, so as to help them associate with children who are taught manners, and also to study in good environments where children can learn in peace.

Of course children will be children, and some of them will be stubborn no matter what school they attend; but these schools have become quite well known throughout the country for being disciplined.

The 10 Top Most Disciplined Senior High Schools In Ghana 2023

1. Aburi Girls Senior High School

Aburi Girls the school is located in the Eastern region. It is a girl’s school; affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and was established in 1946 with only seven students. Aburi Girls Senior High School colours are Yellow and Green, and the school is a boarding school; with around 2000 students now.

Aburi Girls Senior High School is a mission school founded by the Basel Missionaries; who were affiliated to the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. The vision of the school was to provide a place; where young girls can be taught moral values, as well as the skills to make them contribute to the country and humanity as a whole.

Aburi Girls Senior High School is noted for the discipline it imbibes in students; this is consistent with the vision of the founders, and at par with what is obtainable in most mission schools. The school offers Business, Visual Arts, Home Economics, General Science, and General Arts.

The school came out tops in two categories in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) winning Best in Mathematics and Science, between 2011 and 2015. Showing that the school is very serious and disciplined.

2. Nifa Senior High

Nifa Senior High, also called NISEC, is a co-educational secondary school located in Adukrom, Okere District, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The school was established in 1971 after phasing out of the then Adukrom Teacher Training College. The school colors are green and yellow.

Nifa Senior High School has boarding facilities which accommodates both boys and girls. The school also maintains a hostel outside the school premises; this houses students who could not get accommodation in the boarding house. The school functions on a non denominational framework; although morning assembly and worship are compulsory for all students.

As far as discipline is concerned, this is one of the top schools in Ghana; and it also teaches students the value of living together peacefully with people from all social and religious walks of life. The school has about 2,500 students; making it one of the top schools in the region by number of enrolled students.

Some of the subjects taught include; Business, general arts, Science, general agric, Home Economics and visual arts.

3. Akwamuman Senior High

Akwamuman Senior High is regularly mentioned whenever the most disciplined schools in Ghana are being discussed. The school is located in Eastern Region at Atimpoku – Akosombo of Asuogyaman district in Ghana. The school is a co-educational; it educates both boys and girls.

This is a public school, and was established as far back as 1969. Located in Akosombo it has a sub urban or rural setting, and caters to the educational needs of the children in Akosombo and environs.

Akwamuman Senior High school is a good place to send any child who lacks discipline; the environment is rural, and far away from most of the distracting influences. Furthermore, the management of the school ensures the enforcement of full discipline so as to allow children focus on their studies.

4. Mfantsiman Senior High

Mfantsiman Senior High school is an all girls secondary school located in Saltpond, Central Region, Mfantsiman, Ghana. The school was established in 1960 by great Ghanaian statesman Kwame Nkrumah.

It was then called Saltpond Girls’ Secondary School. This school which was started with only 70 girls selected from the common entrance examination in the year of its establishment has gone on to become one of the top citadels of learning in the country.

Evidence of this school’s discipline is in the impressive list of notable personalities who have graduated from the school. Some of them include; Salma Okonkwo, Oil and Gas Entrepreneur; Gifty Anti, journalist and broadcaster; Caroline Sampson, radio presenter, and Television show host. The school has also produced two second ladies; Matilda Amissah-Arthur, and Samira Bawumia.

5. Pope John’s Senior High

Pope John’s Senior High school is located in Koforidua, Ghana, Eastern Region, Ghana. This school was established in 1958, and is both a secondary school and minor seminary. As it is the culture in most mission schools; there is a very high concentration on discipline in this school.

However, Pope John’s Senior High probably exceeds the ordinary expectations of discipline because it is a minor seminary, and prepares students for a life of service to God and to humanity.

The schools colours are yellow and blue black; and the students currently number about 1500. Pope John’s Senior High offers subjects like business, science, arts, and agriculture. The school is notable in the area of track and field, and other sports.

This school which started so small, now has about 2000 students, and 100 seminarians.

6. Holy Child School

Holy Child School is a secondary school located in Cape Coast, Central Region, Ghana. The school is an all girls school, affiliated to the Catholic Church. Holy Child School was established in 1946, and is known as a boarding school; one of the finest in the country whose mission is to produce more girls who will become women of substance in the country.

Of course it takes the right attitude adjustment, as well as the right moral training to enable the girls develop in that way.

Holy Child School has consistently set the pace in the education scene in Ghana; it was ranked among the best 10 schools in Africa in 2003. The school also produced the best overall female student in the 2003 Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSSCE). The school also produced the best and second overall best students at the 2017 West African Senior School Examination, WASSCE.

7. Kumasi Wesley Girls’ Senior High

Kumasi Wesley Girls’ Senior High school is located in Kumasi, Ghana. The school is a mission school; one of those founded in later years. Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High school was formally established in 1979 as a day and boarding school for girls.

Kumasi Wesley Girls’s Senior High school was a dream of the Old Methodist School Boys and Girls at Wesley Methodist Church, who knew what their parents spent to afford them a boarding education. They knew that many parents could not afford to do the same for their children, and so they wished to establish a school nearby.

The plan for the school was already on ground since the 1960’s but it was Rev. De Graft Johnson, who was the then Superintendent Minister in charge of the Wesley Methodist Church circa 1979 who took the bold step; setting up the school with only 11 students. The school now has around 1500 students.

8. Archbishop Porter Girls’ Senior High

Archbishop Porter Girls’ Senior High is located in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. It is a Catholic senior secondary school for girls, and was established in 1965 by Rev. Kodjo Amissah. The school is known for being quiet, well organized, and peaceful. The school is open to girls of all religious affiliations.

This school was shone on different competitive stages both in Ghana and abroad; including the 2017 annual Robotics Competition which was held in the United States.

9. Accra Girls Senior High School

Accra Girls Senior High School is located in North Ridge, Greater Accra Region, Accra, Ghana. It is a secondary school for girls, and was established in 1960. The school operates as a non-denominational school which offers both day and boarding school.

The school offers subjects like business, general science, general arts, home economics, and so on.

10. Achiase Senior High School

Achiase Senior High School is located in Birim South District of Eastern Region, at Akim, Akyease, Ghana. The school is one of the younger generation of mission schools; it was established in 1983 by the Methodist Church.

Achiase Senior High School is notable for its discipline; it is located in the same town as the Ghana Army’s Jungle Warfare School; which no doubt provides an example of focus and discipline.

Some of the subjects taught include Business, General Arts, General Agriculture, Home Economics and Visual Arts. The school is also known for brilliant performances in sports and other extra curricula activities.



It is no surprise that the most disciplined senior high schools in Ghana are mostly girls’ schools; girls are mostly those who are naturally calm, and who are less likely to practice violence and disorganization. Mission schools are also very important in the area of discipline; parents who want their children educated in very disciplined environments can look there.