Top 10 Smallest Oceans in the World (2023)

Everywhere you go you must have heard someone talking about the largest oceans in the world, you hardly hear someone talk about the smallest ocean. Anyway, there are so many small oceans that do not get the recognition that they deserve. People love talking about large things about the world that they forget that even the smallest of them are beautiful and deserve to be recognized. Oceans take 70.8% of the total earth’s surface and there are separate names that are used to identify five areas of the Oceans which include the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indiana Ocean and Southern Ocean. All of these are divided based on the physical and biological conditions of the Ocean.

Top 10 Smallest Oceans in the World (2023)

1. Gulf of California, Pacific Ocean

This is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean that occupies about 68,000 square miles. It separates the Baja California peninsula from the Mexican Island. It is home to more than 5,000 species of micro-invertebrates and parts of the Gulf of California are a world heritage site.

2. Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean

The Persian Gulf is called the Arabian Gulf. It is an extension of the Indian Ocean and it is located between Iran and Arabian Peninsula. It covers 97,000 square miles and it has many fishing grounds, extensive reefs and pearl oysters. This sea is home to many islands and it has rich wildlife. There are birds, mammals, fish, and reefs and there are some unique sea creatures that are found there.

3. Yellow Sea, Pacific Ocean

Located in the western Pacific Ocean is the Yellow Sea and it is marginalized between China and the Korean peninsula. it is estimated to be 113,500 square miles. This is one of the four seas that is named after colour terms and it is considered the most degraded marine area on earth. This sea has been facing several environmental problems, pollution is spreading fast and deterioration of the habitat has occurred. Hopefully, they find the problem and fix this soon.

4. Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean

This is one of the smallest seas in the world and it is known as the youngest sea on the planet that is almost enclosed that is experiencing near arctic conditions. It covers an area of 146,000 square miles and it is very unique because the water in the Baltic Sea is low-saline brackish water, which is a unique mix of salty water from the ocean and freshwater from the rivers.

5. North Sea, Atlantic Ocean

This Sea is located in the Atlantic Ocean and it lies between Germany, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway. This sea is so unique and it has featured in geopolitical and military affairs, it was very important in both world wars as it was Germany’s outlet through the Ocean. The North Sea was the centre of the Vikings’ rise, the Hanseatic League, the Dutch Republic, and the British each sought to gain command of the North Sea and access to the world’s markets and resources.

6. Red Sea, Indian Ocean

The Red Sea occupies 169,100 square miles, it is lying in between Africa and Asia and it is known to have extensive shallow shelves that are noted for their marine life. It is known as the world’s northernmost tropical sea with 200 types of coral reefs and over 1000 invertebrate species. It has lots of mineral resources which include Fe-montmorillonite, goethite, hematite, siderite, rhodochrosite, pyrite, sphalerite, anhydrite and many more.

7. Black Sea, Atlantic Ocean

This is the marginal Mediterranean Sea of the Atlantic Ocean and it lies between Europe and Asia. It covers 174,900 square miles and it is known to be among the smallest in the world. It has several islands surrounding it that belong to Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania. There are so many marine mammals that are present in the Black Sea, though they have been fighting issues of pollution and ways how to control it over the years.

8. Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean

This Sea occupies 218,000 square miles and it is an extension of the Indian Ocean. Traditionally the sea has been used for fishing and the transportation of goods between the coastal countries. In 2004 the fishery line was damaged by the Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquake. This sea has lots of tourist attractions because the nearby coast has marine and national parks and you can easily get to see a different kinds of mammals. When visiting this place in the Indian Ocean, there is a lot that you can get to see and unlike other Oceans you hardly get any tourist attractions. You get to learn a lot about the seas, oceans and marine mammals.

9. East China Sea, Pacific Ocean

The East China Sea is 256,600 square miles and it is known to be an extension of the Pacific Ocean. There have been several rounds of disputes about island ownership in the East China Sea that have triggered both official and civilian protests between China and Japan. There have been a lot of military activities that have taken place in this Sea. There is so much history about this place. The East China Sea is bounded in the east and southeast by the middle portion of the first island chain off the eastern Eurasian continental mainland, including the Japanese island of Kyushu and the Ryukyu Islands, and in the south by the island of Taiwan

10. Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Hudson bay covers an area of 281,900 square miles. Not everyone calls it a sea or even relating to an Ocean. It is known as one of the smallest in the world ranking on the top 10 list.

Five Oceans of the World in Order of their Size

  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Indian Ocean
  4. Southern Ocean
  5. Arctic Ocean


We have given you information about the top 10 smallest Oceans in the world. If you love travelling, then you can go on a visit to these places and see for yourself. It is important that you know more about the places that you are trying to visit as there is so much about life in the Ocean.