Top 10 Smallest Mountains in the World (2023)

You must have heard so much about mountains how tall they are and how it is difficult to climb up high. You must have heard popular names of mountains like Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro and so many more. A mountain is a large elevation of the earth’s surface that is rising above the ground abruptly. There are so many mountains in the world today from the biggest to the smallest and it is difficult sometimes to explain how mountains were formed from the earth’s surface. There are different types of mountains which includes; volcanic mountains, Fold Mountains, block mountains, residual mountains and dome mountains.

Top 10 Smallest Mountains in the World (2023)

1. Jinan, China

The smallest mountain in the world is called Jinan and it is located in China. This mountain is very small and it is very easy to miss, it looks more like a stone and it is a rock that is protruding of 0.6 meters. Studies have been made to find out how deep this mountain is and they kept on digging and digging and they were not able to reach the end point of this mountain. It was later concluded that this is the top of the mountain and the remaining one rests underground. You can get to the top of this mountain with just one step which is very accessible to residents and tourists.

2. Mount Hiroyama, Japan

Originally, this height was just 6 meters until it was destroyed in 2011 when a tsunami hit the Japanese shores and claimed a huge number of lives and caused tremendous damage to the country. The tsunami destroyed 3m and made it to be one of the smallest mountains in the world. It is very difficult to get there as there is almost no public transport available. The area of mount Hiroyama is located in Sendia in a place called Gamo and since the tsunami of 2011, the place has not been able to recover fully.

3. Tianzhong Mountain, China

The Zhumadian, Henan province is the home of the Tianzhong Mountain with a population of 7.5 million. The mountain attains a height of 3.6 meters, this mountain is a local landmark which attracts lots of tourist attractions and connoisseurs of the art of calligraphy.

4. Mount Tenpo, Japan

Mount Tenpo is located in Minato-ku, Osaka. Many scientists do not recognize it as a mountain. Scientists say that it is not a natural elevation but is scientifically raised. Initially, this mountain had a height of 20m but it was destroyed by erosion and underground water leaving about 4.53 meters today. Everyone who climbed this mountain will receive a commemorative certificate. Visiting this mountain, there is a garden with Sakura there.

5. Mount Pleasant, USA

This is a small town that is located in the USA and about 16,000 people are residing there. They work in small industries and live a very comfortable life. Scientists have seen this mountain and have not accredited any title to it but the people of Texas say they have a mountain in their city. It is known to be about 5m tall, and it is known as the smallest mountain in the state and the country as well.

6. Mount Wycheproof, Australia

This mountain name Wycheproof is translated from the Aboriginal language as a “Mountain with grass”. It is 43 meters above the surrounding lands and 148 meters along the sea level. Climbing the mountain does not require much effort and does not even require any tools. Tourists do not come to visit this mountain often and there are so many granite rocks that were formed millions of years ago.

7. Command Ridge, Nauru

Nauru is regarded as a small state that is located on the Island and has a very small population of people. On this island, there is a mountain that is called the Command Ridge and which is 65 meters high. A railway leads to the top of the mountain where phosphorites are delivered and it is composed of coral deposits and rich in phosphates. There is a small bunker that has been preserved by the Nauru people this was during the Second World War when the Japanese troops took over and installed several guns on Command Ridge and equipped a bunker and they believe that the traces of the world war may be of interest to tourists.

8. Qurayn Abu Al Bawl, Qatar

This Mountain rises all over the territory of Qatar, it is located south of the country and is very close to Saudi Arabia. This Mountain name has a very significant meaning “Qurayn means a flat sandy hill which is very similar to Arabic and “Abu Al Bawl” which means the local variety of the toy. This mountain is 103 meters high and it rises all over the territory of Qatar. You might find it boring when trying to visit this mountain as there is nothing that catches the eye.

9. Britton Hill, USA

This Mountain is about 105 meters it is one of the highest elevations in the United States and it is located in the state of Florida. There are no hills in Florida and this is why it suffers from the hurricane a lot, it passes over its territory without encountering any obstacles.

10. Les Platons Forest, Great Britain

The Les Platons Forest has a mountain that is 136 meters high and it is located in Great Britain. This is not fully a territory of the United Kingdom it refers to Normandy and it is very close to the coast of France. There are radio towers which were once used for BBC TV programs but which the transition to a new broadcasting format, they were no longer necessary.


The smallest mountains in the world are unique in their ways. Tourists rarely visit these mountains as they feel like it is too small and not available for mountain climbs. Everyone would prefer something high so that they will be able to catch fun doing that. When you visit any of these small mountain areas you get to learn about the history of the place and so many other interesting things.