Top 10 Smallest Islands in the World (2023)

Islands are one of those places that lots of people would love to visit. There are about 900,000 thousand islands in the world and the countries having the most islands are Norway and Sweden. Islands are known to have this special feeling and even owning one can give you that wealthy status and high-ranking look in society that you must have dreamt of for a long time.

Not everyone will have the opportunity of going to an island, so when you do you should enjoy and make the most use of it very well.

Top 10 Smallest Islands in the World (2023)

1. Just Enough Room Island

This Island was purchased in the 1950s by a wealthy family and it serves as a vacation home. It is located in the United States and it is so small that a single step in the wrong direction can get you swimming. There’s a house, a tree, shrubs, and a small beach. Since it is family owned there are no residents living there only when it’s time for vacation you can see the owners there.

2. Simping Island

This is the smallest uninhabited island in the world located in Indonesia. Visiting this Island you will need a tour guide especially when you are not familiar with the environment. There is so much that you can see and learn while you are there, this is a great place for relaxation from the world and so many things.

3. Dangar Island

This is a forested Island and has a population of 303 people. It is located in Sydney Australia. It is known to have a cafe, a shop, a bowling club, and a community hall. The Hawkesbury River hosts a wide variety of fish species and this island has about 90 species of plants and over 100 animal species.

4. Wizard Island

This Island is more of a volcanic Cider cone which forms an island at the west end of Crater Lake in Crater Lake National park. The Island is the highest cone that rose above the lake level and this was created by volcanic eruptions. It has no significant amount of people living there.

5. Bryher Island

This Island is one of the smallest Islands in the world with a population of 84 and it is located in the Isles of Sicily. There are lots of experiences that you can have here at Bryher Island, there are scientific discoveries, art studios, exploring the coves and bay and so many pop-up experiences.

6. Isla Mujeres

This is a Mexican Island with a population of 12,642 that is located in the Caribbean Sea. This Island covers an area of 4.22km2. This Island is known for so many fun activities like snorkelling, and scuba diving and there are known beaches, hotels, and resorts that will give you the holiday experience that you have always dreamed of. Punta Sur Park is the perfect place for nature and history lovers.

It is home to Mayan ruins, cliffs, trails, and iguanas. Snorkelers and divers will have a great time discovering the world’s largest underwater sculpture project on Isla Mujeres.

7. Baltrum

This is an Island off the coast of East Frisia, Germany and it is a municipality in the district of Aurich. The Island covers an area of 6.5km2 with a population of 496. There are so many amazing things to do on this island and visitors come to visit the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park.

A viewing platform located on the central coastal dune places you at 63 ft above sea level, allowing for a view of much of the island. There are so many popular attractions and there are restaurants and destinations you could visit while on the Island.

8. Sea Lion Island

The Sea Lion Island covers an area of 9.05km2 and it has no confirmed population on the Island. This island is known to have wildlife adventures and there are Sea lions, as well as the name, implies. It is located in Falklands Islands, the wildlife experience is very amazing and everything you need is within walking distance.

There are lots of lodges available that are like hotels, they have everything that you need and will make sure that your stay and experience on this Island are worth it.

9. Suwarrow Atoll

This Island has a population of two people which is seasonal and it is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It has a land area of 9.8km2 and the only options to travel to Suwarrow are via private yacht or on the extremely infrequent cargo ship from Rarotonga. The corral atoll consists of 20 small islets and central lagoons, the islets have unique flora and fauna. If you are a lover of sea turtles, sharks and humpback whales then this is the best Island that you can be in.

10. Monhegan Island

This Island is located in the Gulf of Maine in Lincoln County, United States. It has a population of 119 residents in it and a land area of about 11.65km2. This island is more water than land with 0.9 square miles being land and 3.7 square miles being water and much of the island can be freely explored by visitors. Monhegan Island is known for thriving as a fishing village and historic artists’ colony throughout the 1800s, which attracted thousands of tourists. Fishing continues to dominate its economy. It has 17 miles of hiking trails that lead to cliffs and woods, there are miniature houses that are being built from forest materials. Access to Monhegan Island is via boat from New Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, or Port Clyde.


There are so many islands in the world and we have been able to give you the smallest islands in the world by land area. Islands are relaxing, one of the best vacation spots, calm, quiet and refreshing. If you need somewhere to go when you run out of ideas then islands are the best spot that you can think of.