Top 10 Smallest Cruise Ships in the World (2023)

There are so many cruise ships in the world and every year in the world of ships and ocean cruises awards and competitions are being done or given to the best ocean or cruise line. Small cruise ships have a passenger capacity of about 1000 or even smaller and can get to smaller ports inaccessible to larger ships and offer a more social atmosphere where it’s easier to get to know your fellow guests. Some small luxury cruises focus squarely on nature and wildlife, while others focus more on the history and culture of a destination. But in general, small cruises are less about the amenities of the ship itself and more about exciting shore-based adventures.

Top 10 Smallest Cruise Ships in the World (2023)

1. Quasar Expeditions

This is the smallest cruise ship in the world but they are known as a specialist in the Galápagos Islands cruises. They give you the best and make sure that every experience is worth it and that you have value for your money. The Quasar expeditions are small but are filled with luxury.

2. Ponant

If you are a lover of the polar region then this is the best cruise ship that you should use for that luxury vacation. Ponant offers lots of services and it gives so many people the opportunity to visit regions that they have not been to before and gives them a whole new idea and experience of life.

3. Crystal Cruises

This is ready to give you the adventure and the experience that you so much desire on their cruise ships. You can discover new destinations, luxury travel, authenticity and many more. You are guaranteed the best time of your life and make sure you have the best like never before.

4. Lindblad Expeditions

if you are a lover of wildlife and archipelagos then this is the cruise ship that is highly recommended. With more than 50 years of experience, they are ready to provide you with a world that is filled with adventure and a way to make sure that you have fully enjoyed yourself and are satisfied with the experiences that you have gathered and made. These are some of the things you will get to experience; Experience all the endless magic of Galápagos’ diverse habitats: from lush green highlands to stark volcanic landscapes; pristine beaches to mangrove thickets; and from arid terrain to black-lava beaches adorned with emerald seagrasses Snorkel almost every day and sometimes twice a day in waters incredibly rich in marine life Kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or take a glass-bottom boat, for personal, water-level exploration of the scenic coastlines.

5. Windstar Cruises

This cruise ship accommodates 148 to 342 guests. They do not have so many guests on board as they provide you with the luxury of time, space and freedom to express yourself in a small group of people. There are so many affordable trips that you can plan and take by using Windstar cruises and they give you two options either sailing or using a cruising yacht. They have made plans to explore new places in 2023 like Australia and New Zealand, Arabia and the Red sea and so much more.

6. Silversea

This cruise ship gives travellers an exclusive travel experience. They have added so many things to their packages so that they can give passengers on the ship and offshore one of the best experiences ever. You will enjoy the 24-hour gourmet dining, butler service, superb entertainment and premium alcoholic beverages that Silversea is known for, as well as a complimentary shore excursion every day! From off-the-beaten-track ports to iconic destinations. They make sure that airfares and transfers are fully covered and they make sure that travellers get the best treatments that they deserve.

7. SeaDream Yacht Club

One of the smallest cruise ships in the world which offers amazing services. One of the main benefits of using the SeaDream Yacht club is the fact that you have fewer travellers on board. They call it yachting not cruising and they give casual, modernized and experienced luxury like no other people. Using this cruise ship is an ideal one for vacation for newlywed couples as they fit your budget and they will help in making everything looks luxurious.

8. Australis

This cruise ship offers so much that captivates the heart of travellers. From exclusive locations with good food and photography. They take you on an amazing journey to the uttermost end of the earth and they make sure that you have the best experience ever with a well-planned vacation with other travellers as well. There are so many offers that this cruise ship company offers you and they can do things beyond imagination just to make sure that you are comfortable.

9. Celebrity Cruises

This cruise ship offers travellers the opportunity of visiting new destinations in Europe. It is called the celebrity cruise ship because it has so much more to offer than other regular cruise ships and it is important you know the details and pricing that come with all of this. Using celebrity cruise ships there are shared excursions and you can easily book that online there are other things you can enjoy even when you decide to book for a solo trip.

10. Alaskan Dream Cruises

The Alaskan Dream Cruises offers so much with its cruise ships, they offer small expedition itineraries and a mix of excursions in towns and native villages. They provide adventures, offer travellers a comprehensive look at the inside passage and every experience is hand-picked. Using the Alaskan Dream cruise ship there are different packages that you can pick from and they are ready to offer you great opportunities to visit new places that you have never been to before.


We have given you information about the smallest cruise ships in the world. You can decide to book any of these ships for vacation or anything you would want to host as they are ready to give you the best treatment ever.