Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the World (2023)

Cricket is a game that is being played with 11 players on a field at a centre which is a 22-yard. It is a game played by two teams and each team tries to score runs by striking the ball from leaving the field. There are different forms of cricket and this game has been able to spread globally among so many countries. There are many stadiums where cricket is being played in the world, from large stadiums to small ones and the size does not matter as not every stadium has the same seating capacity. These are the smallest cricket stadiums in the world by capacity.

Top 10 Smallest Cricket Stadiums in the World (2023)

1. The Grange Club, Edinburgh

This cricket stadium is the smallest in the world by capacity. It holds about 5,000 visitors. Located in Scotland, this is the regular home of the Scotland national cricket team and was founded in 1832 since then they have been able to play so many cricket games. Scotland is a country that is still emerging in cricket and over the years they have proven itself by playing with other countries. Some of the world’s finest cricketers have played at The Grange, from W. G. Grace in 1895 and Donald Bradman in 1948 to Brian Lara in 1995, Shane Warne and Andrew Flintoff.

2. Stormont Cricket Ground, Belfast

This is an international cricket ground and stadium that is located in Northern Ireland on the grounds of the Stormont Estate. Ireland has already achieved test status but they are yet to play a game in this stadium. In 2007, a three-match ODI series between India and South Africa was played at this ground, and in 2008 it hosted the qualifying tournament for the ICC World Twenty20. It was selected as a venue to host matches in the 2015 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier tournament. This stadium can hold about 6,000 people and it is not always in use.

3. Maple Leaf Cricket Club, Ontario

This cricket stadium is located in Canada, it was established in 1954 and it operates a turf wicket facility. This facility has five grounds and ODIs and Twenty20 Internationals have been played at this ground since the 2008 season. The North West ground in this stadium is the most important, it has a capacity of 7,000 and it can host international games as well. This stadium is known as one of the facilities in Canada that have hosted international games and has been approved for major games as well even with the small capacity.

4. Traeger Park, Alice Springs

Traeger Park which is located in Alice Springs, Australia has a seating capacity of 7,200 and it also has a small baseball stadium as well. This stadium has staged pre-season matches for the Australian Football League, National Rugby League, and many games. The Traeger park stadium hosted its first-class match in February 2015 a Sheffield Shield match between Victoria vs Queensland, owing to the unavailability of both states’ usual home grounds during the 2015 World Cup.

5. Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo

The Queens sports club stadium is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and it holds a seating capacity of 9,000. Zimbabwe has been doing well in cricket over the years and they have played a couple of other countries in this stadium and they have beaten them. Queens Sports Club became Zimbabwe’s third Test venue in October 1994. The Zimbabwe national cricket team has had much success at this venue, beating teams like England, West Indies, Australia, Pakistan and the once-weak Bangladesh. This stadium is one of the most international cricket picturesque venues and is surrounded by trees which give shade to the spectators.

6. Boland Park, Paarl

This is a multipurpose stadium in Paarl, South Africa with a seating capacity of 10,000. This stadium is among the smallest cricket stadiums in the world and they have been able to host some ODI matches in this stadium. During the 2003 cricket world cup a total of three matches were played in this stadium.

7. Riverway Stadium, Townsville

This international cricket stadium is located in Townsville, Australia. It has a seating capacity of 10,000 and it is also used for the Australian Football League. This stadium includes the oval, a 1000-seat grandstand and supporting facilities, a practice oval and cricket practice nets, and six turf wicket blocks.

8. Harare Sports Club, Harare

Founded in 1900 the Harare sports club ground is located in Zimbabwe and it is with a seating capacity of 10,000. The ground is surrounded by Jacaranda trees and with a beautiful gabled pavilion, Harare Sports Club is in the heart of the city. It is bordered by the heavily guarded presidential palace on one side and the prestigious Royal Harare Golf Club on another. This ground has hosted its first ODI in 1992 against India and since then the facility is hardly tested, some games have been played there but not regularly as before.

9. Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua

Located in the West Indies is the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium which was named after the West Indies cricket captain Viv Richards. It was built for use in the 2007 Cricket World Cup where it hosted Super 8 matches. The stadium caters for 10,000 people, but temporary seating doubled its capacity for the 2007 World Cup. This stadium is easy to locate as it is about a 10-20 minute drive from the capital city.

10. De Beers Diamond Oval, Kimberly

One of the smallest cricket stadiums in the world located in Kimberly, South Africa with a seating capacity of 11,000. It is used mostly for cricket games which are being hosted there regularly and it is known to have international standards.


We have given you information about the top 10 smallest cricket stadiums in the world. Not every cricket stadium has a large seating capacity but they are up to standard. Cricket games are played around the world and cricket players are known to be paid very well.