Top 10 Smallest Beaches in the World (2023)

A beach is a form of relaxation and a place that can be a fun filled with entertainment and lots of pleasure. Beaches are made of sand, tiny grains, rocks and minerals and all of these are separated from the water that you see. When going on a vacation, you might check to see if the place or country you are visiting has a beach and if they do then definitely you would want to visit, if you are not the type that loves rowdy big beaches then you can look at the smallest beaches in the world and pick one for your relaxation.

Top 10 Smallest Beaches in the World (2023)

1. Butterfly Beach, Goa India

The best time to visit Butterfly beach is between November and March. It has translucent waters and it is so secluded that even the locals refer to it as a secret beach. It is home to exotic butterflies, crabs, and fish, and dolphin sightings are almost a daily occurrence. This beach is known as the smallest in the world.

2. Amoglossa Beach, Greece

This beach is very sandy and it attracts many visitors in the summer this is due to its shallow waters which are also calm and it has been made ideal for families. There are not many things to do at this beach, but you can find a way to create something you like while you enjoy the local delicacies and you can go on swimming, snorkelling and skimboarding which are the popular activities there.

3. Koh, Lanta, Thailand

This is known as one of Thailand’s most beautiful Islands and this beach is known as one of the most visited places on the island for tourists. Locals go there to fish mostly and there are so many food stalls and restaurants as well that will give you a glimpse of Thailand delicacies that you need to taste.

4. Captiva Island, Florida

This Island is located near Fort Myers off Florida’s Gulf coast and it is often associated with the neighbouring island of Sanibel to the South. There are activities that one can do and carry out which involve biking, sailing, birding and water activities abound and a sliver of land nestled against the state’s southwest coast. There is a list of fun things to do for children as well. It is a place where you can bring every member of the family along and no one would be left out in terms of fun and entertainment.

5. Cape May, New Jersey

This little beach that is filled with lots of entertainment and fun things to do is anyone’s fantasy. They have movies on the beach, fishing, surfing, volleyball, and kayaking. Their promenade offers luxury seating where you can gaze out into the ocean or take a breezy bike ride and you can then lay above the sun to feel its heat.

6. Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

This is a beach that is located in New Hancouver County, North Carolina, United States. It has glowing sunsets and fresh seafood. This four-mile stretch with under three thousand inhabitants makes this beach to be one of the smallest that you can find. If you are a lover of beautiful places and you would love to see the beautiful sunset then this beach is the perfect place for you.

7. Boca Grande, Florida

This area goes frequently unnoticed and it is located in Southern Florida. This beach is very beautiful and there is a lot it has to offer. It is one of those beaches that is mostly visited by locals and you will find peace there. This place has everything you need for a beach, local food, good music, and entertainment, the waters are friendly and it will be like you are living in paradise.

8. Neds Beach, Australia

This beach offers visitors the opportunity to see coral fish and marine life. Its crescent-shaped shoreline is made up of soft, white sand that is perfect for a walk on the beach. The water is a spectacular blue, and sea life likes to make an appearance for visitors regularly. The water is ideal for kids and those who would love to paddle at the edge or do snorkelling. To help keep healthy marine life a fish food dispenser is located at the Ned’s Beach shelter that allows visitors to access a handful of healthy fishing food.

9. Praia do Camilo, Portugal

This beach is covered with a large area of sand and is reached by a stairway that involves 200 steps. The Praia do Camilo beach located in Portugal is one of the smallest beaches in the world but it has a lot that it can offer. This beach is commended for its beauty and seclusion and there are other beaches surrounding it as well but during the high tide, this beach is cut in half making it extremely small. If you are a lover of entertainment and photographic moments then this beautiful beach is one of the best places that you can visit.

10. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon beach is located in a small town in Oregon and it is called a city. This beach is very small but it offers beautiful scenic buildings and lands with fresh water. This beach is recognized as one of the best beaches in Oregon and it is very famous for towering Haystack rock. There are lots of views that this beach has to offer, and you can explore caves and go on hiking as well. It is very fun and open to everybody.


Going to the beach is one of the best places for relaxation especially one that is not rowdy. The beach is one of those places where you will feel the wind, sun, and water all over your body and it is one place that can even help the mind to relax. Visiting any of these beaches will not cost you a lot so you can then go on and book that vacation.