How To Send SMS / MMS Messages From Facebook Messenger App

How To Send SMS / MMS Messages From Facebook Messenger Application

Yeah guys, you can now send text messages from facebook messenger app.
Actually this is not the first time that facebook is integrating SMS into their fb messenger application, it was done I’m the year 2012 buh later removed in 2013 due to decline in usage.

According to facebook Vice President of Messaging Products; Facebook SMS feature is not just barebone texting implementation, You can also :

  •  voice clips 
  • stickers
  • share your location

in addition to the usual features like photos and videos.

“A lot of Android texting apps didn’t keep up with the evolution of messaging, so we felt like we truly had to make Messenger the best SMS client for Android.”

How To Setup { Texting / MMS } SMS Messages On Facebook Messenger Application

  • Goto Settings
  • Select SMS
  • Turn On “Default SMS App”

This will ensure all your SMS conversations appear in Messenger as purple threads, alongside your blue Facebook chats.

Please Note that Standard SMS fees still apply.

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